Miss M's race recap

Miss M's first race didn't exactly go as planned.
We got there in plenty of time, decked out in some ADORB running gear.

The shirt is from Dillard's, I may have taught her to tell everyone 'I'll SCHOOL YOU!" 
This kid kills me :)

We did a little stretching....

I even got her a little baby Bondi Band so she could be like Mommy.

Her and her BFF were having a great time...

Their 'dancing' cracks me up.
 We were a little involved in the music and didn't hear them start the 1 mile run, oops.

We started 10 minutes late, but it really didn't matter after about 1 minutes of jogging M says 'my tummy hurts' and stops in the middle of the street. Of course her BFF then says 'my knee hurts' so we ended up carrying and running with them. Talk about working up a sweat! These kids weigh close to 40 pounds each and running with that is no joke!

Still they finished and had a lot of fun, but we are going to need to work on some endurance before the next one.

Miss M spent that night at her Oma's house so it was prime time for some spring purging!
It all started with the damn candy. It's been a constant in the house for weeks now and I have zero will power if it's around.
I tossed it all.
Then I worked on a closet full of old decor. My walls are so full and I just can't keep everything so I threw out a ton and put the rest in the garage to give away.
Next was the playroom, holy cow.  I just get so sick of little pieces floating around, Hubs was telling me not to throw some of M's toys away! Seriously, next time he's going to have to vacate the house too.
I think I'm stressing about adding in another baby, where the heck and I'm gonna put them? And all that baby crap?
BUT I'm already looking around Pinterest for nursery ideas and I'm not even preggo yet, so there are some pluses. Weight gain=bad decorating=good
I may have issues.


  1. Oh my....how cute is she is her running gear! precious

  2. She is soooo cute in her little running outfit!

  3. She's a-freaking-dorable!

    If you have a garage sale, let me know! I need some new pretties in my casa.

  4. She's a cutie! My girls do a one mile race every February and I may look for more for them throughout the summer. They really enjoy them.

    I love getting rid of things. I can't wait to be done with school for the semester so I can really go through my kids' closets and drawers. I've been keeping up on mine as I've gone down in size because I don't want anything to fall back on. I love getting rid of toys too. Luckily mine are old enough and don't need a lot of the little things anymore.

  5. The stretching picture made me LOL. Too cute! Think of all the extra calories you burned carrying your cutie pie!

  6. The pictures of you two stretching...toooo stinking cute!! Love it!

  7. I feel ya on the toy issues! We only have the one kiddo too and I think about the future with two. We have definitely spoiled Miss Lily but who can resist garage sale finds that are 10% the cost of what it cost me in the store?!?! I went through everything the other day just cleaning up (with Lily in the room, unfortunately) and she started playing with the majority of things. However, things have taken over our itty bitty tv room to the point I'm about to throw it all in our basement. She's onto so many other toys. My fear is that we'll have a boy and have to buy typical boy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a boy, but our toys are definitely girly. And it doesn't help that my toys from 20+ years ago are in perfect condition and I got the majority of them out months ago. Stuffed animals? Check. Barbies? Check. My Little Ponies? Check. I think we have it all....

    Congrats on doing so much. I'm more productive when the fam is gone too. I'll cook, clean and organize the house! When they're home, I sit on the couch with them or play toys with Lily.

  8. And don't forget the baby clothes!! That's the fun part oh and baby smell!!
    I,m ready to help decorate!!!

  9. She's so friggin cute! Looks like a fun day! Minus the cleaning part. Ugh I always feel better after I purge closets. But it's so dang hard to get motivated.

  10. How cute is that?! Love that you got to do a run together. I'm trying to convince my 14 year old daughter to do the color run with me here in August! :)

  11. My goodness, could your daughter get any cuter? This made my day!

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. These pictures are SOOOO adorable! :) I can't get over them! The ones of her stretching are SO cute!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and for your sweet comment! I need to take Logan on a run with me sometime! :)

  13. Absolutely TOO CUTE !!! Love it and you are doing such a good job of showing your daughter healthy habits! Go you ! :)

  14. Okay, so that is ridiculously cute! I'm always saying I'm going to take my son for a race...maybe I'll find a little one miler for him. I'm with you on the kid's toys. I feel like I could throw half of them away and they wouldn't even notice.

  15. Sooo freaking cute. Reminds me of the school fun run I did with my 2nd graders last year... Some had a blast and some HATED it ha!
    Oh and will you please send me your cleaning/purging motivation while your at it?! We seeeeriously need to get rid of 1/2 of what we have but I'm such a sentimental pack-rat. Yes I admitted to it but not on my own blog ;) ha!!


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