Let's Be Friends

I'm gonna go ahead and admit it now.
I'm a serious Face Book addict. 
It's totally like the best thing since sliced cheese, or is it bread?
 I enjoy sharing pictures, recipes, shopping finds, and just overall funny things that happen to me throughout the day.
NO I don't post 'good night Facebook' or other daily doings on there. That's annoying.
I did update my status while I ran the half :)

Don't worry I made sure to get out of the way before typing! 

I think all my 'regular' friends are sick of my workout posts...

Like this workout after I ate too many Girl Scout Cookies.

Or my awesome parenting skills.

Yes, this was the only nap she got. What can I say I had to get to the gym!

Or when I buy yet ANOTHER mirror that I have absolutely no room for.

I randomly painted this purple just because I was feeling it that day. I had no where to put it, so the other day I picked it up and carried it from room to room looking for a spot to put it.
Luckily I found one :)

In my purple guest bath.
I need to stop buying mirrors though!

Oh wait, back to the point.
When I had my blog redesigned Tara was nice enough to add a button for me up in the right hand corner
So if you wanna give it a click and let's be friends :)


  1. Love your purple and green bathroom!

    I loved fb more before I had my son but now its boring Bc there aren't many new status updates in between feedings. ;)

  2. Love the purple mirror in your purple bathroom! (Oh, and the pink frog too!)

  3. I forgot to mention that I tweet more about my health journey than I fb about it but I sometimes feel people get tired of it there too. Oh well, they can block me.

  4. hello! What's in that soap bottle next to the sink? Did you put flowers in there or did you buy it like that? Its very cute :)

  5. Ha ha! I am a facebook addict! I love stalking (a huge reason that I'm a blogger :) ha ha)
    Your mirror! LOVE it! I need to find a fun mirror that I can re-do and put in my house! Oh and that reminds me! I want to do something like that with a chalkboard, too! Ha ha

  6. Me too!

    I like mirrors too. Bought 3 of them last summer at an auction for less than $10. One needs painted but the others, I'm leaving as is. When my in-laws moved, they asked if we wanted a few things and I said yes to the mirrors... but then my husband told me I'm obsessed. I don't have any in my bedroom or closet, so I need them!!!

  7. You're too funny. Once I joined Twitter (which can be very addicting by the way) I backed away from FB more and more. Now most of my FB posts consist of instagram photos. Haha.

  8. I am also addicted to facebook!

  9. I so love your BOLD colors!! I'm so plain, the other day I bought a pair of shoes and Ashley says "oh YAY Yet another pair of toupe shoes". She's rude that girl. I like to live vicariously through you my dear.
    oh and happy belated 30th/31st Birthday!! You look beautiful!!!

  10. First of all, I am diggin the purple bathroom!! I found your blog thru Mama Laughlin, and so glad I did!! You have inspired me :o)

  11. Ha you are hilarious! I love the pic of your little girl with the scissors and then passed out in the cart. Awesome!

    PS I know, I try hard to limit my amount of time on fb so I don't get too obsessed.

  12. I read your post on Mama Laughlin's blog, but you had me at the purple guest bathroom. I have one as well-so obviously I was meant to stalk..er follow you!

    I love your story-thank you for sharing!

  13. I'm coming over from Mama Laughlin's blog. Love your story!!

  14. Hi Megan! I am a new follower from Mama Laughlin's site. I am a fellow mom/blogger/runner! I read your weight loss story on her blog you did the guest post on and it was truly inspiring! I am running my first half in November. I can't wait. I love reading inspirational stories of mothers who gain weight and successfully lose it! Keep up the great work!

  15. I am not on FB but I am on Pinterest... lol

    I love your writing style so I will be back!

  16. Hi there, I came over from Mama Laughlin...who is one of my faves, but you might crawl up there to one of the top spots too! You're pretty inspiring yourself! I'll be following along from here on out! :)


  17. okay! loved your post today over at Mama Laughlin! So stinking motivational! I'm loving you for it!

  18. I just read your post over at Mama Laughlin's blog and you really inspire me. I'm especially encouraged by your bikini picture. YOU SERIOUSLY ROCK! I've been up and down and in my mind I've decided that even when I hit my goal weight, I'll NEVER wear a bikini...but when you said, "I may not have a perfect body but I sure worked my ASS off to get the one I got, so I'm gonna show it off!" it really encouraged me because it is SO TRUE. You look FABULOUS! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  19. Hi! Read your post through Mama Laughlin and great job! I love reading about success stories because it helps me stay motivated and makes me realize I know I can do it:) Stay strong and I love the mirror!!


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