Being Honest

Dieting is a bad word in my house. I don't like to feel like I'm on a diet, I want to just be the girl who makes healthy choices.
Yes, I want to eat fish and plain veggies for dinner.
Surrrreeeee I'm starving and feel like beating someone, but a salad will totally hit the spot.
Nah, I think I'll pass on that cupcake.


This is more of my reality.
I'm gonna eat so HEALTHY today! I always start out good, Greek yogurt {check!} whole grain waffle {check!}
Mid morning snack, Lara Bar, healthy and yummy {check!}
Then 12:30 hits, I'm freaking starving.  Things usually start falling apart here.
On good days I get to rush home from school to eat, I plan on eating good, turkey sandwich, fruit, SmartOne.
On bad days {like if I have to run errands or stay late and study} the options are not good. 
Subway, Chick Fil A, maybe La Madeline or Fridays.
I make 'good' choices but eating out is ALWAYS bad for weight loss. 

Then the dreaded mid afternoon lull hits. {This is the WORST part about 'staying home'} It's 3pm and your tired and or bored and a little treat is all you want.
I think 'WTH I work out, I can have a damn piece of chocolate if I want' 
{When I was heavy my little treat used to be a big bad of Peanut M&M's or a bag of Oreo's.}
So I pop a couple candies, or some pudding.

Then I feel guilty, so I resolve to run it off at the gym.
Which I do and on the drive home I tell myself I'm NOT going to over eat at dinner.
Which I really believe I can do.
UNTIL I get home 30 minutes later, change, and realize that I'm freaking HUNGRY.
I do cook healthy.
It's the damn 'after dinner treat' that gets me.
Eff, why why why do I have such a sweet tooth!

So what's the point of my ranting? Those damn little treats are sabotaging my weight loss. 
Just because I work out like a crazy person doesn't mean I can eat like one.
You can NOT out run a bad diet!
I threw away all the dang sugar, but I swear I'm going through withdrawal.  I need to learn I can't even have some in moderation, I have no self control.  I know everyone says you need to let yourself cheat sometimes.  I don't think this is true, bad habits sneak up on you the same way the weight does.  All those little insignificant choices add up.
It's time to be honest with myself and my plateau, I've been bouncing around 147-150 for a looooong time. I'm not eating what my body needs, even if I stay with in my 1800 calorie range, I'm not fueling my body correctly.
So I'm restarting, even after losing 100+ pounds I need to get back on track.  I need to be honest. I need to remember my goal and what got me where I was in the first place.

and just because she's cute....


  1. Thank you for this! That is almost exactly how my day goes! I'm so good in the morning and somewhat at lunch, but by the afternoon, I try to convince myself that it is okay for me to have whatever I want. I do the same thing after dinner...that's when it's the worst. It's good to know I'm not the only one!

  2. Cutest spring time picture ever! She's adorable. :)

    Thanks for the honesty. It helps me realize I'm not the only one with crappy self control. I just ate a whole bag of peanut butter m&m's yesterday. Ugh... Your post is helping me get back on track too. Thanks!

    Good luck on your new diet!

  3. Have you tried the 'sour patch' grapes from pinterest? it's green grapes rinsed, then rolled in jell-o powder, then refrigerated for a few hours. I use sugar free jello powder, so it's a decently healthy sweet snack that keeps me out of the candy!! I HATE having a sweet tooth too!

  4. I hear ya! I sooooo want to be that person that is eating healthy because it's what I want, not what I have to do. Don't get me wrong, I have days where I crave the good things, but they are few and far between. We can get out of this rut!

  5. I hear ya! I sooooo want to be that person that is eating healthy because it's what I want, not what I have to do. Don't get me wrong, I have days where I crave the good things, but they are few and far between. We can get out of this rut!

  6. Loved today's blog. I agree with you totally. I worry that my boo boo will copy my eating habits and end up yo-yo dieting just like I always have. I joined Jenny Craig and Abby Sue has been eating with me (all the good stuff). We too threw out all Easter chocolate and candy. Poor hubby is wondering where all the "good stuff" is. Now, just to keep him from eating my Jenny food. You are doing great. Sometimes the body just needs a new plan. You have realized this and I am looking forward to seeing how you progress.

  7. I have definitely not lost as much weight as you for sure, but I feel like I need to start over again. I always get to the weight I'm at now and my body just shuts down. it drives me crazy. cheers to starting over again. this is what I've been needing.

  8. I am right there with you. I am a SAHM too. My witching hour is 2:30 and 8:10. I swear if it was not for my sweet tooth I would be a size 2...not 6!

  9. I know this feeling so well!!! I don't even by the sweet stuff any more. But I love eating out & so does my husband. But there's only so many chicken cesear salads you can eat!! You have me beat though. My plateau is 167. I just can't get it to move. Stick with it. We'll both eventually get there :-)

  10. This. is. ME. It's so comforting to me to hear someone else that struggles like I do. I have been fighting the last 25lbs of 2 yr old baby weight. I do SO good for the first 3 or 4 days..then I blow it on the weekend. Why does it have to be so hard?? I'm right there with you girl.

  11. I'm struggling with the same thing! Not only do I love, love, love sweet treats but I love to bake and make yummy treats. I've got to figure out a way to make the switch in my brain that I care more about being healthy and feeling good than about how good sweet treats are. Here's a link to an article I just read today about overcoming sugar addiction http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=19998710&nid=1010&title=sweet-victory-7-tips-to-give-up-sugar&s_cid=featured-5. Maybe it'll help? I love reading your posts, you're an inspiration.

  12. I am a sugaraholic too! I have been trying to eat fruit instead of candy, little debbie's , ice cream etc.when I want something sweet but sometimes it is just not the same. Moderation is the key of course, but PMS makes moderation fly out the window! I am trying to get back into running but I think I am a born power walker ;) I have enjoyed your blog, you seem like a lot of fun!

  13. Been there done that. I think everyone goes through this.. But it's ok! You're gonna break through and bust 147's butt! ;)

    Keep on pushing girl ! Def shoot for 5-6 small meals a day. I know what you mean about being tired in the afternoon also. That's why I started that supplement.

    I am rooting for you girl !!! :)

  14. i have an idea. because i need to do better, too. we could start a google doc where we each enter what we ate for the day plus exercise and keep each other accountable. let me know what you think? i need motivation. or my very own jillian.

  15. Boy, this really IS one of the hardest things to change, isn't it? It's not like smoking or alcohol, which, although difficult, we can just completely abstain from. We just have to find a way to eat moderately....and that's just so damn hard!

    Keep going! You're inspiring me too!

  16. It is hard. We try to eat healthy and really focus on local, organic, low sugar foods. That's really hard! And super expensive!! But we do try to watch for the processed foods, fast foods, soda, and treats. I normally don't buy that stuff and I've never been a big junk food eater (I've always chosen soda over snacks, which is a downfall too). I need to lose a lot of weight but just can't seem to do it all right now... I'm going to continue watching everything, get back to the gym and walking Lily, and all that good stuff. I do want to get pregnant in the fall though, and I'm kinda afraid of what may happen... but we'll deal with that later!

  17. I understand the sweet tooth thing and junk food in general! I love it. Just the thought on peanut m&Ms makes me want some (my faves). So I dont know how I'm going to deal after this pregnancy.

  18. Wow, it's amazing to read your words and feel like I wrote them...all but the 100 lb weight loss...one day! I can relate! I know you know this, but it's one choice at a time. I'm still trying to not let one bad choice sabatoge my whole day... Hang in there! :)

  19. I find that on the day I want a treat I schedule it in to my menu and then it's just apart of my day. Guilt free! :)

    ❀ Paige
    Finding Joy in the Journey

  20. Thank you!
    Yesterday I walked into work prepared. I had packed a greek yogart, protein bar and smart one for lunch.
    Then it happened. Someone brought in donuts!
    I couldn't help myself when it comes to me and choc + sugar I'm done.
    So what did I do.....swallowed a choc cream filled long john in one bite (not really) I didn't even taste it. Then the guilt set in. Why did I do it...what is wrong with me?!? I had good food choices in my bag!!!!
    It happens to the best of us. I made good choices the rest of the day I think that is all you can do. Try to pick up the pieces after you make a mistake.

  21. Oh, this post is right up my alley! I'm trying to focus on eating right, not eating less. You can eat as much spinach as you can hold and the calories will be minimal. Easy to say, but so much harder to do. I completely admire you for your weight loss success and for reinventing your strategy when things don't work any more. Good for you!

  22. First of all, Little miss M and her bunny are SO cute!
    Second, you must be doing something right bc you look great. But I agree, making right choices about food is hard! I find myself snacking on junk all the time!

  23. Thank you for 'being honest'!!!! I really needed to hear this, and so glad that you posted how you feel when you wanna eat, etc, this is so something that I need to work on. Thanks!

  24. You're not alone! My day goes well until about 2 or 3 usually. Then I snack. And we still have CHRISTMAS candy in our house..let alone Valentine's Day and Easter candy. I just need to throw it all out. I hate that holidays mean totally over-eating and getting so much unhealthy stuff. I didn't even buy them candy for Easter, and they still ended up with a total of SIX chocolate bunnies. Why does my family think that a 1 and 3 year old need that much candy??

  25. oh man girl! you are awesome! I've just been reading through your posts and we sound just about the same..seriously! I want to keep a food journal with you and mama!! I need a kick in the ass too hahahah. seriously though!

  26. I have such a sweet tooth also. I by no means have any experience on eating healtly but I loveeee the fiber one chocolate and oats bars and the nature valley granola thins with dark chocolate. Those are semi-healthy (I think) and fix my sweet tooth almost everytime. I hve also found that Tazo Passion tea over ice is delishious and sometimes will fix my craving for soft drinks :)

  27. Megan this is SO TRUE.
    I feel my diet habits slipping back to old ways and I am so scared!!!
    I need to religiously follow your blog again and start religiously blogging mine too.
    Thanks for inspiring me again! I just love you!!!


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