RMR Testing and Food

Happy Weekend Y'all!
It's freaking amazing out in Dallas, friday I even went for a run at 630 in the morning in shorts and a tank.

Guess, I may have to bust out the summer clothes from under the bed sooner rather than later.

Have you guys ever heard of RMR {Resting Metabolic Rate} testing? I saw something about it online, so I decided to try it out.  I found a sweet lady in the area who is a nutritionist and does the testing in her office.

{The metabolic test is a simple breath test used to determine a person’s unique resting metabolic rate—the number of calories an individual burns in a day at rest. The RMR varies widely from person to person, and accounts for as much as 75 percent of the total daily calories burned.The test requires a person to breath into a mask hooked to the device for 10 minutes. The device then prints out a report with the individual’s caloric needs, after age, weight and activity level are factored in. Immediately after the test, the patient will know if their metabolism is low, normal or high. The test also determines exactly how many calories a person needs to maintain, lose, or even gain weight. From there, it’s a simple math equation of calories in-calories out.}
I thought it would be interesting to see EXACTLY how many calories my body needs to function {not including extras like working out}. My number was 1330.  I chatted with her a bit about my weight history and caloric intake and her thoughts were:
a. my body is where it wants to be weight wise
b. trying to zig-zag my calories {read more here}
Option A sounds pretty crappy to me, if I'm willing to do the work then my freaking body better know who is in charge! 
Here's my workouts for the week.
Sunday - soccer soccer Sunday funday! yay! {800}
Monday- Run, spin {1000}
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- Run, spin, weights {1150}
Thursday-Run, spin, BodyPump {1100}
Friday- 7 miles in the am and Soccer in the pm {1800}
Saturday- rest {well does 5 hours of shopping count?}
Total- {5,850}
Weight- 147.4 so a loss of .6
Let's do a little math for a minute, if I need -1330 to live and burn -1000 at the gym and eat +2000 a day that leaves me with 330 to actually live on. Right? 
She said that wasn't enough {the 1330 doesn't include things like chasing your crazy 2 year old around half the day or you know cleaning, if you do that sort of thing}, so I may up it to 2200 and zig zag them around and see how that works for me.

I've also had some questions about what I eat, so I thought I'd share some of my staples.
Breakfast: 1 egg  + egg white with 2 slices wheat bread {Natures Own}
or yogurt and a banana, sometimes I eat oatmeal with fruit.

Loooooooove this kind, it has fruit jelly stuff on the side. Yum.

Lunch: This really varies depending on what I am doing\how busy I am. If I'm out, Subway or Chick Fil A {chicken sandwich on wheat bread, no fries}

If I'm home usually soup, sandwich {Turkey}, or Weight Watcher frozen food {it's easy and the Mac and Cheese is pretty good!}

Dinner: Oh, once upon a time I cooked a meal every night. Then Miss M started driving me batty so now we spend almost every afternoon at the gym 4pm-6pm so by the time I get home I'm not in the mood to make a big meal.

Fish and chicken are the staple, usually with veggies and maybe a rice. 
Spaghetti {nothing fancy, just turkey meat, low cal sauce and whole wheat noodles.}
Occasionally we will have a bagged pasta dinner {Garlic Chicken Voila is yummy!}
Tuesdays I usually find something good off Pinterest and make it.
I never cook with red meat, I just don't like it that much.

Snacks: Nuts, Chips and Salsa {just a few!}, granola bars for when I'm out.
Veggie Bars~ I made these last week, soooo good!

My must have protein drink for after my workouts, I love this brand so smooth and yummy. I mix mine with water and a little Benefiber.

Drinks: I suck at drinking water, I down about 3 bottles while I'm sweating my ass off at the gym, but other than that I need some flavor! I do enjoy me some sugar free sweet tea {made with Splenda}

I buy this from Costco, it tastes good, is zero calorie and has b12 and other healthy junk in it! 

The reason I don't send my Hubs to the store to grocery shop.

No will power!

Ok, longest post ever. Hope it was helpful for someone out there :)
I'm back to the grind....

Mid-terms next week and then SPRING BREAK! 
I promise y'all I'm busting out the paint cans and doin' something crazy around here!


  1. Good job with the loss. I know it isn't much, but something is better than nothing, right? I am going to get that testing done as well. I just haven't set up the time yet. It looks like your body needs at least 330 more to cut it even with the work out you do. I have heard good things about zig zagging. Let me know how it goes and if it works. How much more are you trying to lose?

    Oh, I started the cleanse today, so if you have any good recipes for me to try out or any good ideas of what to eat in general, I would love to hear about them. I have eaten so crappy for the past 2 weeks, I need something to get me back on track. It is only day 1 and it already sucks! This is why I kept putting it off. ugh!!!

  2. Very interesting info! I need to incorporate some of this into my life! I don't know HOW you can resist Chick-fil-A's fries though! LOL!

  3. You are so Awesome! I just love your blog! Some people hide behind their blog but u are real and put it all out there! I am inspired by your story. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Never heard of RMR but am pretty interested in the outcome, so please let us know next week!
    I've never had tilapia but have seen it in the supermarkets, think I might give it a try.
    Have a good week.

  5. YAY!! so glad you got your RMR tested!
    send me deets on the lady and prices! I totally want to do it!

  6. Ooohh I want to try to the RMR! I would love to know what my metabolism is like. How cool!

  7. I think you're upside down (??) photo looks awesome. You make me want to do better. In fact, I want to get started. I'd love to be a runner even if I can't stand walking much. How did you start, if you can remember? Can you help me get started?

  8. Wow, there is a lot of great info packed in here. Love it, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience! Oh, and I LOVE those Peanut Butter Eggs, for some reason they seem to taste better than just regular old peanut butter cups. ;-)

  9. Girlfriend you look amazing! And I'm so jealous of your gorgeous weather, even though it's going to be pretty nice here this weekend :-) Yay for spring! And Yay for spring break for ya :-) I'm excited to see what you'll be coming up with

  10. greek yogurt has a lot of sugar in it! A good alternative is Kroger brand carb master. Very low in carbs and sugars. My trainer makes us eat that and only that yogurt wise!

  11. I'd love to get my RMR tested! Good info there. Do you do the same workouts every week?? Try changing it up. Looks like your food is good. When you want the scale to move and it doesn't, so frustrating! You LOOK FABULOUS though!!! Beautiful ! :)

    I have no will power against the reeses eggs either! ... Just one .... Lol :)

  12. I still thing you are amazing!!! The loss and the workouts are just fabulous accomplishments. I went lifetime on WW two months ago and haven't been so good without weighing in every week. I've decided it was those weekly weigh ins that was forcing me to stay on track. So...I'll be doing that again. Maybe I should have my RMR done. :D


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