I rocked the Rock and Roll 2012

Rock and Roll Dallas 2012 was amazing! It was uber organized and worth every penny, A+! 
Saturday I drove downtown to pick up my race packet at the convention center {no day of pickup which is great because that means less people standing around in line!} they also were holding a Health and Fitness expo where they handed out lots of samples and had stuff for sale. Now, if you know me then you know I can't NOT buy something, so I found the brightest outfit possible to run in the next day.

I got the sweat band there too, it says "I run so I can eat" :) I'm kinda wishing I had bought more because I have a hard time finding ones that don't slip and this one stayed on all day no problems!
That night I carb loaded with some Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread, so good, I never order fatty pasta dishes unless I'm running the next day so it was a nice treat.
Sunday morning I got up at 4am so I could have time to drink my coffee, eat, and get dressed without rushing. I'm always nervous before any race, I don't know why it's just running and I do it everyday! I forgot to buy bananas so I ended up having a trail mix protein bar thing. I left the house around 6 and drove downtown which is about a 45 minute drive and found the parking area and got a spot, no problem.  Lucky for me I was coming the opposite way from the other 16,000 people who were running that day because the line to get in from the other direction was at least an hour long!
I didn't want to check a bag because I was concerned the line would be forever long, I shoved my car key, salt packet, lip balm, and Gu into my bra. {Hey that's the benefits of wearing a sports bra!}

The start was in a different part of downtown than the finish so they had school buses shuttling people over, the line was crazy long, but thankfully it moved really quickly. 
I held off using the restroom until the last possible moment so I wouldn't have to stop when I was running, nothing worse than waiting in line for a restroom during a race!
I found my corral and ate 3 shot bloks and drank a little water about 10 minutes before the race started.

They were a ton of people, but it was so organized it really was never a issue finding or getting anywhere.

To avoid people running over each other in a race this size they start each corral about 2 minutes apart from each other. Someone sang the Star Spangled Banner and the gun sounded, but it's a little anti climatic when it sounds and you are still just standing there :)
Finally around 8:15 we took off, usually in a race the first 2 miles are pretty crowded, but with this many people it didn't thin out until mile 5 and even then it was pretty crowded the entire 13.1 miles. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, but I did wear my watch so I would know how I was doing time wise. I made the first 5k in about 29 minutes, so not too bad considering the amount of people. Between mile 4 and 5 there was a man running for wounded warriors, he was wearing full on army gear and carrying one of those huge backpacks, everyone was cheering and clapping for him and I got a little teary. 

They don't call this the Rock and Roll for nothing, they had live music every mile, plus cheer leaders from different schools on the sidelines cheering us on. One of my favorite parts of running a race is reading all the signs people make, I always get a kick out of them! One guy had a 'Run faster I just farted' and another said 'If you pass out I promise to pause your Garmin' Plus all the little kiddos cheering on their Mom or Dad, it's just so cute!
It was pretty warm and super sunny that day, had to be at least in the 70's while I was running which means it felt like 90 once you got sweating. I made sure to stop at every water station, I hate carrying water with me and I knew I needed to hydrate every chance I got.  I was actually feeling really good while running, my breathing and pace were right on track. I forgot to bring gum, which would have helped between water stations.
Mile 6 I was feeling hot and maybe a little fatigued with my pace so I ate my Gu {chocolate which is amazeballs} I also drank my water too fast and gave myself a side cramp, thankfully it didn't last long.
Around mile 8 they handed out salt packets, I took one and it totally helped with the swelling, I had no issues with my hands or feet. 

Mile 9! I looked at my watch and I think I was around 1:30 on time, I seriously felt like I had only been running maybe 45 minutes! It helped that the course was awesome, we ran through Highland Park {if you watch GCB it's where those ladies live on the show} and down Mockingbird {I even saw a neat looking consignment shop I gonna go back and shop at!}.  This was the first time I've run without my heart rate monitor and I really think it helped me mentally, when I see my heart rate is really high my body automatically thinks it's tired, but without it I just ran my little heart out!
Mile 11 I was feeling really HOT and kept telling myself, ok Megan you only have 2 miles, that's only 1 lap around the neighborhood, you can do this! So I picked up my pace and felt a tap on my shoulder.   Apparently when I had switched my phone arm holder thing to the other arm I put it on upside down and because I was dripping in sweat the dang phone fell out! Thank the Lord some nice lady behind me picked it up and got it to me, I would have been really upset to lose my phone!
Mile 12 I grabbed a bag of ice from some people on the side lines and iced down my face and neck while hauling ass to mile 13. The last mile I ran in 7:30!

I made it in 2:03 which is 24 minutes faster than my last half!!!!!!
I seriously can't believe I made it in 2 hours, I know I could have beat 2 hours if it had been less crowded, but I'm stoked at how I did!!
I grabbed a nice cold bottle of water and a ice cold rag, met up with a friend and downed the most delish chocolate milk ever. I've heard of people drinking it after running and I think I'm on that train now because it coats your parched throat like no other and I felt so much better! They were handing out all sorts of food: bananas, oranges, chocolate chip protein cookies, snicker bars, Jimmy John's sandwiches, bagels, and pretzels. I had a soccer game I had to go to after this so I didn't eat anything for fear of getting sick. 

Next year, I totally staying for the concert and beer :)

Even if you are just starting to run or get in shape I really recommend doing races, they are fun and  HOLY CRAP there is nothing better than the feeling you get from crossing that finish line! Being fast doesn't matter, being skinny doesn't matter, being a person who JUST DOES IT is all that matters!!! 


  1. Good for you. YOu look so healthy and happy!

  2. Congratulations!!! You are so inspiring! I used to run races back in the day and the half marathon was my favorite.

  3. Okay, first, awesome! I'm so jealous that you run. I don't run unless I'm being chased. And probably not even then.

    Salt packet??

  4. OMG - 2:03 is amazing. Congrats on your run. I'm thinking that I may want to try the half next year! You look great in your "I Did It" photo!

  5. Girl I know I have said this before but you are AWESOME! congratulations!

  6. great work! what an accomplishment. i would LOVE to try to run at least a 5k. im new to running, but i do love the rush it gives you after you run for longer and longer each time!

  7. Congrats on finishing the marathon and getting such a great score!!! I can't believe you had a soccer game after you ran a marathon. You are amazing. :0)

  8. Congrats!!! That is awesome!! And I love the new blog design!

  9. Congrats! Sounds like a fun run!

  10. AWESOME!! So proud of you for your accomplishment!!

  11. Awesome Job! 2 Hours is great. The running high is awesome, especially in a race. I had a running high on Sunday and it was just me so I can only imagine. Maybe one day I will get the guts to do a half. LOL You did rock!

  12. Congratulations! This is so inspiring to read. I started C25K in August & ran my first 5k in Nov. & then I injured my hip flexor & couldn't run for 4 mos. I've started over with C25K & I'm on week 5 now. It's tough but I do really like the feeling I get when I finish a run.

  13. Congrats! Great time. I'm super nervous for my 10 K. I also wake up super early and have butterlfies on race day and I'm not trying to win or anything. Just staying motivated with running. Perhaps I am uber competitive :-)

  14. great job girl on running the half! that is a great accomplishment. ive heard those rock n roll races are very fun.

  15. Amazing run and you are such an athlete!!! You always glow with happiness and health. Bravo.

  16. Awesome race! Getting a 24 min PR is great and that last mile you kicked butt! Nothing like a cold rag on a hot day. I love races and definitely need to sign myself up for a few this summer to keep my motivation going!

  17. I'm a little late, but Congrats on a huge PR!!

  18. ROCK STAR! FO REALS! I'm so proud of you girlfriend! I still have to run a 5k. I'm such a loser. Haha.

  19. Hell to the yeah !
    YOU ROCKED IT !!!!!!

  20. Congrats! I ran this too and finished in 2:53. We started in the same corral it looks like too. I had heard some negative facebook comments prior to the race and was hoping it would turn out good, and OMG! It was VERY well organized and was so much fun. Although, I wasn't really expecting the hills :)

  21. WAHOOOOO! WTG girlie! That is an awesome time :)

    Ya, what are salt packets?? I am from Canada (not sure that really matters), but never heard of them ????

  22. Please disregard my "duh" question about the salt LMAO! I was reading on another post - it's just a packet of salt and I didn't realize that you are recommended to do that for swelling - great to know cuz I swell up like a balloon! I am doing 2 10k's this year and just new to running - :) Thanks!!!

  23. Congrats! You look fantastic and so happy running :) Its motivating me to get out there! Thank you!

  24. Hey megan, great job!!!!!! That's an awesome time!!!! So glad you such a huge PR. Man it feels good doesn't it? Xoxoxoxo Hanna

  25. You should totally run the Cooper River Bridge run in Charleston, SC next April! It's a 10k and the whole run is gorgeous! It's mostly flat except for the climb up the bridge. They also have tons of live music set up throughout the course. It also helps that there are at least a billion bars nearby so you can drink your face off when you finish!


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