Half Marathon

I finally decided on a half marathon to run, I originally wanted to run both the Rock N Roll{in March} and the Big D {in April}, but after looking up the prices one was 100 and the other 75 :( 
I just can't pay out for both, I already spend enough on sweating in between soccer and the gym.
Soooo I chose the Rock N Roll, I mean come on, live music every mile! Yes please!

There are some things I will do the same and some I will do differently from my last half.

1. I will carb load the night before {Olive Garden here I come!} Eating pasta the night before really helped my not get hungry around mile 7.
2. I will 'rest' or only do short runs the week leading up to the race. Fresh legs are a must!
3. Wear a visor, it's just cuter than a sweat band and keeps the sun out of my eyes. I don't like to run in sunglasses.
3. I will be taking fuel for eating during the race. My fav's are Clif Shot Bloks, I usually eat half around mile 5 and the other half around mile 10. I also like Gu.

1. I don't think I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor. Last time it rubbed the crap out of my chest and freaking hurt!
2. I will be taking a salt packet, 1 before and 1 halfway. During the last race my hands swelled so bad I couldn't close my fingers.  

I was told taking one of these with a lot of water will help with that, plus it's probably gonna be warmish out so I'm sure to sweat a lot.

Seriously, I sweat like dude when I work out.  One time I thought it was raining until I realized it was just my hair dripping :)

My goal is to try to finish around 2 hours, my last time was 2:27, but I'm having issues with both my ankles hurting {from soccer} and something is going on with the arch in my right foot.
It feels like I'm stepping on something when I walk barefoot, I know my arch is fallen on that side, but this feels like something is loose or broken?
It doesn't hurt, but I can feel it when I run.  Going to a Dr is a pain and expensive so my plan is to hope it heals on it's on. 

We are having a fun filled birthday party weekend, one yesterday and one today.
I tend to enjoy myself regardless if the party is geared for toddlers!

Miss M slept gooooooood last night!

Ohhh and I have something amazing to show you this week.

Here is a sneak peek :)


  1. I love your blog!! I have a falling arch problem in my right foot. The last Podiatrist I saw finally gave me a brace, it laces up and whenever I start feeling the initial pain in the heel I wear that for about 2 days straight and it helps. Good luck!!

  2. You make me tired just thinking about it. The snow is finally melting here and we went for our first walk in about 3 months. After an hour, dog was limping, kid was whining and I needed a beer!

  3. Congrats on deciding on the half marathon! You're a workout inspiration!

    And I totally know what you mean about sore ankles and feet pain. I play soccer three times a week (yes, I'm crazyy) and all the sudden stopping, starting and twisting motions kills me sometimes. Try to prop your feet up when you can and stretch lots! That saved me the last time I developed partial Achilles heel.

    Keep up the great blogging!

  4. way to go!!! i really should do one at some point in my life... i am just now strting to run again thoughand 2 miles is killing me! ;) but i may be signing up for a relay in the fall.... make me do it! push me- i need your energy and drive! :)

  5. That is so wonderful! Music at every mile?? How cool!!!!

  6. I have never done a marathon..it is interesting to read about the snack halfway and the salt..never would have thought of those things!

    I sweat like a dude too..lol..

    Popping in from fit club!

  7. I have no doubts you can accomplish your 2 hour goal! You're awesome and I'm jealous!

  8. That is awesome that you narrowed it down & picked out a half marathon. Those rock N roll marathon's sound like a lot of fun! Hopefully I can get there one day! :-)

  9. if, which is a pretty big if given my recent history of horrific plantar fasciitis, i ever start to run again, i'm going to have to remember the salt packet thing. my hands swell like crazy. good luck on your half.

  10. Am I crazy for not knowing that running in marathons was so expensive?? And you gave a lot of good tips for things I would never have thought of. I think it would be the worst feeling to not be able to close your hands. Anyways, great job!

  11. that sounds like a fun run!! I wish I could "enjoy" running.
    ps love the bday pics looks like yall had fun :)

  12. I think you picked the right race to run! I have never ran a RnR race but have ran races with music being played and they are so much fun! Maybe having all that music to listen to will help you run fast enough to get your time goal and if not then you are going to have a great time running it. I haven't ever tried salt pkts. I will for sure try some next time!
    P.S. love your blog and your weight loss story is inspiring!

  13. Girl, you are ready to rock and roll that race! You've taken the time to prepare and I know you're gonna do great!! WOOHOO! Can't wait to hear about it. You're a serious ROCKSTAR!

  14. bahaha thats how i look when i work out! you are awesome!


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