Another: Fav's

It may be raining sideways in Big D right now, but that doesn't stop me from sporting my spring looks :)
I've shared another one of these shirts before, from My Tiara Fits, but I super love them! They are comfy, cute, soft, and just the right length. 
Nothing worse than a too short shirt.

I'm gonna go ahead and say this is so true :)

Even from behind it's darling. 

I'm not a big lipstick fan usually because it's really annoying having to reapply several times a day.
Until I found this AMAZING product.

Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss.
Berry colors rock, they make your teeth sparkle.
Well, toothpaste helps.

I love hats, but haven't worn one in a while {actually since I cut my hair off} and after 3 hours I had a splitting headache. 

My Hanna Anderson catalog came today.
I should have listened to my inner self and thrown it away without opening it.
Ugh, now Miss M HAS to have this adorb swimsuit! 

Plus, they have MATCHING maxi dresses for Mom's and daughters. 
Yes please. Mini me would love that!

See, cute!
Not like that time back in 1989 when my Mom tried to dress us alike and I refused to go out in public with her.

Oh and FYI I'm a total genius, I passed my Finance mid-term with flying colors. Just thought I'd throw that out there :)


  1. Thanks for the tip on the lipstick. I'm always eating mine off. Why do you always look so fabulous in your pics? Can you for once just post a bad one? Jerk. :P

  2. Love their shirts! Uh look at that tiny waist line girl. You're looking hot! Sooo I saw that lip stuff while I was at Target the other day and wouldn't let myself take a closer look. I'm a bit obsessive with chap stick, gloss, lipstick and have more than I could ever use BUT now I need this too! I was almost in the clear until you posted this.

    Kendra :o)

  3. Yay you! Way to go on your test! Also, I use those lip stains, "Just Bitten" because I go crazy with lipstick that just comes off with every breath! Gonna try your recommendation next. Always fun to hear what you've got to share!

  4. Congrats on passing your class with flying colors!!

    Love the maxi dress... so cute!!

  5. CUTE dress!!!!! And congrats on the test!

  6. you are adorable and that lipstick suits you well with your hair color and skin tone. i always look funny in colors like that. i tend to go with the barely there.

  7. Such a cute top! I remember when I was little everyone referred to the "Baylor Bow-Heads" b/c they would wear ginormous bows! :)

    That lipstain stuff is awesome. Will definitely have to try that out next trip to WM.

    And, yeah...you look fabulous!

  8. Megan omg you look so fantastic pretty girl! All I can say is HOT MOMMA! I am so proud of you!! I love that shirt! It makes me laugh and smile! I want one! Where did you get it? Do tell? LOL! Ooooh lipstain....I only tried the covergirl stain in highschool and my lips were chapped and it was a hot mess lol...that looks fantastic on you girl totally your color...when you said it makes your lips shine I was thinking from the glossy of the lipstick that got on your teeth ha! I am such a dork...I get it now you mean it makes your teeth shine and standout ha! It takes me a minute lol! I love that mag..I have to either throw it away or dog ear pages and only buy a few things lol! I love the mom daughter outfits! Miss Maddie will look so cute in that bikini and that dress will look fabulous on you! How have you been? We need to play catch up!

    love you mean it!

  9. I need that lip stain! Sold!
    Nice job passing your mid-term, I bet that is a relief! :)

  10. My mom should have had that shirt when I grew up! The bowes I had were at least another head high. I'm not even kidding.
    Love your lipstick!
    Way to rock the pants off that test girly! Good job!

  11. Hilarious! I think it's completely cool to dress like your daughter, especially in that dress!

  12. I am so going to try that lipstick. My daughter won't kiss me if I wear lipstick because she doesn't like it rubbing off. The other 8 hour stuff feels too waxy for my liking. Thanks for the tip!!!

  13. i did throw away the hanna anderson catalog, but i probably won't next time. and congrats on your exam.

  14. matching dresses!?!?! where can I get mine!? :)
    and yay for passing your test!!!! :)


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