I rocked the Rock and Roll 2012

Rock and Roll Dallas 2012 was amazing! It was uber organized and worth every penny, A+! 
Saturday I drove downtown to pick up my race packet at the convention center {no day of pickup which is great because that means less people standing around in line!} they also were holding a Health and Fitness expo where they handed out lots of samples and had stuff for sale. Now, if you know me then you know I can't NOT buy something, so I found the brightest outfit possible to run in the next day.

I got the sweat band there too, it says "I run so I can eat" :) I'm kinda wishing I had bought more because I have a hard time finding ones that don't slip and this one stayed on all day no problems!
That night I carb loaded with some Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo and garlic bread, so good, I never order fatty pasta dishes unless I'm running the next day so it was a nice treat.
Sunday morning I got up at 4am so I could have time to drink my coffee, eat, and get dressed without rushing. I'm always nervous before any race, I don't know why it's just running and I do it everyday! I forgot to buy bananas so I ended up having a trail mix protein bar thing. I left the house around 6 and drove downtown which is about a 45 minute drive and found the parking area and got a spot, no problem.  Lucky for me I was coming the opposite way from the other 16,000 people who were running that day because the line to get in from the other direction was at least an hour long!
I didn't want to check a bag because I was concerned the line would be forever long, I shoved my car key, salt packet, lip balm, and Gu into my bra. {Hey that's the benefits of wearing a sports bra!}

The start was in a different part of downtown than the finish so they had school buses shuttling people over, the line was crazy long, but thankfully it moved really quickly. 
I held off using the restroom until the last possible moment so I wouldn't have to stop when I was running, nothing worse than waiting in line for a restroom during a race!
I found my corral and ate 3 shot bloks and drank a little water about 10 minutes before the race started.

They were a ton of people, but it was so organized it really was never a issue finding or getting anywhere.

To avoid people running over each other in a race this size they start each corral about 2 minutes apart from each other. Someone sang the Star Spangled Banner and the gun sounded, but it's a little anti climatic when it sounds and you are still just standing there :)
Finally around 8:15 we took off, usually in a race the first 2 miles are pretty crowded, but with this many people it didn't thin out until mile 5 and even then it was pretty crowded the entire 13.1 miles. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, but I did wear my watch so I would know how I was doing time wise. I made the first 5k in about 29 minutes, so not too bad considering the amount of people. Between mile 4 and 5 there was a man running for wounded warriors, he was wearing full on army gear and carrying one of those huge backpacks, everyone was cheering and clapping for him and I got a little teary. 

They don't call this the Rock and Roll for nothing, they had live music every mile, plus cheer leaders from different schools on the sidelines cheering us on. One of my favorite parts of running a race is reading all the signs people make, I always get a kick out of them! One guy had a 'Run faster I just farted' and another said 'If you pass out I promise to pause your Garmin' Plus all the little kiddos cheering on their Mom or Dad, it's just so cute!
It was pretty warm and super sunny that day, had to be at least in the 70's while I was running which means it felt like 90 once you got sweating. I made sure to stop at every water station, I hate carrying water with me and I knew I needed to hydrate every chance I got.  I was actually feeling really good while running, my breathing and pace were right on track. I forgot to bring gum, which would have helped between water stations.
Mile 6 I was feeling hot and maybe a little fatigued with my pace so I ate my Gu {chocolate which is amazeballs} I also drank my water too fast and gave myself a side cramp, thankfully it didn't last long.
Around mile 8 they handed out salt packets, I took one and it totally helped with the swelling, I had no issues with my hands or feet. 

Mile 9! I looked at my watch and I think I was around 1:30 on time, I seriously felt like I had only been running maybe 45 minutes! It helped that the course was awesome, we ran through Highland Park {if you watch GCB it's where those ladies live on the show} and down Mockingbird {I even saw a neat looking consignment shop I gonna go back and shop at!}.  This was the first time I've run without my heart rate monitor and I really think it helped me mentally, when I see my heart rate is really high my body automatically thinks it's tired, but without it I just ran my little heart out!
Mile 11 I was feeling really HOT and kept telling myself, ok Megan you only have 2 miles, that's only 1 lap around the neighborhood, you can do this! So I picked up my pace and felt a tap on my shoulder.   Apparently when I had switched my phone arm holder thing to the other arm I put it on upside down and because I was dripping in sweat the dang phone fell out! Thank the Lord some nice lady behind me picked it up and got it to me, I would have been really upset to lose my phone!
Mile 12 I grabbed a bag of ice from some people on the side lines and iced down my face and neck while hauling ass to mile 13. The last mile I ran in 7:30!

I made it in 2:03 which is 24 minutes faster than my last half!!!!!!
I seriously can't believe I made it in 2 hours, I know I could have beat 2 hours if it had been less crowded, but I'm stoked at how I did!!
I grabbed a nice cold bottle of water and a ice cold rag, met up with a friend and downed the most delish chocolate milk ever. I've heard of people drinking it after running and I think I'm on that train now because it coats your parched throat like no other and I felt so much better! They were handing out all sorts of food: bananas, oranges, chocolate chip protein cookies, snicker bars, Jimmy John's sandwiches, bagels, and pretzels. I had a soccer game I had to go to after this so I didn't eat anything for fear of getting sick. 

Next year, I totally staying for the concert and beer :)

Even if you are just starting to run or get in shape I really recommend doing races, they are fun and  HOLY CRAP there is nothing better than the feeling you get from crossing that finish line! Being fast doesn't matter, being skinny doesn't matter, being a person who JUST DOES IT is all that matters!!! 


Sea World and Shopping {for a 6!}

Spring Break is done and it was good while it lasted :) I'm glad I got at least one project completed and spent some good quality time with my family.
Sea World was amazing! So awesome, in fact, that we bought the year pass because they are opening a fantastic water park in May, totally worth the 5 hour drive!

Yeah, we have water parks in Dallas, but not ones where you can swim with tropical fish!
Miss M had a blast and was SO well behaved. Not one meltdown, it was like some kind of miracle!

Watching the whale show, they were so majestic!

What a job that would be!

The Sesame Street Play Area in the middle of the park is perfect for kids of all ages.  The even have a water splash park and yes we played in it, it was HOT for it only being March.

Got to meet some of Miss M's favorite people :)

Lucky for us that my brother and his girlfriend live close to San Antonio so we didn't have to pay for a hotel room, I took the money we 'saved' and did a little damage at the most amazing outlets ever.

I saw the most beautiful soccer cleats and wanted them so bad...

but then I found this super cute silk wrap dress from Banana Republic....

When I first tried this dress on, I was like ehhhh not sure it was flattering, then I realized why. It was too big, so I tried on a size 6 and it fit perfect. Woo hoo, first thing I've bought in a size 6!!

So I went with the dress over the cleats {but I'm still thinking about those pretty pink cleats!}

I had to stop by Pottery Barn Outlet before heading out. Seriously, they are WAY too proud of their stuff.
I saw these cute candle sticks, how much do you think just one cost?

30 bucks? 50?

170 freaking dollars, each. Really??
After my Husband saw that he thought it would be fun to play 'guess the price' the entire time we were in the store.
He would hold up some random item and make me guess the price, this is why I don't shop with him :)
Needless to say I didn't buy a thing there, but it's fun to look.

This is my birthday week, I actually almost forgot, sucks that time is standing still and I'm only turning 30 again. 
There should be some law that the older Miss M gets the younger and hotter I get. 
Oh wait, that's EXACTLY what's happening :)


Ombre Wall

Are you guys digging my new blog look?? I loooooove it, so bright and fun, just like me!
I am so not talented enough to do it, but Tara from PIPDesigns is, so please stop by and check her out!

It seriously took me 4 days to finish this one project.
At least it turned out fabulous :)
We are were leaving today to go and visit some of these...

at Sea World of course, not in their natural habitat :)
I HAD to do one last long run before my half next weekend, so I painted, busted out 10 miles, and pulled down tape. 
Plus I still had to pack, but I forgot my computer battery cord :( Bummer, hopefully I get this post done before it dies because I'm dying to share my wall with y'all!

My ombre wall tutorial:

I started out buying 5 quarts of Martha Stewart paint. I was doing a pretty large wall so I didn't think the sample sizes would cover it. 

I divided my wall into 5 sections and started by painting my lightest color slightly lower than my 18 inch measurement. I did this so when you tape off the first stripe the color underneath is the same.

Wait for it to dry and tape it off with a laser level.
Then to get perfect stripes use the same color and paint on the bottom half of the tape so any bleed through will be the same color.

Repeat for each color.
This does take a while because you have to let each stripe dry before you tape it off.
Totally worth it.

Ahhhh I love me a bold wall. 

Sorry this pic is kinda dark, I was trying to get some pictures snapped while my Husband was yelling at me to hurry up and get ready so we could leave :) Men.

The colors I used were {in order} 
{Martha Stewart}
Lavender Verbena
Violet Aster
Grape Jelly Bean
Plum Wine

If you have any questions feel free to email me! 
I plan to do a fun gallery wall on here when I'm back in the Dallas, but the next couple days are devoted to this cutie....


Half Marathon

I finally decided on a half marathon to run, I originally wanted to run both the Rock N Roll{in March} and the Big D {in April}, but after looking up the prices one was 100 and the other 75 :( 
I just can't pay out for both, I already spend enough on sweating in between soccer and the gym.
Soooo I chose the Rock N Roll, I mean come on, live music every mile! Yes please!

There are some things I will do the same and some I will do differently from my last half.

1. I will carb load the night before {Olive Garden here I come!} Eating pasta the night before really helped my not get hungry around mile 7.
2. I will 'rest' or only do short runs the week leading up to the race. Fresh legs are a must!
3. Wear a visor, it's just cuter than a sweat band and keeps the sun out of my eyes. I don't like to run in sunglasses.
3. I will be taking fuel for eating during the race. My fav's are Clif Shot Bloks, I usually eat half around mile 5 and the other half around mile 10. I also like Gu.

1. I don't think I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor. Last time it rubbed the crap out of my chest and freaking hurt!
2. I will be taking a salt packet, 1 before and 1 halfway. During the last race my hands swelled so bad I couldn't close my fingers.  

I was told taking one of these with a lot of water will help with that, plus it's probably gonna be warmish out so I'm sure to sweat a lot.

Seriously, I sweat like dude when I work out.  One time I thought it was raining until I realized it was just my hair dripping :)

My goal is to try to finish around 2 hours, my last time was 2:27, but I'm having issues with both my ankles hurting {from soccer} and something is going on with the arch in my right foot.
It feels like I'm stepping on something when I walk barefoot, I know my arch is fallen on that side, but this feels like something is loose or broken?
It doesn't hurt, but I can feel it when I run.  Going to a Dr is a pain and expensive so my plan is to hope it heals on it's on. 

We are having a fun filled birthday party weekend, one yesterday and one today.
I tend to enjoy myself regardless if the party is geared for toddlers!

Miss M slept gooooooood last night!

Ohhh and I have something amazing to show you this week.

Here is a sneak peek :)


Another: Fav's

It may be raining sideways in Big D right now, but that doesn't stop me from sporting my spring looks :)
I've shared another one of these shirts before, from My Tiara Fits, but I super love them! They are comfy, cute, soft, and just the right length. 
Nothing worse than a too short shirt.

I'm gonna go ahead and say this is so true :)

Even from behind it's darling. 

I'm not a big lipstick fan usually because it's really annoying having to reapply several times a day.
Until I found this AMAZING product.

Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss.
Berry colors rock, they make your teeth sparkle.
Well, toothpaste helps.

I love hats, but haven't worn one in a while {actually since I cut my hair off} and after 3 hours I had a splitting headache. 

My Hanna Anderson catalog came today.
I should have listened to my inner self and thrown it away without opening it.
Ugh, now Miss M HAS to have this adorb swimsuit! 

Plus, they have MATCHING maxi dresses for Mom's and daughters. 
Yes please. Mini me would love that!

See, cute!
Not like that time back in 1989 when my Mom tried to dress us alike and I refused to go out in public with her.

Oh and FYI I'm a total genius, I passed my Finance mid-term with flying colors. Just thought I'd throw that out there :)


RMR Testing and Food

Happy Weekend Y'all!
It's freaking amazing out in Dallas, friday I even went for a run at 630 in the morning in shorts and a tank.

Guess, I may have to bust out the summer clothes from under the bed sooner rather than later.

Have you guys ever heard of RMR {Resting Metabolic Rate} testing? I saw something about it online, so I decided to try it out.  I found a sweet lady in the area who is a nutritionist and does the testing in her office.

{The metabolic test is a simple breath test used to determine a person’s unique resting metabolic rate—the number of calories an individual burns in a day at rest. The RMR varies widely from person to person, and accounts for as much as 75 percent of the total daily calories burned.The test requires a person to breath into a mask hooked to the device for 10 minutes. The device then prints out a report with the individual’s caloric needs, after age, weight and activity level are factored in. Immediately after the test, the patient will know if their metabolism is low, normal or high. The test also determines exactly how many calories a person needs to maintain, lose, or even gain weight. From there, it’s a simple math equation of calories in-calories out.}
I thought it would be interesting to see EXACTLY how many calories my body needs to function {not including extras like working out}. My number was 1330.  I chatted with her a bit about my weight history and caloric intake and her thoughts were:
a. my body is where it wants to be weight wise
b. trying to zig-zag my calories {read more here}
Option A sounds pretty crappy to me, if I'm willing to do the work then my freaking body better know who is in charge! 
Here's my workouts for the week.
Sunday - soccer soccer Sunday funday! yay! {800}
Monday- Run, spin {1000}
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- Run, spin, weights {1150}
Thursday-Run, spin, BodyPump {1100}
Friday- 7 miles in the am and Soccer in the pm {1800}
Saturday- rest {well does 5 hours of shopping count?}
Total- {5,850}
Weight- 147.4 so a loss of .6
Let's do a little math for a minute, if I need -1330 to live and burn -1000 at the gym and eat +2000 a day that leaves me with 330 to actually live on. Right? 
She said that wasn't enough {the 1330 doesn't include things like chasing your crazy 2 year old around half the day or you know cleaning, if you do that sort of thing}, so I may up it to 2200 and zig zag them around and see how that works for me.

I've also had some questions about what I eat, so I thought I'd share some of my staples.
Breakfast: 1 egg  + egg white with 2 slices wheat bread {Natures Own}
or yogurt and a banana, sometimes I eat oatmeal with fruit.

Loooooooove this kind, it has fruit jelly stuff on the side. Yum.

Lunch: This really varies depending on what I am doing\how busy I am. If I'm out, Subway or Chick Fil A {chicken sandwich on wheat bread, no fries}

If I'm home usually soup, sandwich {Turkey}, or Weight Watcher frozen food {it's easy and the Mac and Cheese is pretty good!}

Dinner: Oh, once upon a time I cooked a meal every night. Then Miss M started driving me batty so now we spend almost every afternoon at the gym 4pm-6pm so by the time I get home I'm not in the mood to make a big meal.

Fish and chicken are the staple, usually with veggies and maybe a rice. 
Spaghetti {nothing fancy, just turkey meat, low cal sauce and whole wheat noodles.}
Occasionally we will have a bagged pasta dinner {Garlic Chicken Voila is yummy!}
Tuesdays I usually find something good off Pinterest and make it.
I never cook with red meat, I just don't like it that much.

Snacks: Nuts, Chips and Salsa {just a few!}, granola bars for when I'm out.
Veggie Bars~ I made these last week, soooo good!

My must have protein drink for after my workouts, I love this brand so smooth and yummy. I mix mine with water and a little Benefiber.

Drinks: I suck at drinking water, I down about 3 bottles while I'm sweating my ass off at the gym, but other than that I need some flavor! I do enjoy me some sugar free sweet tea {made with Splenda}

I buy this from Costco, it tastes good, is zero calorie and has b12 and other healthy junk in it! 

The reason I don't send my Hubs to the store to grocery shop.

No will power!

Ok, longest post ever. Hope it was helpful for someone out there :)
I'm back to the grind....

Mid-terms next week and then SPRING BREAK! 
I promise y'all I'm busting out the paint cans and doin' something crazy around here!


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