We have movement!

Ladies and gentlemen {well the one guy who reads this, my Dad} we are making some progress!

All it took my me stuffing my face :) 
Not really, but it felt that way. After my post last Sunday I had a few people suggest that I try upping my calories to 2000. So I did and it worked!
One day for lunch I stopped and got Subway, a foot long, flat bread {which is very yummy}.  It felt very wrong to be eating a foot long, it goes against everything I think about when I'm trying to lose weight. 
The heaping plate of spaghetti, the 2 eggs in the morning, I felt guilty every time I ate something I felt I shouldn't. 
But, it worked so hallelujah!

My workout summary this week:
Sunday- rest
Monday- 30 running, 20 weights, 60 spin {1030 calories}
Tuesday- 2.2 mile run and BCX Bootcamp lower body {650}
Wednesday- 30 run, 20 weights, 45 spin, 15 abs {1115}
Thursday- 30 run, 30 spin, 60 body pump {1045}
Friday- crap happened and couldn't run :)
Saturday- 60 cardio, 60 body pump {1144}
Total {4,984}

Consumed around 2000-2100 calories a day and lost 1.6 pounds.
Who knew I was just hungry? Apparently y'all did!

Also, I have a new favorite running song. {Kids~Sleigh Bells} Download it! I'm always on the search for new music because I listen to my Ipod so much I get sick of songs fast and great beats are what get me through a long run :) Do you have the SoundHound App? I use mine all this time when I hear a great song, I bookmark it for later.

That's all folks! Be on the look out for some fabulousness in the next few days.  Here is a sweet hint for ya :)


  1. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you!!!!!!

  2. Good for You! Glad you got some movement. Have a good week.

  3. So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Who would've guessed that eating more can make you lose more?? But I do believe that because sometimes I know I have a bad couple of days after eating soooo well, and I still lose. Our bodies must need that extra fuel sometimes.

  5. YAY!!!!!!

    omg 2000 calories??? that's insane!!
    you do workout a lot though, so i guess that makes sense.

    have you heard of the zig zag effect?

  6. Wow that is some work out plan, well done you!
    I too love subways, so hard to say no to.
    Keep up all the fantastic work!

  7. I love Pandora for running, since I'm too lazy to spend much time on my own playlists...before Pandora, I listened to the same same running playlist for entire YEARS

  8. Congrats!! I'm excited for you and still wish I had your gusto!! Love the toe nails by the way!!

  9. Congrats on your progress! That's GREAT! And it's really great to know that upping your daily calorie intake can actually help you lose weight! I definitely didn't know that, so learned something new today :)

  10. Way to go! I just caught up on a bunch of your posts and you look awesome! Congrats on the 10k. Awesomeness!

  11. That's awesome! I tell my mom this all the time - it seems so counter-intuitive, but it's true!

  12. Good for you!
    With all the extra hard work our bodies are doing we sometimes need those extra calories to keep things moving along..sounds like it worked perfectly for you!!


  13. Yay! When I was trying to lose weight a while back, Lover told me I had to eat more. Who knew?

  14. Yay! When I was trying to lose weight a while back, Lover told me I had to eat more. Apparently I wasn't eating enough so my body was starving. Who knew?

  15. This amazing!!! And so exciting! Congrats! P.S. your daughter is adorable! And I completely understand feeling bad about eating things that you feel like you shouldn't, and that is awesome that upping your calories was what you needed. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. :)


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