Sugar {High}

The sugar high started around 6 am.

It continued through out the day. I found a cute easy recipe for Vday treats to make for some of our neighbors. {Popcorn Confetti}

We had to do lots of taste testing for quality control, OH EM GEE, so good.

Packaged them up nice and pretty.

Hopped on our transportation of choice, to pass out our yummy treats!

Miss M and her boyfriend :) Yes, he's a cutie!! {We secretly covert his gorgeous hair!}

The sugar made her crrrrrrazzzzzzy until the wee hours of the  night {you know that's 8pm for us}

We will be hiding the rest of the candy today.


  1. she is so precious! I love her little outfit! Popcorn confetti how fun! What is it drizzled chocolate over popcorn? What a sweet treat! Madison's lil bf is super cute! I love her transportation to deliver rockstar! She has a super cute vday outfit on too! Looks like she racked up for Valentine's Day! OMG Kelcee had her pre-school Valentine's Day party yesterday and girl when she came out of that school she was on such a sugar high that child was non stop until bedtime which was seven last night since the nap wasn't gonna happen yesterday lol! I said I was hiding the candy today and yet some how I caved and she is eating fun dip as we speak le sigh hahahahah!

    glad ya'll had a fabulous Valentine's Day pretty girl!


    ps I am hosting a Scenty Giveaway over at the blog you should come over at enter..its a warmer and a scent whoop! whoop!

  2. That popcorn is adorable! I need to remember it for next year :)

  3. Cute! We're still slowly making it through Halloween candy. She did get some goodies yesterday from daycare but most of it wasn't too bad. Lily's favorite is chocolate (preferably M&Ms), but we limit how much at night. She's definitely had some crazy moments though!!!

  4. This made me LOL, literally!

  5. That popcorn looks SO delicious! I can only imagine little Miss M hipped up on sugar. Bless your motherly heart

  6. She is such a cutie, cruising down the street! :)

  7. Oh gosh... she is PRECIOUS!
    And seriously, I'm moving into your neighborhood :) Yummy neighbor treats!!


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