Random and {PINK}

It's February.  Where in the H E double hockey sticks did January go??? For real the fastest month ever. I wore lots of pink today because somehow it seemed appropriate, you know cause it's V-day month.

What you can't see is that my bag, coffee cup, and giant ass key chain is also pink. My shoes are gold, so there is some respite. 

Waiting for Finance class, suck-iest class so far.  Stocks, bonds, blah, blah.

I broke down today and printed a tracker. 

Yes, it's pink. I have no defense to that. I got it here if you want to torture yourself by writing down everything that falls accidentally in your mouth. My new game plan is to post it up on the fridge so when I go to grab a little sugary sweet love I see it. Oh and maybe a inspiration pic off of Pinterest. Like this...

Or maybe not, I'm pretty sick of the "Do 3 reps of each exercise everyday and you will look like this" on pins.

Oh, I just pulled out my laptop case, it's pink. 

Came home, got ready for some spin class and realized....

Yep, I'm wearing pink {ignore the stalker stealing my room in my pic}

What can I say, I big heart fluffy love this color :)

 Yeah, added up my tracker so far, don't think there's going to be room for sugar free pudding pie tonight :( Sad.

Ok, end of the most random off topic post.


  1. 1. Pink is awesome.
    2. You are fabulous.
    3. I heart you.

    That is all. <3

  2. I NEED that pink workout shirt. NEED. IT. :)

  3. There is always room for more pink in life! :)

  4. Ive missed u to bits. sorry I haven't commented much pretty girl! so much going on health wise i am just trying to get well! I love your pink shirt and u know I super puffy heart that color as well! You look fantastic momma! HOTT!! I am so proud of u!! U really worked hard and look at ya...awesome! now when I get off steroids and get in remission u r gonna so have to tell me ur secret diet plan mmmmmkay! Miss M looks so presh stealing ur pic ha! love it and ya'll


  5. you look great. i know i am so over those pins of skinny girls saying how easy it is. its not that easy to get abs like that, its not right to tease ppl and trick them into thinking that its that simple. it takes WORK.

    good luck trying to add another one into your life. it is CRAZY but i wouldnt have it any other way!

  6. You crack me up with your pink!!! I'm that way sometimes too. :)

    P.S. I wish my stomach looked that pinterest photo.

  7. I hear ya on the Pinterest pins. I got really excited about this 3 level exercise plan - a 60 day play - so I wrote in all down in my planner and then realized it's really dumb. Day one is like "10 lunges," halfway through you're at "20 lunges, 20 crunches," there will be a random "1 hour jog" in there (as if you'd be anywhere remotely used to jogging for an hour after doing 5 minutes of prior exercise), and then the last day - the big finish - is something like "100 jumping jacks, 45 crunches, 45 lunges, 1 hour jog." Really? That's it? Disappointment!

  8. Love the pink...and I am scared of that tracking sheet! lol!!

  9. Girlfriend, you are looking hot!
    And you know I had to make myself like pink before Giada was born? We're friends now. Pink and I.
    But you look pretty fantabulous in it :-)

  10. Love your blog! Love pink! Fabulous :) Follow me at http://amy-healthyblogger.blogspot.com/


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