Is it mean to be happy when stars get all fat while preggo?

Poor Jess, she's having a 'Megan' pregnancy :) Although I'm sure she'll be back in shape in no time thanks to personal trainers and a chef! Must be nice.

I came across some measurements I had taken in April 2010. All I can say is WHOA.
Blue is then, black is now.

Weight {204} {148} -56
Arm {12.75} {10.5} -2.25
Chest {43.0} {34} -9
Waist {34.75} {28} -6.75
Hips {50.0} {38.0} -12
Thigh {27.5} {22} -5.5
Calf {16.5} {15} -1.5

I really need to be more consistent with taking my measurements, seeing those numbers is pretty dang motivating! 
Plus, DANG I have a 28 inch waist! 
Next time I start thinking I hate my hips, I'll remember they used to be 12 inches bigger :)

Here's my workout summary if you stalk my blog for that kind of thing :)

Sunday- 12.5 mile run {1450 calories}
Monday- 30 run 60 spin 15 weights {1000}
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- 30 run 30 weights 60 spin {1150}
Thursday- 30 run 30 spin 60 body pump {1048}
Friday- 7 miles {750}
Saturday- 60 run\spin 60 body pump {1000}
Total- 6,398
Weight- 148 so no real loss but it's also that week when I find out I'm for sure not pregnant :)

I upped my weight at body pump this week and I can totally feel it. It hurts. Like my arms were shaking so bad I could barley shampoo my hair! I love to challenge myself and one day I'll make it though a class with out having to rest for a rep.

Spring soccer started today, whoooooooo! I loooooooove getting my aggression out on the field, if you can't beat up the other team who can you beat up on?

Miss M likes to come and warm me up.

Hearing her cheer me on from the sidelines is super awesome, I can't wait for her to play!

I make her take my shoes off afterwards, it's not child labor if you feed them. 

We played a team that we didn't 'get along with' to put nicely last season so it felt really good to kick their ass. 
Just sayin'


  1. Wowzers!!! I'm super jealous! But I've had one of those weekends where I haven't done anything... except eat some junk food. We're doing Taebo now 5 days a week at work and I still do 2 hours a boot camp a week. Still have NOT taken measurements or pictures! I NEED to do that! UGH! Maybe with weather and the same type of week you're having, I'll be more ready to go outside and work out with my pups!

  2. WOW!!!!!!! Isn't it amazing to compare where we used to be? That will for sure motivate you! Keep up the great work! 12 miles- woooow!!!!!

  3. Girl you are awesome! Those #s are awesome :) you are so motivating. I don't know how you work out so much with your busy schedule! I might need you kicking my butt motivating me after this next baby comes ;)

  4. AMAZING!! Keep up the good work! You look amazing!

  5. Amazing! You should be so proud of your loss! It was windy today on the soccer fields...is Madi playing this spring? Paul is signed up at the Y, can't wait to see him on the field.

  6. Awesome Job. You Rock!!! I love seeing celebs get fat as well.

  7. my pregnancy chest made me question why anyone would want such a thing. i don't miss it at all. and i really wish we had had girls' soccer when i was in high school. i'm trying to learn now since june is playing, but to play on a team sounds awesome.

  8. Wow your measurements are so inspiring! Can you do a post with what you eat...or did I miss it? Thanks!

  9. LMAO @ the child labor!
    You are doing so great! I hope I see the same results one day!

  10. Wow you have come far!!! Keep up the good week.

    Have a great week.

  11. what gym do you go to? We have bodypump at ours so I was curious if it's the same! I take it you like spinning? I just started a few weeks ago and I am loving it! What benefits do you see from spinning? Great job on the weight loss and slim down!

  12. What a difference, well done you!
    That's what I call some good motivation.

  13. 1. Holy boobs, Jessica!
    2. Go you! Look at those numbers!
    3. I love that feeling of kicking a team you don't like's ass. Our co-ed softball team played a team that had girls I used to play softball with when I was younger. They always thought they were better than me, so it was sweet to be able to laugh every time they made an error. :-)

  14. Isn't Body Pump great? My hamstrings were KILLING me this past week. And I thought they were actually in pretty good shape after taking Lower Body Blast classes for the past few months! Silly me, haha. Look at your progress! That's seriously amazing, and very inspiring!!

  15. I for one love seeing measurements & hearing about success..you have done awesome!!

    Back in the day when I was pregnant I went up to 207 pounds..it blew me away..not easy to deal with.

  16. Way to go... you have lost so much! I gained over 50 pounds both pregnancies! Eek! I am losing slowly but surely. I should have taken meausrements to watch not only the scale go down but the measurements too. I know it's terrible but i love seeing when celebs gain a ton too... like we get to see they are normal people too!

  17. Wow!! Awesome weight loss. I bet it feels great to be able to see that much weight loss. I am, right now, where you started...so you are an inspiration!

  18. Wow!! Awesome weight loss. I bet it feels great to be able to see that much weight loss. I am, right now, where you started...so you are an inspiration!

  19. I have to laugh...I'm hoping to get pregnant and I'm SOOO afraid I'm going to get huge like that, especially since I'm not so small to start off! :-) My jaw is still on the floor from your measurements, what a difference! Seriously, you must be so proud of yourself!

  20. you go, girl! you should be so proud! keep it up!


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