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Good morning all! I've been kicked out of my bed by a sideways sleeping 2 year old :) My choices were to move her and chance waking her up or to just get up and enjoy my coffee in peace...I chose the coffee. Great news this morning, I'm guesting over at Primitive and Proper!! If you don't follow Cassie's blog you need to, she's amazing! So click on over and say hey :)


  1. yay-how fun to see you over there. i never would have had the patience to do that taping. you did a great job. and i love that martha gray.

  2. thank you, friend, for an awesome guest post!!!! enjoy your weekend!

  3. I was just commenting over at Cassie's blog that It was so awesome to see you over there! Two of my favorite bloggers coming together. Whoo Hooo! :)


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