Spring Flings!

I'm officially saying winter is DONE. 
Come on it's like 80 degrees outside, I'm all for a mild winter but this last one was ridiculous!
The bugs are already coming out and driving me crazy. Ewwww. I may be the girl that screams while swatting the air when a bee flies by me.
I can't help it, they terrify me.

I painted my tooties a super hot pink.
I bought some glittered spring shoes. {Thanks to a lovely coupon from DSW}

Obviously Miss M needed some too. {Kid to Kid, 2 bucks!}

I also came across the CUTEST get sweaty tops on one of my fav blogs!

I loooooove how bright it is!

You know I had to grab a pink one :)

You can by them from Ruffles with Love on Etsy

I shouldn't be kissing her.
She climbed up on the counter and ate 5 girl scout cookies.
Who can be mad at those chubby cheeks?
She could of at least saved me one!


Miss Madison's first guest post!

Stop by and say hi over at June and Bear, Miss M had her first guest post!

Plus while you are there you will want to check out all of her super cute home decor projects!

Trust me.

Yeah, I know. 
Grey, white, stripes, AND crystal knobs. 
See it here.

Your welcome.



Is it mean to be happy when stars get all fat while preggo?

Poor Jess, she's having a 'Megan' pregnancy :) Although I'm sure she'll be back in shape in no time thanks to personal trainers and a chef! Must be nice.

I came across some measurements I had taken in April 2010. All I can say is WHOA.
Blue is then, black is now.

Weight {204} {148} -56
Arm {12.75} {10.5} -2.25
Chest {43.0} {34} -9
Waist {34.75} {28} -6.75
Hips {50.0} {38.0} -12
Thigh {27.5} {22} -5.5
Calf {16.5} {15} -1.5

I really need to be more consistent with taking my measurements, seeing those numbers is pretty dang motivating! 
Plus, DANG I have a 28 inch waist! 
Next time I start thinking I hate my hips, I'll remember they used to be 12 inches bigger :)

Here's my workout summary if you stalk my blog for that kind of thing :)

Sunday- 12.5 mile run {1450 calories}
Monday- 30 run 60 spin 15 weights {1000}
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- 30 run 30 weights 60 spin {1150}
Thursday- 30 run 30 spin 60 body pump {1048}
Friday- 7 miles {750}
Saturday- 60 run\spin 60 body pump {1000}
Total- 6,398
Weight- 148 so no real loss but it's also that week when I find out I'm for sure not pregnant :)

I upped my weight at body pump this week and I can totally feel it. It hurts. Like my arms were shaking so bad I could barley shampoo my hair! I love to challenge myself and one day I'll make it though a class with out having to rest for a rep.

Spring soccer started today, whoooooooo! I loooooooove getting my aggression out on the field, if you can't beat up the other team who can you beat up on?

Miss M likes to come and warm me up.

Hearing her cheer me on from the sidelines is super awesome, I can't wait for her to play!

I make her take my shoes off afterwards, it's not child labor if you feed them. 

We played a team that we didn't 'get along with' to put nicely last season so it felt really good to kick their ass. 
Just sayin'


Sun Shiny Day

Saturday rained cats and dogs in Dallas {I'm not complaining, we are still a level 3 drought area!} but spring soccer was scheduled to start on Sunday and I was bummed that the game was rained out. I spent the morning doing a 12.5 mile run while the Husband took the kid to her favorite store {Costco, nothing better than munching while shopping} the afternoon was spent doing Finance homework {shoot me now} so by the time evening rolled around I needed a little fun. 

We loaded up her bike and drove to the park.

For some reason watching her be a big girl riding a bike made me feel REALLY old.

She still enjoys the baby swings so she can fly high.

She loves for O to chase her like a zombie monster.

We had a spin on the tire, I really am old because I felt nauseous afterwards :)

Only one way to get her to leave!

Decided to give myself a break from cooking dinner.

I'm not a big fan of regular pizza, but gourmet pizza is to die for. Roasted chicken, tomatoes, basil, feta, and mozzarella on whole wheat crust. Yum.



I didn't really plan on moving Miss M to a twin sized bed so soon, but I came across the SWEETEST vintage bed that I couldn't just let pass by :) I knew if I didn't buy it I would be thinking about it forever!


After I started painting I realized the foot board was on upside down, oops.  Any how isn't it just darling?!?!

I painted it with Pure White {ASCP} and trimmed it with the same blue I used for the large wood picture frame hanging behind her bed. 
My original plan was to stencil on the headboard, but it came out looking a mess. SO I finally busted out the Silhouette and read enough of the directions to cute me out some vinyl. {For real, the amount of directions that thing comes with is insane!}


The bedding I bought off Overstock.com for 50 bucks! The ruffles are the sweetest!

I've been trying to get her out of our bed and she does sleep better in this one :) I think because it feels more like a real bed, those crib mattresses are not comfy! The other night she came into our room in the middle of the night and instead of climbing into our bed she wanted us to come to hers. How can you say no to this cute face?

Sweaty, sleepy babies rock.


We have movement!

Ladies and gentlemen {well the one guy who reads this, my Dad} we are making some progress!

All it took my me stuffing my face :) 
Not really, but it felt that way. After my post last Sunday I had a few people suggest that I try upping my calories to 2000. So I did and it worked!
One day for lunch I stopped and got Subway, a foot long, flat bread {which is very yummy}.  It felt very wrong to be eating a foot long, it goes against everything I think about when I'm trying to lose weight. 
The heaping plate of spaghetti, the 2 eggs in the morning, I felt guilty every time I ate something I felt I shouldn't. 
But, it worked so hallelujah!

My workout summary this week:
Sunday- rest
Monday- 30 running, 20 weights, 60 spin {1030 calories}
Tuesday- 2.2 mile run and BCX Bootcamp lower body {650}
Wednesday- 30 run, 20 weights, 45 spin, 15 abs {1115}
Thursday- 30 run, 30 spin, 60 body pump {1045}
Friday- crap happened and couldn't run :)
Saturday- 60 cardio, 60 body pump {1144}
Total {4,984}

Consumed around 2000-2100 calories a day and lost 1.6 pounds.
Who knew I was just hungry? Apparently y'all did!

Also, I have a new favorite running song. {Kids~Sleigh Bells} Download it! I'm always on the search for new music because I listen to my Ipod so much I get sick of songs fast and great beats are what get me through a long run :) Do you have the SoundHound App? I use mine all this time when I hear a great song, I bookmark it for later.

That's all folks! Be on the look out for some fabulousness in the next few days.  Here is a sweet hint for ya :)


Sugar {High}

The sugar high started around 6 am.

It continued through out the day. I found a cute easy recipe for Vday treats to make for some of our neighbors. {Popcorn Confetti}

We had to do lots of taste testing for quality control, OH EM GEE, so good.

Packaged them up nice and pretty.

Hopped on our transportation of choice, to pass out our yummy treats!

Miss M and her boyfriend :) Yes, he's a cutie!! {We secretly covert his gorgeous hair!}

The sugar made her crrrrrrazzzzzzy until the wee hours of the  night {you know that's 8pm for us}

We will be hiding the rest of the candy today.



So this weekend marks the one year anniversary of running my first race! It was a 5k I did with the Hubs :) To celebrate we decided to run a 10k with my brother {his first!} and HOLY COW was it C.O.L.D. 30 degrees, 15 mph hour winds, and not 1, not 2, but 3 STEEP hills. Like my HR was 192 when I was going up that hill! 

I'm really glad I decided to wear running tights under my pants and two shirts because, with the wind, I thought my nose was going to freeze and fall off!
I set a new time, 57 minutes, which is 3 minutes off my previous time for a 10k. Considering the wall of wind and the hills I pretty happy about that. Of course my brother, Ben, beat me with a time of 54 minutes.  He has long legs, what can I say :)
We rounded off our morning at Ihop, nothing beats a nice yummy breakfast after a great race.

Recapping my calories this week, I stayed within a 1600-1800 intake range.

Sunday- 9.2 mile run {1030 calories}
Monday- 30 minute run, 15 minutes on weights, 1 hour spin {1029 calories}
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- 30 minute run, 1 hour spin, 20 weights {1129}
Thursday- 30 minute run, 30 min spin, 1 hour Body Pump {1000}
Friday- 6.5 mile run {750}
Saturday- 6.2 miles {750}
Total burn for the week= 5,688

Weight lost = NONE. seriously.

A pound is equal to 3500 calories, but apparently my body did not get that memo.

Obviously I have the workout part down, I just can't find the sweet spot on my calories. I think this week I will try to stick to 1400 calories\day and see what that does.
Some days {esp. when I do a hard workout the evening before} I wake up HUNGRY. Like I eat breakfast and my tummy is still growling and all I can think about is food. Those days are hard. I tend to get angry and mean when I'm hungry.

It also helps if certain people wouldn't bring v-day peanut butter cups in the house.

Here's hoping for a loss this week! {oh and the will power to not eat chocolate!}


Guest Posting

Good morning all! I've been kicked out of my bed by a sideways sleeping 2 year old :) My choices were to move her and chance waking her up or to just get up and enjoy my coffee in peace...I chose the coffee. Great news this morning, I'm guesting over at Primitive and Proper!! If you don't follow Cassie's blog you need to, she's amazing! So click on over and say hey :)


{Ruffled} bedskirt

Ughhhhhh I am having a rough Monday! I spent alllllll weekend (ok, not all, but a lot of it) studying for two big tests today, one went well the other was a complete disaster. Finance is not my friend. Here's hoping for a tremendous curve :)

In between cram sessions I worked on dying a bedskirt for my master bedroom.  The comforter I have is the ruffle circle quilt from West Elm which is not white, nor ivory, but stone white which is really annoying because I can't find a darn thing that matches it. I tried white, cream, ivory, nothing looked good so finally I decided I would just try dying one.  I found a great deal on a ivory ruffled one from amazon, found here.

Not bad for 33 bucks.

I bought 3 packets of grey dye from Hob Lob along with some gloves, blue hands are not in :)

Boiled and dissolved the salt and dye and dumped it in a tub.

I read that you can use the washing machine, but I was nervous it would stain it. Let soak for 1 hour and then wash {twice} and dry.

Looooooove me some ruffles!!

At least SOMETHING went right today!


Random and {PINK}

It's February.  Where in the H E double hockey sticks did January go??? For real the fastest month ever. I wore lots of pink today because somehow it seemed appropriate, you know cause it's V-day month.

What you can't see is that my bag, coffee cup, and giant ass key chain is also pink. My shoes are gold, so there is some respite. 

Waiting for Finance class, suck-iest class so far.  Stocks, bonds, blah, blah.

I broke down today and printed a tracker. 

Yes, it's pink. I have no defense to that. I got it here if you want to torture yourself by writing down everything that falls accidentally in your mouth. My new game plan is to post it up on the fridge so when I go to grab a little sugary sweet love I see it. Oh and maybe a inspiration pic off of Pinterest. Like this...

Or maybe not, I'm pretty sick of the "Do 3 reps of each exercise everyday and you will look like this" on pins.

Oh, I just pulled out my laptop case, it's pink. 

Came home, got ready for some spin class and realized....

Yep, I'm wearing pink {ignore the stalker stealing my room in my pic}

What can I say, I big heart fluffy love this color :)

 Yeah, added up my tracker so far, don't think there's going to be room for sugar free pudding pie tonight :( Sad.

Ok, end of the most random off topic post.


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