Media Center and chippy loveliness

Some of you may remember my IKEA media center I built for our giant ugly tv {seen here}

Well, around Christmas time my husband decided that he HAD to have a new TV.  You know, he spent hours researching different tv's and kept sending me emails about them, like I care.  To me a tv is a tv, or so I thought until I made friends with Netfilx and stayed up until midnight watching episode after episode of 24 :) I'm so lazy I don't even want to fast forward on my TIVO anymore!

Anyways, he finally decided on one and OF COURSE it was like 1 inch too big to fit inside my media center that I spent hours building.  I tried and tired to squeeze that sucker in, but nada.  What's a girl to do?? Go back to IKEA of course :)

I went with the LIATORP Sideboard, which runs about $350, the side pieces they had paired with it were around $300 each and I wasn't about to throw down a thousand bucks on furniture after buying that TV.  I decided on using some more Billy Bookcases and getting the glass doors to pull it all together. I loooove it! The glass doors keep the kid from touching my stuff, I have yet to fill the shelves, but it's a work in progress. Oh, I also painted the backs again, I think it looks more custom.  Someday we plan to mount the telly to the wall, but that's a guy project and he's a procrastinator :)

Now on to some chippy loveliness!   I went to a local antique market thing {for you local gals it's in downtown Mckinney every 1st Saturday} not looking for a thing and of course I found all kinds of awesome stuff one of which was this amazing vintage medicine cabinet.

Perfect size for all my commonly used beauty products!

Y'all know I love me some turquoise :)

My husband of course thought it was junk, men just don't get it.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love the entertainment center :) The turquoise backing looks so good! As for the medicine cabinet, Score :)

  2. I love the new tv setup. It does look more custom. Love the look with the glass doors.

    Men just don't get it. My husband does not understand the whole thrift store worn weathered chippy anything.
    : )

  3. So pretty! I love that medicine cabinet too!

  4. Ikea is awesome! I love how you were able to use it with the new TV. Believe me, I know all about men and their TVs! :)

  5. love it! the new media center area looks awesome, and love the chippy cabinet! :)

  6. I really really love that tv shelf/cabinet! What a great way to make it look very custom-made!

  7. Yep, I love the TV cabinet and it looks great with the turquiose!! And that medicine cabinet is awesome! I've heard of the McKinney market a long time ago but totally forgot about it. I'm gonna have to make it out there, I love your find! :)

  8. Ha! Men totally don't get it. I have that same problem. Love the cabinet!

    Annnnddddd, Netflix rocks my world. We just watched White Collar. I totally recommend it when you're finished with 24.

  9. LOVE the new media center! (and Netflix is addicting!!)

    Also, the cabinet is just plain adorable. Awesome find!

  10. Love the turquoise! Everything looks perfect!

  11. Everything looks awesome!! I love the medicine cabinet! TVs were just TVs to me, too, until I met my boyfriend. He helped me pick out a TV, and I'll never switch from my Vizio - I love it!

  12. You crack me up :) I love what you did with the entertainment center. My question? Why do men love those big speakers??? Steve has them also and when I even mention getting them out of the family room he practically has a heart attack.

    You find the best stuff. The medicine cabinet is Divine....and perfect for you.

  13. Gorgeous entertainment center! And I feel you on the kids touching your stuff, we just had to get a new entertainment center so our daughter would stop pulling everything off the shelves. Although, ours doesn't look half as cute as yours!

  14. Ha ha! They just don't get it, do they?

    LOVE the new entertainment center and medicine cabinet! I'm gonna have to check out that place in McK. Antiquing is one of our favorite things to do on weekends/vacations. :)

  15. Lol. I love it. A tv is almost as important as a mans car, I've learned from listening to my husband and brother talking. Honestly, they all look and sound the same to me. Your new setup looks great.

    My husband also sees vintage things as junk and if it wasn't to protect his feelings we would have a full blown eclectic home.


  16. My hubby is the same about tvs. We have a 60 inch, but it is an older model and, of course, we have to have a new one. Don't get it. I love your find. We found a spice rack like that a few years ago. They are wonderful.

  17. Chippy loveliness for sure. What a great find.


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