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I'm pretty sure my scale is broken, the lowest weight it will go is 149.8. I need someone to buy me a smart scale for my birthday in March, ummmkay? I'm seriously just tired of looking at the same number for MONTHS!!! I've tried changing my workouts to include more weight training because then your body burns more calories through out the day.  I've changed some eating habits, heck I even did a cleanse and NADA. I'm not sure why my body is trying to annoy me, but I'm pretty sure I'm about to throw my scale out the window in frustration.

Now, I KNOW my number is not bad and I know how far I've come but time is running out to lose those last 10 pounds before I have to get knocked up again.  Yes, baby number 2 is now a glint in my eye and I'm trying to not have panic attacks about getting fat again. I KNOW better this time and I'm all about being the fittest preggo you've ever seen, but I would relax just a bit if i could get off those last few pounds BEFORE :)

Yesterday I wasn't feeling trekking to the gym because I really wanted to stay home and make this amazing cauliflower crust pizza. {you HAVE to make this is was soooooo good!!}  I decided to do a bcx lower body workout in the comfort of my home instead :) I realized a few things, when I started running and working out my goal was never to be fast or super strong, it was just to get fit. The last 5k I did I ran it in 26:15 which is pretty fast for me! I'm running the Big D half marathon in April and I'm certain I can do it in under 2 hours {my first time was 2:27}.

While doing some abs I realized I can actually DO side plank. I remember the first time I tried to do one  of these in a class, I couldn't even get my hip off the floor and for the longest time I had to put my upper leg in front to support myself. Now I can actually do it and throw in some crunches!

I can hold a plank for 2 minutes too :) Not so long ago I barely made 30 seconds.

I've been using 10 pound weights on my arms, I used 3 pounds when I started on this journey.

Instead of sitting on the couch watching Gossip Girl, like I kinda wanted, I got my booty up and worked up a sweat with my baby girl.

She's a great workout partner, weighing me down for 1 minute wall sits and begging for me to change the music to "party rock, mama! party rock, mama!"

It feels good to be able to do things I could never do before, so who knows what I'll be doing in a year! Maybe a 6 pack?? Ha, maybe not, but I'll try to have fun getting there!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Girl, you are seriously such an inspiration. I, however, fully use pregnancy as as excuse to eat what I want (we try to eat fairly clean normally). Hurry up and get preggo so we can go thru this together. :)

    See you Saturday!

  2. Megan you look great girl! It’s been so neat to see you make this transformation! Those arms are banging and look at you showing off that flat tum-tum! Oh how our bodies like to throw in those plateaus. I was stuck for a good 2 months. Then hit my second plateau last month. It almost like our bodies are testing us to see if we really want it. The last 2 times it happened I increased my protein intake and amped up my workout and it seemed to help but everyone is different. You’re rocking it though! I remember a while ago when you posted about stopping Weight Watchers. I was doing WW at the time and remember thinking that is awesome that someone could quit WW and do it on their own? Well I eventually got to that point to and to and have lost all of my weight on my own! Who would have thought?

    Kendra :)

  3. just look at you! you are strong and you look amazing!!!!! screw the broken scale!

  4. Girl, you look great! I hear you on those last few pounds but just remember, the scale isn't the only measurement. And damn, 26 minutes for a 5K? Awesome! I'd like to hit 30 min one day...one day.

  5. Wow...you are awesome! I have always struggling with my weight. I'm always all over the place - one day super hard core and the next eating pizza. My husband says I lack consistency and its true. I am at the worst place right now. Last year at the time, I was at my lowest weight since before I had my four babies. Since last year (we did a month road trip in the summer) I've gained twenty pounds. Just typing that makes me cringe. 20 lbs is a lot!! Ahh, but I wake up each morning and just make bad choices. It's like I'm punishing myself for gaining weight so I just throw in the towel daily. I turn 30 in June and vowed to myself that I would be in shape. I wouldn't care about the number on the scale. I want to be in shape and eat right...everyday. I don't know what my problem us...I act like everyday is a party! I cannot believe your arms. I need to know right now how you got them like that?? They are awesome : )
    Wow, sorry for the book.

  6. You're a freaking rock star! I want to be like you some day. haha.

    I have a major fear of getting pregnant again and getting fat..I freaking gained 85 pounds last time!

  7. great post Megan! I'm doing the Big D 1/2 too, and my goal is to just FINISH! haha!
    you rock!

    ps- I didn't lose those last 10 lbs. I wanted BEFORE I got pregnant with #2 and I still had a super healthy pregnancy.
    My big thing was, the longer I waited, the further apart my kids would be, so time was a factor!
    Plus, ain't no one getting younger over here! haha!
    Good Luck!

  8. Damn girl, you're looking great! And how exciting all the progress you've made getting fit - definitely an inspiration, thank you!

  9. That is great about the side plank!! It's fantastic to see what our bodies can do. I feel super encouraged after reading your post. I can't seem to get my scale to go below 185. Ugh it's hard not to loose faith. I'd love to be where you are. You look great. Good luck this next week :) Oh, I came across your post on You, Me, and Natalie. Looking forward to hearing about your progress this next week! You can visit me at www.simplytatumadelaid.com

  10. Yay for staying home and doing a work-out!! Believe me I can't wait until my scale says 149.....

  11. Girl !!!! You are fierce ! !

    Love that you are working so hard and that you are getting some awesome results! Your 5k time, your arms, your plank... all of it ! GOOD STUFF! Woohooo for BCx ! Keep on rocking it out girl ! :)

  12. Thanks so much for linking up! You are amazing! I can't do side plank AT ALL, and regular planks I can make it about 50 seconds right now. That exercise is the best one EVER.

    You look fabulous girl! Hope to see you next week, and I hope that scale finally moves for ya!

    Sending you sunshine,

    Rachael @ You Me and Natalie

  13. You look amazing! My abs are worthless after my c-section (even if it was almost 3 years ago) and I felt horrible after working on them for the first time... but I'm sticking it out and so far so good. The only thing that's bothering me are my shin splints that I've had forever. My calves and shins have joined together to cause a lot of pain. But between boot camp and now we're doing a Taebo group at work, I'll hopefully be able to get things back together. I would LOVE to be 149! That's almost what I was in high school...

  14. You are AMAZING and you LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  15. Oh girl! You look amazing! :)

  16. Look at those abs!!! Great job. Maybe this is just the weight your body wants to be at. As long as you are strong and healthy, why does it matter what the scales say? Not to mention, muscle weighs more than fat. Burn some more calories trying for that baby.

  17. You look amazing!! And it's very inspiring to me. I remember when I used to be able to do planks! Now it's time to get off my butt and do them again... or work at it at least.

  18. hi megan - i just found your blog and what a great post to start with i am pregnant now and already feeling daunted with the task of getting off all the lbs after baby girl comes.

    xx kristen
    mikie and kristen

  19. you look great! now if you could kindly send me some of that motivation too ;)

  20. i really really try not to weigh myself so that i don't get too wrapped in the number. i think judging your progress by what you are able to now do is a much better strategy. you're doing awesome.

  21. You are doing great hun!! Much better than me! Keep up the great work! :)


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