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Hey! Hey! It's beautiful this weekend in Dallas, we are getting our reward after the million + days of 110 degrees this summer. I'll try to remember this the next time I'm complaining about how hot it is :) I had a wonderful soccer game this afternoon and I got home {kid free!} a few hours before I had to leave for dinner with friends, so whats a girl to do? Clean? Homework? Blog? YEAH, blog! {although I did feel kinda guilty so I swept the floors and vacuumed first} I find in nearly impossible, when Miss M is around, to sit a my computer for longer than 5 minutes before this happens....

Yes, she is for real choking me. Kids.

I wanted to share a few things I've been up to, one of which is a Pinterest idea.  {Literally every time I'm in Hobby Lobby I hear someone talking about how they saw something on Pinterest, it's taking over the world!! ha} I found a globe for 5 bucks at a flea market and did this....

How cute is that? Oh and getting a globe apart is no joke, I took my husband a good half a show to pry it open!

Isn't the feather wreath adorab! 5 bucks from West Elm.

Also, for Christmas my amazing Mother bought me a fun Pottery Barn {orrrr maybe it was Crate and Barrel, I can't remember} light fixture for my dining room and a HUGE cupcake sign. Best thing about it was because it was a gift the hubs couldn't complain about how girly it was!

Ok, ok now I've shared my fun stuff I should maybe do some dishes or something...

Happy Saturday!


  1. Tell me more about the vase with the pearls and the big key! That's awesome!!! My house is definitely lacking some pretty accessories and it's obvious every time I look at your blog! Yet I always come back and admire all your color and fun-ness in your house. I walked through my two front rooms yesterday and my attempt of adding color and pattern (teal chevron boxes from Target, which I LOVE) did not match my living room at all. Good thing they will live somewhere else to attempt to hold the thousands of toys in my house. But I'm still lacking in that room. I'll have to blog about it some day as my tastes have changed since we moved in (well, and the inherited couches were ok but not us at all but definitely not even on the list of things to replace!). So for now, I'll keep vicariously living in your color-rific rooms! :)

    And my daughter makes it hard to play too on the computer. She doesn't choke me (ouch!) but does try to jump on my lap and laptop or will try to sit on me. Or push all the computer buttons (mine too).

    Cute idea with the globe. I bought a couple at an auction awhile ago and we have a giant map awaiting a home somewhere too.

  2. oh i love that globe and what you did with it! :)

  3. Poor Megan! Good thing Madison is so adorable!

    Love that globe!

  4. I saw that on Pinterest! How crafty!

  5. That picture is so funny! Why do they do that...mine do too! And your husband was so nice to help with your globe. My husband does not understand this home decor/craft world.

  6. LOVE the light and cupcake sign! Good job MIL!

    Also, the globe idea is fabulous! I would have never thought of doing that, but it's clever!

    Looks like you got the next UFC champ on your hands! HA!

  7. oh my goodness, miss m looks like she means business. love the globe idea.

  8. Sooooo cute! My kid hops up on the couch w/ me and gets his "laptop". :)

    I loooooove your house. Love that globe! Seriously, please come re-decorate mine...

    Isn't the weather weird here lately? I'm worried that the summer will be even more endless than last year!

  9. Your daughter cracks me up! That is an awesome picture!
    I love the globe! Very cool!

  10. WOW, your angel looks adorable :)
    it means the world to me right now , I pray i will find my babies :(
    Thank you dear

  11. Seriously, what is up with those violent kids!!?!!
    And girl, that sign and the light are too adorable! Love them!


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