Curtain rods and the 80's, but not together.

I want to thank all of you for your awesome sweet comments on my last post, hearing positive comments on my struggles helps me so much, I just get stuck in my head sometimes! 
I had a great weekend because I got to bring back the 80's!! My friend  Jen over at Life, Crafts, and Whatever {whom I've know since high school, I won't tell you how many years because it makes us sound old} threw a totally tubular 80's party and it was a blast!

I have to say the makeup was so much fun, rarely do I get to wear so much color on my face out in public!

Yes, I already had all this color in my collection in fact I wear this Stila Blush everyday, just not his heavy. The eyeshadow is all Urban Decay because they have the best pigment.  Random hot pink lipstick from Wal Mart, I did wear it yesterday with a little gloss and it was pretty :)

How awesome are our outfits! Love!! I got mine at American Apparel that store is full of 80's goodness, not sure how much of their stuff you could wear in real life though. I will be working those leg warmers in to my wardrobe somehow! The lace headband is fabric I found at Wal Mart, yeah my Wally World sells fabric don't be jealous.

I also got to meet another blogger, Julie {in the middle} from It's Sew Stinkin Cute, who I hear throws the best parties in Dallas :) I'm totally trying to wiggle an invite to the next one! I hear Tacky Prom is Jen's next party, thrift stores here I come :)

Now for a totally unrelated topic.

One day a few weeks ago I ran to Lowe's for something and they had a whole cart full of clearenced curtain rods.  I have metal ones up right now that are ok, but not fab.

I've been wanting something chunkier and they had some great wood ones, but they were all different colors of wood.

Well we all know paint fixes everything and for 22 bucks I couldn't pass up this good deal!

Excuse the boring mantle, I've been uninspired with filling it since Christmas :( 

I also learned that these types of curtain rods are 1000 times easier to hang than the metal ones, one screw one each side and you're done!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. that looks like SO much fun! you look awesome!!!!!! those leggings- aaah!

  2. Seriously, so glad you came! You didn't mention that you won "Best Costume"! You totally rocked it!

    What a difference in your living room!

  3. oh my goodness, you looked rad. why is 80's stuff so much fun?

  4. You guys look totally rad & outrageous!!! Nice job with the curtain rods! It really turned out nice!

  5. That party looked awesome and like so much fun. You all dressed the part for sure! I like the wood curtain rods. Oh....and my last comment didn't show up, but you look fabulous! I am ready for you to have baby #2 so I can snuggle up with a little baby again. L is already getting too big :(

  6. LOVE the curtain rods! I've been wanting to get something for my dining room and living room that match (they are pretty open to each other) and this would go great in my house. Now I want to go to Lowe's!

    Great outfits! I'd be so afraid to wear lyrca! But you are looking great!!! Good luck figuring how to reuse the outfits though :)

  7. No worries... You will get an invite! I had a wonderful time at Jen's party and so glad I got to meet you! Hope that you are having a great week! Hugs~ Julie

  8. Lovin the 80's outfits! Too fun!

    What an awesome deal with the curtain rods. They make such a big difference in the space.

  9. OH Megan Megan Megan. You have just made me feel, well 55 years old. Ok that's fine cuz I am :) I really and truly and actually wore those workout clothes in the 80's and loved them. I even wore them to the gym pregnant. Uh, shiny spandex and pregnancy. I was was a brave soul.

    I've been a gym rat for over 3, um, er, DECADES (scary) and I've lived thru every style, even thong leotards, which I have to say looked very cute on me when my fanny was where it was supposed to be.

    Your photos are adorable and so very realistic. Could it be that I wore those leotards and leg warmers (don't forget our Reeboks)but I'm sure didn't look near as cute.

    Back to decorating. Love your new rods. Decorating trumps shiny spandex?

  10. You totally rocked the 80s!! LOve it!!

    Curtain rods look awesome!

  11. That 80s party sounds super fun! Y'all look so cute! :)

    I would never even have thought to paint the curtain rods. They look fabulous!

  12. HOW FUN!!!!! Nothing beats the 80's :)

  13. You gals look pretty fantabulous! And it looks like you had a total blast. So happy you had a great time! You deserve it momma :-)

  14. OMG I LOVEEEEE your 80s pics!!! Hilarious!!!


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