Curtain rods and the 80's, but not together.

I want to thank all of you for your awesome sweet comments on my last post, hearing positive comments on my struggles helps me so much, I just get stuck in my head sometimes! 
I had a great weekend because I got to bring back the 80's!! My friend  Jen over at Life, Crafts, and Whatever {whom I've know since high school, I won't tell you how many years because it makes us sound old} threw a totally tubular 80's party and it was a blast!

I have to say the makeup was so much fun, rarely do I get to wear so much color on my face out in public!

Yes, I already had all this color in my collection in fact I wear this Stila Blush everyday, just not his heavy. The eyeshadow is all Urban Decay because they have the best pigment.  Random hot pink lipstick from Wal Mart, I did wear it yesterday with a little gloss and it was pretty :)

How awesome are our outfits! Love!! I got mine at American Apparel that store is full of 80's goodness, not sure how much of their stuff you could wear in real life though. I will be working those leg warmers in to my wardrobe somehow! The lace headband is fabric I found at Wal Mart, yeah my Wally World sells fabric don't be jealous.

I also got to meet another blogger, Julie {in the middle} from It's Sew Stinkin Cute, who I hear throws the best parties in Dallas :) I'm totally trying to wiggle an invite to the next one! I hear Tacky Prom is Jen's next party, thrift stores here I come :)

Now for a totally unrelated topic.

One day a few weeks ago I ran to Lowe's for something and they had a whole cart full of clearenced curtain rods.  I have metal ones up right now that are ok, but not fab.

I've been wanting something chunkier and they had some great wood ones, but they were all different colors of wood.

Well we all know paint fixes everything and for 22 bucks I couldn't pass up this good deal!

Excuse the boring mantle, I've been uninspired with filling it since Christmas :( 

I also learned that these types of curtain rods are 1000 times easier to hang than the metal ones, one screw one each side and you're done!

Happy Tuesday!


Getting somewhere

I'm pretty sure my scale is broken, the lowest weight it will go is 149.8. I need someone to buy me a smart scale for my birthday in March, ummmkay? I'm seriously just tired of looking at the same number for MONTHS!!! I've tried changing my workouts to include more weight training because then your body burns more calories through out the day.  I've changed some eating habits, heck I even did a cleanse and NADA. I'm not sure why my body is trying to annoy me, but I'm pretty sure I'm about to throw my scale out the window in frustration.

Now, I KNOW my number is not bad and I know how far I've come but time is running out to lose those last 10 pounds before I have to get knocked up again.  Yes, baby number 2 is now a glint in my eye and I'm trying to not have panic attacks about getting fat again. I KNOW better this time and I'm all about being the fittest preggo you've ever seen, but I would relax just a bit if i could get off those last few pounds BEFORE :)

Yesterday I wasn't feeling trekking to the gym because I really wanted to stay home and make this amazing cauliflower crust pizza. {you HAVE to make this is was soooooo good!!}  I decided to do a bcx lower body workout in the comfort of my home instead :) I realized a few things, when I started running and working out my goal was never to be fast or super strong, it was just to get fit. The last 5k I did I ran it in 26:15 which is pretty fast for me! I'm running the Big D half marathon in April and I'm certain I can do it in under 2 hours {my first time was 2:27}.

While doing some abs I realized I can actually DO side plank. I remember the first time I tried to do one  of these in a class, I couldn't even get my hip off the floor and for the longest time I had to put my upper leg in front to support myself. Now I can actually do it and throw in some crunches!

I can hold a plank for 2 minutes too :) Not so long ago I barely made 30 seconds.

I've been using 10 pound weights on my arms, I used 3 pounds when I started on this journey.

Instead of sitting on the couch watching Gossip Girl, like I kinda wanted, I got my booty up and worked up a sweat with my baby girl.

She's a great workout partner, weighing me down for 1 minute wall sits and begging for me to change the music to "party rock, mama! party rock, mama!"

It feels good to be able to do things I could never do before, so who knows what I'll be doing in a year! Maybe a 6 pack?? Ha, maybe not, but I'll try to have fun getting there!

Happy Hump Day!


Free time + cute stuff

Hey! Hey! It's beautiful this weekend in Dallas, we are getting our reward after the million + days of 110 degrees this summer. I'll try to remember this the next time I'm complaining about how hot it is :) I had a wonderful soccer game this afternoon and I got home {kid free!} a few hours before I had to leave for dinner with friends, so whats a girl to do? Clean? Homework? Blog? YEAH, blog! {although I did feel kinda guilty so I swept the floors and vacuumed first} I find in nearly impossible, when Miss M is around, to sit a my computer for longer than 5 minutes before this happens....

Yes, she is for real choking me. Kids.

I wanted to share a few things I've been up to, one of which is a Pinterest idea.  {Literally every time I'm in Hobby Lobby I hear someone talking about how they saw something on Pinterest, it's taking over the world!! ha} I found a globe for 5 bucks at a flea market and did this....

How cute is that? Oh and getting a globe apart is no joke, I took my husband a good half a show to pry it open!

Isn't the feather wreath adorab! 5 bucks from West Elm.

Also, for Christmas my amazing Mother bought me a fun Pottery Barn {orrrr maybe it was Crate and Barrel, I can't remember} light fixture for my dining room and a HUGE cupcake sign. Best thing about it was because it was a gift the hubs couldn't complain about how girly it was!

Ok, ok now I've shared my fun stuff I should maybe do some dishes or something...

Happy Saturday!


Miss Madison

Mothering a toddler is very demanding, somedays I want to pull my hair out in frustration and others I want to eat her fat cheeks.

She's really in to dressing up, princesses, Belle, and make believe right now.

If only she was this well behaved and cute every day :)


Media Center and chippy loveliness

Some of you may remember my IKEA media center I built for our giant ugly tv {seen here}

Well, around Christmas time my husband decided that he HAD to have a new TV.  You know, he spent hours researching different tv's and kept sending me emails about them, like I care.  To me a tv is a tv, or so I thought until I made friends with Netfilx and stayed up until midnight watching episode after episode of 24 :) I'm so lazy I don't even want to fast forward on my TIVO anymore!

Anyways, he finally decided on one and OF COURSE it was like 1 inch too big to fit inside my media center that I spent hours building.  I tried and tired to squeeze that sucker in, but nada.  What's a girl to do?? Go back to IKEA of course :)

I went with the LIATORP Sideboard, which runs about $350, the side pieces they had paired with it were around $300 each and I wasn't about to throw down a thousand bucks on furniture after buying that TV.  I decided on using some more Billy Bookcases and getting the glass doors to pull it all together. I loooove it! The glass doors keep the kid from touching my stuff, I have yet to fill the shelves, but it's a work in progress. Oh, I also painted the backs again, I think it looks more custom.  Someday we plan to mount the telly to the wall, but that's a guy project and he's a procrastinator :)

Now on to some chippy loveliness!   I went to a local antique market thing {for you local gals it's in downtown Mckinney every 1st Saturday} not looking for a thing and of course I found all kinds of awesome stuff one of which was this amazing vintage medicine cabinet.

Perfect size for all my commonly used beauty products!

Y'all know I love me some turquoise :)

My husband of course thought it was junk, men just don't get it.

Happy Tuesday!


Painting with Run n Buff

One week until school starts again! Winter break just flew by, but I'm kinda ready to get back to my normal routine {I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 2 year old driving me up a wall daily!}  I also started my 10-day Cleanse yesterday and OF COURSE it rained alllll day long and rain + cold weather makes me want to sit home and eat all day.  To keep my hands and mind busy I decided to paint some end tables for my new bed :) I guess I could have cleaned, but that didn't sound as appealing!

I saw on another blog, ReNew ReDo, that she painted with Rub N Buff.  Interesting, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I went to Micheal's and they only had Silver, Gold, and Patina colors in stock so I went with Patina because y'all know I heart me some turquoise!

I started out with both nightstands being white so the color would be brighter.

I squeezed some Rub N Buff in a cup and poured a TINY bit of deglosser in and mixed it up, don't put too much or it will be watery and won't stick.

The waxy Rub N Buff gives a cool finish, very kinda shabby and white washed, does that make sense?  I like a little white showing though, but thought it needed something else so I glazed it with some black glaze.

I adore this color!

It took about 1 tube per table.

I had a hard time getting good pictures because there was no sunshine out, but it looking like no sun again today either :(  

Also for all my fellow fitness buffs you need to try out the BCx Bootcamp Workout, I saw it over at Journey to a New Me {plus she looks amazing so it must work :)} I did it out in the driveway the other day and I burned 650 calories plus worked some muscles I haven't felt in a while! Do it!

Happy Tuesday!


{Glam} Tufted Headboard Tutorial

 I've been teasing my Facebook friends for days now about my new headboard, well the wait it over :) I've been DYING for a new bed, but it took awhile to wear down my husband in to agreeing! This is what we had before...

Nothing was wrong with it, I just wanted something more ME.  

Here are the cast of characters {as Pioneer Women would say}

1/2 inch plywood {4x8 sheet from Lowe's}
2 inch foam {EXPENSIVE take a coupon!}
3 yards of fabric {heavy upholstery fabric works best}
buttons {I opted for Rhinestone buttons}
Long upholstery needle and thread

I made a king size headboard and had my handy neighbor cut out the shape for me. {Thanks A!}

Mark where you want your tufts, wish I could give you a good way to do it, but every headboard is different and you just have to eyeball and measure until you want to scream :) Then drill holes {I used a 5\32 drill bit}

I decided to add legs, they aren't for support but just to make the fabric go to the floor I think it looks more professional. 

Next lay the wood on the foam and cut out your shape. I used a utility knife, but I would recommend buying\borrowing a electric knife it will cut more smoothly.

Spray Adhesive! Some say this step is not necessary, but after all this work better safe than sorry!

Use that stuff outdoors and with a mask it's super toxic :)

Wrap and staple your batting.

Ok, TUFTING! I picked a crushed velvet fabric, they had sooooo many pretty prints but I'm not trying to kill myself getting it on straight plus because of the size of the headboard {78 wide x 68 high} the fabric had to go on sideways or you would have a seam. {my fabric was 54 inches wide} To get a nice deep tuft I threaded the needle and thread through the drilled holes through the button and back down, next I pushed the button all the way down and my super awesome husband tied it off really tight with some washers on the back.

I didn't staple my fabric on until I finished tufting because you don't want the fabric too tight or else they won't go deep enough.

The washers where we wrapped and tied off the thread.
Staple and staple and staple your fabric on until your hand hurts :)

So much better! I just love how glamorous it is!

Those rhinestone buttons on that crushed velvet make me so dang happy :)

I hung the headboard with a French Cleat {from any home improvement store}

See how it reached the floor? 

I have to say I was a little scared to do this project, but I'm so glad I did! I love it more than anything I could have purchased and I'm pretty proud of how amazing I think it turned out!

If you have any questions just leave me a comment I'm happy to answer them!

Happy Friday!!


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