Yes, I'm crafting!

School's out! Whew, one more semester under my belt :) I'm looking forward to a month off, so to celebrate I broke out the glue gun.

I happened to have some cute ornaments that didn't have a home and a board laying around the garage.

I gave it a light brushing of Martha's silver metallic paint.

Pulled off the tops and added some hot glue.

I think it's darling with my pink Christmas sign!

I tried to get a picture of Miss M's cute chevron tights from Hanna Anderson because they are so awesome I wanted some too, but she wasn't feeling getting her picture taken :)

Off to Home Depot because where else would I go on my first day off? ha!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh wowowowowowow!!!!! i LOVE that and am going to have to copy it!

  2. very cute :) your project & little lady!

  3. This is very cute. I love it!!!

  4. Um, LUCKY! I still have a week and a half left of college...major pity fest commencing. ;)

    I love the ornament tree- and your real tree, it's gorgeous!

  5. What a great idea! I always love to find new ways to 'use' ornaments, because I have a lot of them and they're so darn pretty!

  6. YAY I LOVE CHRISTMAS PROJECTS!!! especially ones I can copy haha!
    and love the tights from what I can see...SO cute!!

  7. So cute!! And Madison is adorable!

  8. What a really great idea! Very cute (the Christmas sign & the tights!) :)

  9. How cute!!! You are just too crafty woman!

  10. Cute tights! And cute tree too, way to use what you have!!


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