Is it just me or does everyone get the urge to organize and purge after Christmas?? The playroom was the first to get tackled because I was tired of looking at piles of toys in my foyer.  Forever ago I bought a gutter to make a rain gutter bookshelf, so I FINALLY dusted to off and put it up, LOVE it!  It's so much nicer to have to books facing out so she can see the covers, plus it frees up some bookshelf space for puzzles and such.

We also added some shelves to the closet, easy and cheap!

While cleaning out her room I came across a scrapbook my Mom made of us when Miss M was a tiny little baby.  I almost cried when I saw this pic.

Wow. I obviously knew I was heavy, but seriously this was shocking to me! Lately, I've been really hard on myself, I see pictures of myself and think about how much weight I still want to lose.  I gained 2 pounds over the holidays and push myself to workout out longer and harder at the gym.  I enjoy working out, but over the last few weeks I've been feeling like it's a chore.  This is dangerous!  I don't want to slip back to where I was and I need to make some changes to keep my motivation up.

Resolutions may be cliche, but I rarely make them and this just happens to be coming up on the New Year :)  
I'm going to be happy with myself, I will not freak out over a half pound gain on the scale, I will not obsessively weigh myself every morning,

 I will sweat for fun, if I miss a workout I will not punish myself the next day. 

 I'll be proud of the body I have and the athlete I have become. 

Oh and just because she's too young to make one for herself I'll do one for her :) Miss M and I will run her first 1k in 2012!


  1. i am so there with you with the purging and organizing bug! YES!
    and look at you- you look awesome and have worked hard to get there, but don't be too hard on yourself. i used to do that, and honestly it's not worth it. who doesn't gain weight over the holidays? it's ok- it will come back off when you are back into the regular routine. since moving i have no gym- i rely on my walks up the mountain in the morning for exercise. and they are just walks- not even running. it's not as hard as i was working before, but it;s good for my body AND my soul. maybe we can help keep each other on track- stay motivated, stay healthy but don't overkill!

  2. Never would have thought to use a gutter for a book shelf! Such a great idea.

    You look wonderful! I'm envious of your determination and running ability! I can't wait to hear all about your 1k! ;)

  3. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. You look fabulous! and are such a great role model for your sweetpea. Have a wonderful new years.

  4. How much did the gutter run ya? Jasmin's books are ALL OVER her room.

    And dang, you know you look so hot now! You were a hottie before, but now you are totally at uber hottie status!

  5. Look at you MISS DIY... I think that bookshelf idea is precious on that wall!! And Yes, I'm very proud of you too...I swear I'll get there eventually and maybe this is the year to do it since I hate looking at myself much less posting pictures of myself but I'd like to be that happy with my body too! You look PHENOMENAL!! You are so AMAZING To me!!! Promise I'll try to start following in your footsteps. You're my idol my dear!

  6. So with you on needing to organize and de-clutter! I love the shelves in the closet. Space is at a premium here!

  7. Love the bookshelf! What a great idea!! I've been tossing out old toys and organizing since Christmas too.

    You looked great before your weight loss and you look wonderful now! Working out always seem like such a chore to me... how do you make it fun?

  8. Megan when I saw the picture I thought you were going to say how you couldn't believe how time had flown since your little girl was that little. Isn't that funny that you saw a heavy woman, and I saw an infant that is now a toddler, we looked at it from two different perspectives! You look great, keep up the good work, and I am loving the organizing, I haven't done it yet, just been reading everyone's elses blogs who are doing it...will that get me purging my own stuff? Probably not :)

  9. Fisrt, you look fabulous. I'm finally getting on the fitness train and committing to losing this baby weight. My kiddo is 7 months old, so it is about time. Second, I love all of your projects. I need a chevron wall and a stripe wall immediately.

  10. You have some great ideas. I have to admit I haven't been to your blog in awhile. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!

  11. Be proud of yourself. You look fabulous and nothing beats being an athlete by HARD WORK. Trust me, I know the hard work it takes, but give yourself props!!!


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