DIY Photo Blocks

Is it Christmas yet???  I'm exhausted from all the running around and being gone everyday from sun up to sun down {I'm sure it has a lot to do with shopping with a crazy 2 year old!}.  I'm happy that starting today my Hubs is off for 2 weeks, bring on the toddler free time!

I've been eating out a lot and devouring every Christmas goodie to come my way, which is not great for the scale.  Even after shopping all day I've been forcing myself to hit the gym for 2 hours every night, hopefully it will keep the bulge at bay :)  I'm definitely doing a cleanse after the new year, you will find me curled up in a corner, shaking, while going through sugar withdrawal!

I've been crafting in what little free time I have for friends and family, I've wanted to make these photo blocks for a while!

I started out by going to Lowe's and finding the thickest wood I could.  Not that easy, the only one I could find that would work {They have to stand up on their own} was in the decking section.

Then I cut them into 10.5 x 7.5 but you could do what ever size you wanted.

Next I painted them with black craft paint {spray paint wont work, trust me}

I distressed the edges with sandpaper.

Next I covered with Modge Podge and added some pretty paper.

Then remove the crazy toddler from your work area.

I added some clips, I could only find silver so I sprayed painted them and distressed with some glaze.

The bow is some ribbon and sparkle tulle.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


  1. those are adorable and what a beautiful family photo! merry christmas!

  2. Very cute project :)

    What do you do for a cleanse? I am definitely going to need one too... Especially since I am not going to the gym for 2hrs... I need to get motivated in general to workout and I think the New Year sounds like a great time to start ;)

  3. Those are awesome! That pink houndstooth one is my favorite!

  4. Aw, love, love, love these boards!! They're all beautiful!!

    Beautiful picture of your family too!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  5. thanks for posting...i needed a little something to make for extra gifts...i am tweaking your idea just a little...i bought some scrap book paper 6/1.00 at hob lob...also mini clothes pins with a 40% off coupon...now i just need some wood to use and i'll be set...waiting to the last minute ....LOL..i work better under pressure! and once again, your little bit makes me smile everytime i see her face!!

    creating love & joy

  6. I love the blocks. We make those too. My 18 year old niece just loves them! Love, love, love your family Christmas picture. We are finally getting snow today. Might have a white Christmas - as long as it leaves asap and doesn't stay around until April (like usual). You have a wonderful holiday. Give your hubby and precious baby girl a million kisses and enjoy them to the fullest. Warmest wishes.

  7. Great job! I love all of it. I love the picture idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. I love this concept... especially since it has the clip feature. Great job!

  9. Love the blocks and the family picture. So cute.

  10. I feel like a broken record when I constantly say this...but you are SO creative!! Those are so cute! :)


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