Tis the Season

Not to be merry, but to be stressed and overwhelmed. Yes, it's the end of the semester and I'm slightly freaking out over all the tests, papers, and projects I have due! Sorry for the blog silence, but outside of all my school work I can barley form a coherent thought :) Also my husband is out of town for a week which has shown me how much I rely on him.  Being responsible for every little need Miss M has is wearing me the heck out.  I could never ever ever do this on my own and I have a new respect for people raising kids with no family around to help out!  

I have  a few randoms things to share :) First I took the plunge and took my wedding rings in to be sized, they have been jingling around like shackles on my finger for a while now.  This is going to sound dumb, but I was hesitant to get them sized because then they wouldn't fit when {if} I gained all my weight back. My weight has yo-yo'd so many times I feel like it's just a matter of time before SOMETHING {ok pregnancy} happens and I'm back to wear I started.  Logically I know what to NOT do this time, but I can't help the way I feel.  In fact there was a study just done about how even when you lose weight your brain thinks your still fat for up to a year and that's why so many people keep eating like they are and gain the weight back.  I'm trying to retrain my brain :) I didn't go for the cut and reattach option for my ring, they are platinum and I really don't want to cut in to them.  I went for sizing balls...

I found Chai Latte K-Cups and I'm super excited to try them! I'm trying REALLY hard to break my 5 dollar a day Soy Chai Tea Latte addiction at Starbucks so I hope these are a good sub! Plus they are only 60 calories compared to 230 for a grande from SB!

School is done the first week in December so I'm planning a Christmas Cookie Party! {ok my Mom is doing most of the work}  Everyone seems super excited to come so I'm really pumped! I already have lots of projects lined up for this thanks to Pinterest!

Fall came and fall went, it's 80 degrees here in Dallas, booooo! Bring on the chilly weather already!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. OMG, look how skinny you look in your pic!!!!!!!!!

    Woot! I'm excited about your cookie party!!!

  2. you look great in your picture!!

    I just read your face book status about Madison and her shenanigans! Never a dull moment haha!! God love you!!

  3. Oh Megan! You look so fabulous! And of course Madison is *adorable*!

    I've never heard of "sizing balls" for rings. What a cool idea.

    OOoooh I love my Chai Latte for my Keurig. So tasty!

    A Cookie Party sounds like fun! And yes, it is difficult to raise a child w/ no family around.

  4. You look amazing!!! All that hard work is definitely paying off!

    I really want to host a cookie party too. Sounds fun!

  5. Did you just say "boo" to the warm weather. Come up to Orillia, Ontario and get some of the 2 degree weather!

  6. I agree with Life, Crafts and Whatever (great title by the way) of how skinny you look!! Way to go!!!

    Cookie parties always sound like so much fun! I've never done one or been to one but I really want to go!

  7. Yeah, I don't know what's up with the weather around here! It almost felt like summer today!!

    I have a ridiculous $5 a day Starbucks habit I need to break too...

  8. Love your blog!! Glad to see you back. Please, don't think like that regarding your weight. Stay determined and focused, it's hard yes but definitely obtainable.

    have a fabulous cookie party!!


  9. You look amazing girl!!! I'm so proud of you!!! You really are my inspiration!!! Having to get your rings sized must have been such a good feeling. My fingers don't seem to be affected by my weight so I've never had to do that. Although I've already lost too much for the pants I just bought. Put a pair on Monday that I'd only worn once and they are huge. Not that it's a bad thing but my wallet is dying! LOL!!!

  10. You look awesome! I bet sizing your ring felt amazing. Good for you! Hope you get some relax time when the husband comes back. Good luck with your finals!!

  11. You are looking so HOT woman! Look at you skinny minny.
    Let me know if those chai lattes are any good. My hubs is obsessed with them, and it would save us some money too :-)
    Good luck with the rest of your school work and the end of the semester. You can do it!!!

  12. Good for you! Changes, sometimes no matter how small, are huge milestones for us in life. For you, it's your wedding ring. You are so beautiful and no matter what the scale says, that will never change.

  13. I still think I look 20 until I look in the mirror. Same concept I guess when you loose weight :). Good luck with school, love the idea of a cookie party!


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