My lovely neighbors {who have officially adopted me!} happen to have a lovely daughter who happened to kill a {poor} deer long long ago.  I don't think it's wrong to hang antlers if the deer would have already died of natural causes by now, right?? They are just so darling and I've been on the hunt for the perfect ones for my house :) I may have jumped up and down for joy when they gave them too me!

I was undecided how I wanted to paint them, Pink? Glitter? White? Then it hit me. Gold. I love the new trend of mixing metals.

How gorgeous is this mantle! Almost makes me want to rethink my pink...almost.

Just lovely vases.

I love the gold candles, so easy to do this just find some candle holders paint a metallic silver and brush with black glaze, then add your candles!

Ohhhh this piece is so fabulous, I'm pinning this for future reference.

Along with the antlers they gave me a board to mount them on and after a trip to Home Depot I found the perfect paint for it.

The Martha paint is thick so it gives a great textured metal glitter finish.

I put it on with a putty knife and then used a brush to even it out.

I hung it in my entry way and I LOVE IT!

Oh wait Mimi showed up with Christmas goodies and everyone was in my shot :)

There's one, it was hard to back up because I have a ton of christmas stuff in the way.

Trying to pimp out your house for Christmas is no joke! 

Happy Monday!


  1. those antlers are seriously AWESOME!!

  2. i just love your house...its so unique....i did some antlers too but i just painted the whole thing white...

    ashley @creating love & joy

  3. I love it! I normally don't like antlers on the wall but yours are awesome and I just love that room and the walls :)

  4. I love these. We have a pair of antlers hanging on either side of our garage. They were there when we moved in and I really would like to take them down and do something like this. However my husband (who has never killed a deer in his life) wants to leave them there because he says they look cool. And since its HIS garage and I told him he could do whatever he wants to it as long as I get to decorate the house how I want, I guess I don't have much say in it. LOL. Maybe I'll find a pair someday. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower.
    Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

    P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.

  5. I love them!!! The metalic was a good choice!! And I sure hope you are going to share photos of your home all pimped out. :)

  6. I wasn't a fan of antlers (I grew up with them) until I saw your post. LOVE the silver and gold mixed (unless it's hardware -- then I'm still a one metal girl). Your house is so cute. I also love the blue candlestick and polka dot candle. Uh... and everything else.

  7. Cracking me up on how you said "trying to pimp out your house for Christmas" It is a job in itself that is for sure! Still on the fence with the antler trend, but yours looks wonderful

  8. I'm loving silver and gold lately. Your antlers are fun and classy at the same time.

  9. Great job girly. They turned out really cute. I would have never thought of painting them.
    And I LOVE the stripes on your wall! LOVE! Been thinking about doing the same thing for one of my rooms for a while, I just can never find the time.

  10. you have a lovely blog. I love all the pictures! I have to start with Christmas decors soon


  11. The antlers are great!! As always... I just love your house! You really need to do a post showing every room. :) Sounds like you have wonderful neighbors

  12. fun post and so on trend right now. I think Mary McDonald was doing antlers on Million Dollar Decorator. You and Mary.... such great minds. :)


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