My lovely neighbors {who have officially adopted me!} happen to have a lovely daughter who happened to kill a {poor} deer long long ago.  I don't think it's wrong to hang antlers if the deer would have already died of natural causes by now, right?? They are just so darling and I've been on the hunt for the perfect ones for my house :) I may have jumped up and down for joy when they gave them too me!

I was undecided how I wanted to paint them, Pink? Glitter? White? Then it hit me. Gold. I love the new trend of mixing metals.

How gorgeous is this mantle! Almost makes me want to rethink my pink...almost.

Just lovely vases.

I love the gold candles, so easy to do this just find some candle holders paint a metallic silver and brush with black glaze, then add your candles!

Ohhhh this piece is so fabulous, I'm pinning this for future reference.

Along with the antlers they gave me a board to mount them on and after a trip to Home Depot I found the perfect paint for it.

The Martha paint is thick so it gives a great textured metal glitter finish.

I put it on with a putty knife and then used a brush to even it out.

I hung it in my entry way and I LOVE IT!

Oh wait Mimi showed up with Christmas goodies and everyone was in my shot :)

There's one, it was hard to back up because I have a ton of christmas stuff in the way.

Trying to pimp out your house for Christmas is no joke! 

Happy Monday!


Cake Pop Maker

Yes, I shopped on Black Friday {and it wasn't even that busy anywhere I went!} one of the great finds I got was a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker and Chocolatier.

Of course we had to try it out right away, so Miss M invited over her neighbor friends to help out :)

Eight year old girls are the best, they are so helpful! They keep little fingers out of the mixer.

Good thing I had 2 jars of sprinkles, a 2 year and 4 year old aren't the best at sharing.

This Babycake Maker works really well, just pop in some batter, cook for 5 minutes and pop out with the tongs they provide. 

Let them cool for a few on the cooling trey then stick 'em for dipping in the chocolatier.

Both recipes were from the books that came with the machines. Kid tested and approved!

Of course who made the biggest mess??

Boys will be boys :)

This would be a great gift for a friend or that hard to buy person, I loved it! {Oh and no one paid me to say this just passing on my fun find for y'all}

Happy Saturday!


Got it covered!

Miss Madison is in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, with a little help from Mimi :)

I mean come on! How cute is this cook?

I want to eat her fat cheeks.

Speaking of cuteness, my Mom won a Shabby Apple giveaway and gifted it to me :)

Darling print, right!
If you want a chance to win your own check out Less than Perfect Life of Bliss for a great giveaway!

Ok, I'm off to Home Depot for some paint for some fabulous antlers! Post coming soon!

Ok, just one more.....

"Pumpkin Pie, Mama!!"


Tis the Season

Not to be merry, but to be stressed and overwhelmed. Yes, it's the end of the semester and I'm slightly freaking out over all the tests, papers, and projects I have due! Sorry for the blog silence, but outside of all my school work I can barley form a coherent thought :) Also my husband is out of town for a week which has shown me how much I rely on him.  Being responsible for every little need Miss M has is wearing me the heck out.  I could never ever ever do this on my own and I have a new respect for people raising kids with no family around to help out!  

I have  a few randoms things to share :) First I took the plunge and took my wedding rings in to be sized, they have been jingling around like shackles on my finger for a while now.  This is going to sound dumb, but I was hesitant to get them sized because then they wouldn't fit when {if} I gained all my weight back. My weight has yo-yo'd so many times I feel like it's just a matter of time before SOMETHING {ok pregnancy} happens and I'm back to wear I started.  Logically I know what to NOT do this time, but I can't help the way I feel.  In fact there was a study just done about how even when you lose weight your brain thinks your still fat for up to a year and that's why so many people keep eating like they are and gain the weight back.  I'm trying to retrain my brain :) I didn't go for the cut and reattach option for my ring, they are platinum and I really don't want to cut in to them.  I went for sizing balls...

I found Chai Latte K-Cups and I'm super excited to try them! I'm trying REALLY hard to break my 5 dollar a day Soy Chai Tea Latte addiction at Starbucks so I hope these are a good sub! Plus they are only 60 calories compared to 230 for a grande from SB!

School is done the first week in December so I'm planning a Christmas Cookie Party! {ok my Mom is doing most of the work}  Everyone seems super excited to come so I'm really pumped! I already have lots of projects lined up for this thanks to Pinterest!

Fall came and fall went, it's 80 degrees here in Dallas, booooo! Bring on the chilly weather already!

Happy Tuesday!


Big frame for a pretty girl

Someone PLEASE come and hide the Halloween candy, I've eaten 3 pieces today and my belly hurts.  I just can't resist chocolate when it's in my house....I may or may not have taught Miss M to eat a Reese's like this....

Trick or Treating was awesome she needed no help from me, she had the whole thing down pat :)

Have you guys seen or heard of those super gorgeous Bloom Frames?

I super heart adore these frames, the color and the shapes are gorgeous! Just a little {ok a lot} out of my price range!  After seeing the gorgeous picture Kendra snapped of Miss M, I REALLY wanted one.  So being the charmer I am I printed off a picture of what I wanted and kindly asked the nice man with all the power tools across the street if he could cut one out for me. 

Not only did he cut one out, but he got all fancy with the edges! It's official, I can never move :)

Of course I had to paint it a nice bright turquoise color.

It makes a great statement on the huge wall behind her bed!

Where she should NOT be eating her lunch. {{sigh}} 

Not that on top of the dresser is better. 

If your not blessed with a handy man next door check out Not Just A Housewife for a great tutorial on how to make one with a jigsaw!


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