A {pretty} rug

I feel so behind lately! My lovely child passed on the 24 hour fever\bug thing she had last week to me so I wasted an entire day of my life lying on the couch.  It was also midterm week at school, of course and trying to study while sick is no bueno! I pulled it out like I usually do :) THEN I went to Austin for the weekend for a bachelorette party and it was so much fun, but I'll just tell y'all I'm too old to stay out until 2am 2 days in row.  It was my first time being away from Madison for more than 8 hours and I was pretty surprised at how much I missed her, seriously.

On another note, did you hear about the woman who ran a MARATHON while 39 weeks preggo and gave birth a few hours later? Click here to watch the story.  I think that is amazing, but I swear there are so many conflicting stories about how much you can workout while pregnant! My Dr said no spin class, but her Dr said sure go and run for 6 hours?

On to the rug! You guys know I heart some color so when I saw this cutie on clearance at Marshall's I knew it had to come home with me :)

I love the paisley pattern and the color {plus I get a little pink thrown in the living room}.  I have a obsession with rugs....and curtains....and pink.  They had a bunch of cute ones, head over and check them out :)

I've been dying to paint some furniture so yesterday I put on the Cat in the Hat movie for the kid and finished up a project I had going on.

{ignore the fact that it's still missing knobs, I didn't like the ones I had} I like it, but I don't love it.  Maybe I need to get rid of the grey and go brighter?  Maybe the white is too white and I should distress? I just can't decide!

Here is the before, I have a slight thing for foyer tables too :) My other one has been moved to the actual foyer, imagine that.

Yeah, it's hard to take a pic that doesn't include her.  She's all about how 'cute' she is right now and loves to be photographed.

We are off to a pumpkin farm today so expect cuteness overload tomorrow because her Halloween costume is so darling I want eat her her fat cheeks!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Dang chick, you always find the coolest furniture. Love that blue! I'm on the hunt for a hall table, something with hooks for backpacks, and maybe some space for shoes at the bottom, or a bench? If you ever run across one. Can't wait to see those pics today!

  2. Love the transformation and the turquoise is fabulous! And yes, who could take a picture and not have the adorable Miss Madison in it?

    I worked out during all 3 of my pregnancies doing aerobics classes. The high impact of days gone by. You know - leotards, head bands, tights, fast music, tons of fun lol. So much fun and people would freak out just a bit because I was exercising. I felt wonderful and was in super shape but never gained more than 21 pounds but babies were over or almost 8 pounds. Healthy (formerly teenage overweight) and decades later, I'm still a gym rat although I do tons more cross training these days. Step, weights, spin, Zumba (my favorite), walking, some running (hate it but ran a 5K) Health and fitness should never be just a goal, it should be personal upkeep like brushing our teeth or putting on makeup.

  3. I LOVE that rug!!! I would put it in Lily's room (her pale pink rug needs to be thrown away - what was I thinking?!). What does your hubby think of all the pink and other bold colors in your house? I think my hubby would either not care at all or roll his eyes and say something sarcastic. Our house needs a little color that isn't on the avocado side of green... our whole kitchen was green, the wood trim still is, our TV couch we've owned for far too long is green, and we got three couches with the house that were also green. All within a very close color of each other... I need some fun colors, not dark, dreary, depressing colors! And I may just drag the hubs to Marshall's today!

  4. Love love love the rug! Now i want to go to Marshall's and see if I can find one!
    Love the table but I think the white needs some distressing or glazing to bring out the carving. Looks great as is though!

  5. First of all, Madison is *such* a cutie! :)

    I love your new (pink!) rug and the foyer tables. It's funny b/c if I saw that at a yard sale (before, obvio!) I wouldn't have known what to do with it. Maybe you should distress it a little to give it a nice worn in look?

    Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

  6. I like the table personally I love the grey the white might be a little bright for the grey - just me though ;)

    She is sooooo cute!

  7. Wow, that's crazy about the preggo woman! Love the rug and I really like the colors of the table. Can't wait to see it with the knobs :)

  8. Really pretty rug!!

    The colors on the console table you just painted may contrast a little too much... maybe a little less contrast and some distressing?

    I swear your home looks like it should be featured in a magazine!! Every room I've seen looks perfect!!

  9. 39 weeks and running a marathon!! That's nuts! I must go check out article after I comment. Love the rug and I really love the white and grey table. Maybe you could just add some funky knobs?? Miss M is cute as always :) oh and your foyer looks awesome too. We both have stripes in our entry. Probably because we rock!

  10. I actually really, really like it. The difference between the gray and white is wonderful. Maybe put some knobs that have a pop of colour. Honestly, I don't think I would change it at all.

  11. I don't even run around the block....and I'm not 39 weeks pregnant. Insanity.

    Your cabinet looks great- even without knobs! ;)

  12. oh, oh, oh!!! i love that turquoise....that style of cabinet is my favorite...i don't think i will ever buy new furniture again...why couldn't i do this stuff about 20 years ago?? i would have saved myself a TON of money!!

  13. Oh My! I love your rug. Do you know what brand it is.


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