Sorry I disappeared for a week, it's been a crazy hectic week for me.  It all started Sunday when OF COURSE my refrigerator went out AFTER I just spent several hundred dollars at the grocery store.  I have super awesome neighbors who took in my freezer stuff for the night and after debating on buying a new one {REALLY didn't want to buy myself a fridge for Christmas!} I called a repair guy.  I was praying the whole time he was here, please don't be the compressor, please don't be the compressor! It wasn't, whew! Crisis adverted and I saved all my groceries!

Then, my poor mother in law got sick.  She watches Miss Madison while I go to school, so I had to truck the kid over to my Mom's house and that means that I'm gone everyday from 830am until 7pm or later.  Leaves no time for blogging, painting, crafting, or cleaning :)

Plus Miss M was crazy with a capital C this week.

This is Ollie, he was born the day after Miss M, they have lots of fun together at Mimi's house.  That is until SOMEONE gets a hold of the baby powder and gives the other one a bath in it.

My Husbands company had a little Halloween party yesterday.  We are trying to get our money's worth out of her outfit :)

I told my hubs I could totally make his work area happy.  A little color and some pictures could transform it, I think he's thinking about it!

Miss M chowed down on sugar; cookies, cotton candy, and of course cupcakes.

A few weeks ago my awesome photographer, Kendra, from Kendra Pryor Photography did a cute mini session with a pageboy theme.  I love dressing M up and going to theses!

Yes, she's addicted to the Ipad. 

I love this picture so much I have big plans this weekend to frame it.  BIG PLANS.  Stay tuned!

Happy Friday!


Making my own chalk paint

I've used several of Annie Sloan's chalk paints and while I really love them I miss using the bright colors I so love.  I was excited to come across this blog where she gives you a recipe to make your own!  So I ordered some Calcium Carbonate off Amazon and mixed it with a small jar of oops paint I picked up from Lowes.

Mix 1\3 part powder to 2\3 parts paint.

I happened to have this stand that was just screaming boring :)

I also found if I moved it by the swing set I could push Miss M and paint at the same time! Worked like a charm because she can swing for a good long time before asking to get out :)

The adhesion was just as good a ASCP, but the ease of distressing wasn't quite as awesome. 

Over all I was really happy with the turnout and it sure beats 38 bucks a can :)


Yesterland Farm

For all my Dallas peeps who have small kiddos you need to go visit Yesterland Farm in Canton.  It's geared for kids up to about 6 years old, Miss M and her BFF K had a blast!

Can't you already see them getting into trouble as teenagers?

Miss M's first time riding amusement park type rides and let me just say she loved them all!

The rollercoaster by far was her favorite, she has absolutely no fear!

A shot M took of me, really puts into perspective how she must see me!

How adorable is this costume?? I got it at a local peddler show.

I never get tired of chomping on those sweet chubby cheeks!

My sweet sassy diva :)


A {pretty} rug

I feel so behind lately! My lovely child passed on the 24 hour fever\bug thing she had last week to me so I wasted an entire day of my life lying on the couch.  It was also midterm week at school, of course and trying to study while sick is no bueno! I pulled it out like I usually do :) THEN I went to Austin for the weekend for a bachelorette party and it was so much fun, but I'll just tell y'all I'm too old to stay out until 2am 2 days in row.  It was my first time being away from Madison for more than 8 hours and I was pretty surprised at how much I missed her, seriously.

On another note, did you hear about the woman who ran a MARATHON while 39 weeks preggo and gave birth a few hours later? Click here to watch the story.  I think that is amazing, but I swear there are so many conflicting stories about how much you can workout while pregnant! My Dr said no spin class, but her Dr said sure go and run for 6 hours?

On to the rug! You guys know I heart some color so when I saw this cutie on clearance at Marshall's I knew it had to come home with me :)

I love the paisley pattern and the color {plus I get a little pink thrown in the living room}.  I have a obsession with rugs....and curtains....and pink.  They had a bunch of cute ones, head over and check them out :)

I've been dying to paint some furniture so yesterday I put on the Cat in the Hat movie for the kid and finished up a project I had going on.

{ignore the fact that it's still missing knobs, I didn't like the ones I had} I like it, but I don't love it.  Maybe I need to get rid of the grey and go brighter?  Maybe the white is too white and I should distress? I just can't decide!

Here is the before, I have a slight thing for foyer tables too :) My other one has been moved to the actual foyer, imagine that.

Yeah, it's hard to take a pic that doesn't include her.  She's all about how 'cute' she is right now and loves to be photographed.

We are off to a pumpkin farm today so expect cuteness overload tomorrow because her Halloween costume is so darling I want eat her her fat cheeks!

Happy Saturday!


Oct. 1st is freaking change your decor to Fall day!

I'm making today a holiday! Put away the summer crap and bust out with some Fall stuff! The weather is a cool 83 degrees here in Dallas, almost sweater weather for us :)

A trip to HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby {oh and a side trip to my Mom's craft room} and I have a nice fall\Halloweenish mantle!

I wanted to do more than orange and green, so I added yellow and turquoise {because what season doesn't go with turquoise!}.  The wreathes I made from an idea I saw on Pinterest  {click here to see it}

I wish I could say I made the adorable topiary, but alas it was my Mom and she refused to make me one because it was a pain.  So I just went and stole it while she was off shopping in Round Top Antique Market this weekend :)

The sign is legit mine :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my new decor! My back has been killing me, I've been training the kid.....

Happy Weekend, hope you guys are having some fabulous weather too!


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