One for the sewers!

Mimi is a great sewer and obviously I did not inherit that from her {I think it has something to do with her not having the patience to teach me, so we'll just go ahead and blame her for ANOTHER one of my faults}.  One day when I was being a good daughter and letting her drag me to another boring quilt store I saw the CUTEST bag! It was an Amy Butler bag, they are so darling!

The bag was done in the cutest Cat in the Hat fabric, of course it was sold out.  Not to fear you can find almost anything online.

We bought ours from Cotton Blossom Farm on Etsy, there are so many options you can do!

Mimi being the overachiever she is had to go a step further and embroider a Cat in the Hat phrase on the front :)

Miss M loves her new library bag, story time is one of her favorite days of the week!

Awwww how cute is that :) 


  1. So cute. We haven't done the library yet. I feel like a bad mom! We have a TON of books at home at home though that we read often though, so maybe that helps. What's really sad is though, is that my aunt works at a nearby library so I should know about all the fun little kid stuff!

    On another random note - I read your title as one for the sewer as in pipes, water, drainage and gross-ness, not as in a person with a sewing machine. My head must be in the gutter.

    Cute pic of Miss M. :-) Glad she enjoyed the very cute bag!!!

  2. You should ask mimi to make one for Adam! that is AMAZING!!! I love it!!! and that photo of Miss M reading is too cute for words

  3. I love love love that bag!!! I sooo want one... Too bad I don't have any sewing skills either :/

  4. Very cute!!!! I'm sure she just LOVES it (I know mine would)

  5. Hi Megan, I've so enjoyed your blog with my cup of coffee this morning! Your little Madison is adorable. I have a Madison also, but she is 20 years old! Every Madison I have met has been a handful. Mine was too...but an easy teenager. So just keep that in mind =).
    I'm a new follower on your blog and looking forward to seeing what project you have next. My yougest daughter, Morgan (who is 17) would love that Dr. Seuss bag! Too cute. I'm amazed at all the things you are able to get done with a little one. Link up to my Linky Party and share it if you'd like.
    Hang in there...she'll be driving soon! Makes it a little easier now doesn't it ;).

  6. megan, i love that bag! we are big dr seuss fans here, and emmy especially loves the cat in the hat! it's adorable!

  7. What a cute idea to have a library bag. Ethan would love that! Thanks for the idea. Miss M looks extra cute with the bag and reading her books. Awwww!

  8. Too cute. Love the bag and Miss M is gettng so big!!!

  9. Such a cute bag! Love the fabric too! Avery loves storytime at the library too! I love to sew but haven't tried a bag yet. Going to have to try one soon!

  10. I love the bag and I especially LOVE the fabric. That last picture is just too cute. I would love it if you would stop by and share at the crafty link party going on right now at Lines Across My Face.
    I hope to see you soon,

  11. I'm with Megan up there. I thought, what in the world is she doing talking about sewage? This should be an interesting story... :-) Maybe it was an omen, though - our septic tank (I didn't realize people even had those anymore?) at work is full - so we've been bathroom-less for 2 days!!! The previous tenants took the "I'm full!" buzzer off the wall in the bathroom.. who does that?!

  12. Really cute and I love the saying on the bag! Visiting from Running with Glitter link party.

  13. So cute!! Would LOVE it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/09/turquoise-lovin-6.html

  14. Oh my. I am in love!!!!
    following you now.

  15. This is really cute...I'm gonna go through my stash and make one for each of my kids...I'm tired of lugging their books every two weeks...Thanks.

    Would love it if you would link this up to our Rockin' link party going on now at RoCa and Company. Here is the link: http://rocaandcompany.blogspot.com/2011/09/you-rock-3.html . Come and show off what you got. Hope to see you there...

    Remember...YOU ROCK!!

    Carmen @
    RoCa and Company

  16. That is an adorable bag! I wish I could sew too. :) Megan


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