Lamp revamp and some randoms

Look what came in the mail!

My BirchBox! I'm a total product junkie, so I think it's crazy fun to get some great samples every month to try out.

Some fun stuff, they must have known I had just thrown my empty Bare Minerals container away that morning because they sent me a nice size sample of the Sunforgettable Mineral Powder by Colorscience.  I've been a Bare Minerals fan for years now, but the one thing I don't like is how it can itch when you sweat and I have not experienced that with the Colorscience so I may be making a switch.  Also loving the Jouer Lip enchancer\conditoner!

I found a semi-cute lamp at Salvation Army....

It was in good shape and only 30 bucks, now it wasn't fabulous enough so with a little Krylon spray paint and some houndstooth fabric....

I moved the old, ugly, plain one to my husbands man cave :)

Ok one last random.  I love Ranch. Like back in the day I used to eat it with EVERYTHING.  Then I started to watch my calories and workout, do you KNOW how many miles you would have to run to burn off real dressing???? A lot.  So anyways while I was at Sprouts, kinda like Whole Foods but cheaper, I came across this...

Fat-free AND calorie free dressing, I was skeptical since most taste like serious crap but I bought some of the Honey Dijon anyways. SO DELISH! Love love love, I have a dipping sauce for my super delish chicken tenders! I went back today and bought the Ranch and a Miracle no calorie mayo, we shall see if it's all just as good.  I don't know how this has nothing in it and tastes so yummy!

I'm going to leave you guys with my new favorite work out song. Download it and sweat baby!

LMFAO Sexy and I Know it. {uh apparently I don't know how to get a video from youtube to blogger on my MAC! Sorry 'bout that}

Bonus Feature!

My baby girl LOVES them, don't judge :) She's the best fist pumper in Dallas!


  1. Great score! Love the color you picked! Madison is adorable in the video! You're a lucky momma.

  2. I totally forgot about the birch box. Is that what its called? I meant to look into it. I am like a kid and love getting stuff in the mail!!

    Love the lamp. Houndstooth is one of my favs!

    Lol! I love fist pumping babies :)

  3. I love the lamp makeover!! I sooo need some color in my house now that I've tamed down the odd colored walls. I was going to do some navy blue but I do love some bright blue!!! Now I just need something to spray paint....

  4. I love a random post :)

    That video is just too cute!!!

  5. That little video of your baby is a hoot! Love the intense look on her face!

  6. shes to cute..I love this one for running as well

  7. Birchbox looks super cool! I may have to start subscribing, too. I am a sucker for product samples. I haven't tried Sunforgettable, but I disliked Bare Escentuals. I prefer the Loreal mineral makeup.

    That lamp is super cute! I've never been to a Salvation Army - we mostly just have Goodwills near me.

    Madison is so cute! :)

  8. OMG the video of your daughter is so cute! *fist pump* lol!
    Love the lamp redo!!

  9. ohh the lamp turned out adorable! and i love love love sprouts! we shop there all of the time, so great for all of my allergy needs lol. and seriously i LOVE that song!! its totally on my playlist too!

  10. Hi there,
    Can I just say that I am SO EXITED to find a blogger that lives in my neck of the wood. My name is Selidji and I live in McKinney. I am a new mom of a 4month old son called Yemi.Like you I am having a hard time loosing my baby weight. I have a new found love for crafts,decorating and love all your projects! I recently started a blog and I am trying to understand it all. I hope(if you don't mind)to meet in person one day. Your daughter is beautiful.

  11. I have been meaning to try to the Birch Box! I think you may have convinced me. What Krylon sray paint did you use? I have been looking for that color for forever now!


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