Project {Me, Myself, and I}

It's been a while since I've done a weight loss update, I know I have some new readers so how about a quick recap?

This is me before.

This is me today {don't judge me by the sweaty red faced look, I just finished a soccer game and didn't feel like getting 'pretty' for a pic!}

{if you would like to read a longer story about my journey click here} So far I've lost 106 pounds.

So basically weight loss is burning more calories than you take in.  Unfortunately it's really not that easy {at least for me!} I burn and I burn and it's like pulling teeth for me to lose a freaking pound! I remember 2 years ago when I joined Weight Watchers and you had to give them a goal weight and after looking at the 'healthy' range somewhere close to 150 I thought, I'll never be able to do that so I chose 165.  Now I am at 154. I surpassed my goal, that I really never believed I would achieve anyways.  I'm different now, I feel GOOD, I feel POWERFUL, I feel HEALTHY.   I'm not upset that the scale is slowing, in fact I've been focusing on other things, like how my thighs don't jiggle when I'm spinning my booty off at the gym :) Or how awesome my butt looks when I'm running on the treadmill, in fact when I joined the gym I thought that whoever put mirrors by the treadmills needed to be shot! Now? Love 'em!

I wish that exercise alone would give me results, but 70% of losing weight is about what you eat.  I eat healthy, 95% of the time.  Do I 'cheat'? Yes, but I don't consider it cheating, I earn my chocolate when I'm out running at 7am every. freaking. day.   Where I think I'm slacking is how many calories I'm eating.  You really can't estimate that, unless you like super talented and know what a cup of pasta looks like off hand.  I don't.  Plus Pinerest is making it so HARD for me by showing me all the yummy things people are pinning.... like this amazing potato soup and this yummy fish is cilantro cream sauce.

My plan? Count my calories.  I'm being realistic I can't do this everyday, I'm busy with a toddler and figuring out calories in every meal plus portion sizes? Too much, BUT can I do it for a week? Yes. I think it will give me a general idea of where I'm at.  I have a hunch that my main problem is that I'm not eating enough and please don't misunderstand...I eat I just don't eat enough for the 500-1000 calories I burn at the gym.   It' hard to eat an extra 800 calories in a HEALTHY way, sure I could down a bowl of ice cream and call it a day, but while it's really yummy it's not going to do me any good.

I printed off all my weekly recipes and figured out the calories.

I also downloaded LoseIt! App on my phone to track myself.  Ummm LOVE it!

I'm hoping this motivates my body to lose that last 10 because in my mind I'm already there :)

Oh yeah, one last thing!  This little pic has been floating around...

I made my husband try it for 7 days. Didn't lose a pound. Just so ya know!

Happy Sunday!


One for the sewers!

Mimi is a great sewer and obviously I did not inherit that from her {I think it has something to do with her not having the patience to teach me, so we'll just go ahead and blame her for ANOTHER one of my faults}.  One day when I was being a good daughter and letting her drag me to another boring quilt store I saw the CUTEST bag! It was an Amy Butler bag, they are so darling!

The bag was done in the cutest Cat in the Hat fabric, of course it was sold out.  Not to fear you can find almost anything online.

We bought ours from Cotton Blossom Farm on Etsy, there are so many options you can do!

Mimi being the overachiever she is had to go a step further and embroider a Cat in the Hat phrase on the front :)

Miss M loves her new library bag, story time is one of her favorite days of the week!

Awwww how cute is that :) 


Lamp revamp and some randoms

Look what came in the mail!

My BirchBox! I'm a total product junkie, so I think it's crazy fun to get some great samples every month to try out.

Some fun stuff, they must have known I had just thrown my empty Bare Minerals container away that morning because they sent me a nice size sample of the Sunforgettable Mineral Powder by Colorscience.  I've been a Bare Minerals fan for years now, but the one thing I don't like is how it can itch when you sweat and I have not experienced that with the Colorscience so I may be making a switch.  Also loving the Jouer Lip enchancer\conditoner!

I found a semi-cute lamp at Salvation Army....

It was in good shape and only 30 bucks, now it wasn't fabulous enough so with a little Krylon spray paint and some houndstooth fabric....

I moved the old, ugly, plain one to my husbands man cave :)

Ok one last random.  I love Ranch. Like back in the day I used to eat it with EVERYTHING.  Then I started to watch my calories and workout, do you KNOW how many miles you would have to run to burn off real dressing???? A lot.  So anyways while I was at Sprouts, kinda like Whole Foods but cheaper, I came across this...

Fat-free AND calorie free dressing, I was skeptical since most taste like serious crap but I bought some of the Honey Dijon anyways. SO DELISH! Love love love, I have a dipping sauce for my super delish chicken tenders! I went back today and bought the Ranch and a Miracle no calorie mayo, we shall see if it's all just as good.  I don't know how this has nothing in it and tastes so yummy!

I'm going to leave you guys with my new favorite work out song. Download it and sweat baby!

LMFAO Sexy and I Know it. {uh apparently I don't know how to get a video from youtube to blogger on my MAC! Sorry 'bout that}

Bonus Feature!

My baby girl LOVES them, don't judge :) She's the best fist pumper in Dallas!


Tulle table

I finally finished little Miss M's table, let me just say that you need a TON of tulle and finding enough is not easy! I had to visit 3 different Hobby Lobby's to get enough :)

I started with a  square wooden table that I was given, for free {yay!}, by my awesome neighbors.  I painted it white, cut my fabric into thick strips and went to town with my staple gun.

I thought the top needed a little something so I ran to Michael's to check out Martha's new line of stencils and paint.

Her stencils aren't cheap because they come in a pack with several different ones, so take a coupon.  I also bought the metallic paint, which is very shimmery and pretty!

I didn't want it to be too busy with a full stencil, so I just blinged up the corners with some glam stars.

I love it! {The lamp I just could resist, it's from Hob Lob too.}  Miss M said 'ohhhh pwetty!'

It's a miracle she actually has clothes on, since potty training she likes to be naked, just easier that way :)
Did I tell y'all I signed her up for soccer?  They have 'skill' classes that start at 18 months, so I went to check it out.  It a cool program, kinda pricey {but I've learned all classes for kids are!} , but when they brought out that little jersey I busted out my credit card quick like! ha!

She really likes it and I even had a parent tell me "Wow, she is so good!' Warmed my heart to see her enjoy something I love too!

See, she's my mini me :)


{super sized} Jewelry Organizer

Wayyyy back in June I bought this gorgeous {31x42} frame at a local flea\antique show, Old Red Lumberyard in McKinney, TX.

That was back in the good old days when my flowers and grass were actually alive! I would complain about not having any rain, like EVER, but the temp finally fell below 100 and I don't want to piss Mother Nature off :)

Anyways! So I really wanted this to become a jewelry display because currently my jewelry is stuffed in an old silverware box away from little fingers.

Messy! I blame Miss M :) So at first I tried to use chicken wire stuff.  It was not good. So after a little Pintrest browsing I decided to make it in to a shadow type box.  I don't own a table saw {but I'm pretty sure I've dropped enough hints about getting one from Santa!}, but on Memorial Day my little brother just happened to be at my parents house and I just happened to have the frame in my trunk so with a little pleading he was kind enough to build one for me.

I did the hard part, you know gluing and painting :)  I tried some new paint from Lowe's, Pantone, it's a paint and primer in one and very thick, but covers really well!  I will definitely be trying this on some furniture!

I Gorilla glued the frame to the box and added some hooks and Ta Da!

The rod at the bottom is to hold bracelets and headbands, I love how it has a shelf where I can drop my rings.

I just remembered that I have an entire jewelry box I put in the top of my closet because Madison was always getting in to it! Argh, see I don't even know what I have anymore, now it can be all pretty and displayed!

Finally I can buy more bling without feeling guilty that I don't wear the ones I have :)

Happy Tuesday!


Painting cheers me up

I'm having a super crappy week {insert violins here} I sprained my ankle {which mean no fun soccer tournament this weekend!}, caught a cold, and woke up to a bathroom full of fire ants.  Not going to the gym for 4 days sure makes me crabby, I was NOT fun to be around!  To cheer myself up I pulled in one of the pieces out in my garage to work on.


Miss M was nice enough to 'help' clean it off for me :) I don't know why I buy that child toys, she would rather play with a cleaner bottle full of water and a dish rag!


I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint {Provence and Old White}, but I didn't distress, I'm feeling undecided about it.  What do you think?

I love how paint can make things so much prettier, it always seems to amaze me when I finish something how much better it looks!

I'm still working on Miss M's tulle table, apparently 25 yards of tulle is not enough and I had to go searching for more in the same color, but I had luck today! Hoping to finish asap so I can get it out of my foyer :)

Time to get off my booty and start dinner.....thanks to pintrest.....

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

With a little.....

Cheesy Cauliflower Cakes

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!


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