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You know you needed a break from your 2 year old when statistics class was actually fun! Yes, school is back and after reading my syllabus I see lots of my free time flying out the window.  I finished about half of the projects I wanted to this summer, I'm just waiting for cooler weather before tackling some of the furniture waiting for love out in my garage.

I am super addicted to Pinterest {follow my boards by clicking here} who ever came up with this idea is a genius! Before when I wanted to remember a link of something I liked I would have to send it in an email to myself and boy that was a pain! Now in 2 clicks it's all organized and has a picture and everything! A friend sent this to me on there and it's so my next project for Miss Madison's room.

I got a table {for free!} and I'm hoping to work on it this weekend.

I also have been pinning recipes, like this one....

Chicken and cheese lasagna roll ups, so yummy!  I've also started making a menu plan for the week, which has really helped lower my outrageous grocery bill {eating healthy ain't cheap!} Also it's great so my husband doesn't call at 5pm every. single. day. asking "what's for dinner?"  Now I just need a cute menu board....

Oh look at this cute one I just found on pintrest....totally adding to my to do list! {source}

Have you guys heard of Birchbox?

It's basically a cute box of 4-5 samples hand picked by veteran beauty editors, so you get to try new things that they loved! So excited to get my first box, it's only 10 bucks a month and who doesn't love to try new beauty things? {I'm a total product junkie...check out this post from forever ago}

Finally, speaking of new beauty items I'm totally loving Revlon JustBitten lip stain + balm!

This color is Passion {y'all know I heart my pink} , Madison had some on and then proceeded to throw up on my about 5 seconds before this picture was taken. I swear the more weight I lose the more wrinkles I get! How unfair is that!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I'm loving Pinterest. Totally a time suck, but fun! I love spending time on there, no matter what I find.

  2. love the picture. that lip color looks great on you :)

  3. I love these posts you chose! I'm following you on pintrest now. I was actually on there like crazy but when my computer crashed I lost my pin tool. so now I have to manually do stuff. It's a pain.

    by the way you look so AWESOME!!!

  4. Hey, I'm crazy about the Just Bitten lipstain too! I have stopped wearing other lipcolour almost completely, because I find this stuff stays on forever, and when it does 'fade', it wears off evenly, so you don't end up with a big ring around your lips! Love it!

  5. Just found your blog through Becky's and scrolled through several posts. Your house is AMAZING!! I love it!!!

    Great Pinterest finds! :) And I TOTALLY understand needing a break from a 2 yr old!! :)

  6. OMG, you and I were separated at birth!! I found another version of that table (with a big green bow and polka dotted chairs) and I am making it too.

  7. You're nuts! You look fabulous!

    Birchbox?! Hmm may have to check that out.

    I'm totally. Addicted. To. Pinterest. I love that table. I have it pinned too :)

  8. Oh my word - I LOVE that "tutu" table...adorable!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by BPPackages today!! :)

  9. I would love to leave you some love. :) Thank you for stopping by BeColorful and commenting on my room. I wanted to come over here to return the favor and Hello, I will SO be pinning that tulle table. How great is that and that shade of pink is my fave. Adorable. So glad I came to visit and now I need to look around. I know I will find lots of inspiration.

  10. I need to hire you as my interior decorator. You're a crafty genius. I <3 your blog!

  11. Megan! That is the most hilarious post I have pretty much ever read! Hah! I'm not sure where to begin..Hmm...happy back to school! Happy new lipstick! How do you pinterest without it linking to your Fbook? Or do you link? Hmm. Madison is hilarious in this photo! I'm sorry about the umm toddler throw up :( Ohhh! The tutu table?! OMG! xox!

  12. Hey Megan, I am trying to eat healthy on $50 a week. I didn't quite make it this week... it's so hard!! I just made a menu board too bc without a plan I always bust my budget. It is super easy to make...http://theperfectshadeofgrey.blogspot.com/2011/08/diy-dry-erase-menu-board.html


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