I heart drama

I love drama!  I love drama in my decorating, like my bold stripes and chevron pattern in my living room, I love drama on TV, super heart love Jersey Shore, and I really love doing something dramatic to my hair :)  I never found time to get to the salon and get my hair done this summer, but it was looking pretty blah and school starts next week.  {Beware lots of self portraits are coming up}



I decided to be brave and do an asymmetrical cut, it's pretty drastic with being so short on the one side.  I was just so TIRED of the same old A-line cut I've been getting for awhile now and I'm so glad I'm brave because I feel SASSY! {shout out to my stylist Ashley, my girl rocked it!}

love love love having my hair off my neck in this 107 degree weather :)

Miss M needed a trim and after stopping by Sweet and Sassy and getting turned away I just took her to Cool Cuts.

I know, she looks thrilled.

She has barely any hair, it took like less than 5 minutes {all they did was even up the back and a tiny bit on the bangs} and it was 19 freaking dollars. Rip. Off.  Wont be going there again, I'd rather pay 15 at Sweet and Sassy and look at all the cute girly stuff in there!

Anyways, she's loving her new room.

She shut her door and gave herself and the dresser a nice lotion bath.

Off to watch last nights Jersey Shore, happy Friday everyone!


  1. That's gorgeous!

    I'm debating on either letting my hair grow out, or cutting one of the sides super super short. Like, I feel edgy and rocker when it's short, but not pretty. KWIM? So I'm undecided. So now mine just looks shaggy, while yours looks hot and fresh.


  2. Love the new cut! I'm not ready to part with my long hair yet but I can feel a change coming soon!

  3. Your hair is adorable!! Your choice to go bold definately paid off :) And I really love Madison's room, soooo cute!

  4. I love her room too :) and she is so cute!

    Oh and your hair = AWESOME!!! I'm the type of girl to cut my hair on a whim but never been quite brave enough to go that short so you go girl lol! It looks fantastic :D

  5. love the new do! I like the tank top in the after pic..where did you get it?

  6. LOVE the new do! You totally rock it!!

  7. that haircut is adorable on you!!! you look sooo young!

  8. It looks great! And not that you're old...but it really makes you look even younger!

  9. Super fun haircut! You LOOK sassy!

  10. Love your new cut! It looks GREAT on you!

  11. Hi Old Friend! It looks ADORABLE :) LOVE the new look!

  12. Your hair is so freaking cute! It takes some guts to do that, but I think it looks awesome!

    Loving the little lotion bath too. At least she smells good...could have been worse like if she used dirt!

  13. You are gorgeous and could pull off any look! Love it!

    Your daughter makes me smile! So funny!! Sneaky little thing! At least she took her clothes off first :)

  14. Cute haircut! I take Avery to my regular girl for a haircut, maybe your girl could cut Madison's hair?
    Both so cute!

  15. Hi Megan, I came over from Facebook and have been enjoying reading your blog. I love all the boldness you do in your decorating, so fun!

    I adore your haircut, so stinkin cute. When I first saw the picture I thought I was looking at Kate Goslin, you know from Kate and John plus 8? You two look a lot alike. And the haircut you just got is similar to the one she had before she got all full of herself...it is a compliment, and I hope you take it that way. I loved her hair cut, it was so sassy and fun!

  16. Oooh I love the color too! Look at your little pop tart. I.die. xox!

  17. Ow ow! That is one dramatic transformation! LOVE the new haircut, it really does make you look {sassy!} :)

    PS. So glad you joined Lone Star Ladies!!


  18. i LOVE your hair!! i'm a HUGE fan of short hair, so cute!!

  19. Thank you so much for your comment on my baby blog! <3 I have read through your blog and I have to commend you on your incredible journey!! I'm your newest follower! Loved all of your painting projects and that baby girl is incredibly adorable!!

  20. Love your hair! Mine is actually long for me and I'm trying to let it grow some more. But not too much. I hate hair on my neck. And I love Miss M's too. I've always tried to keep June's sorta short, but she wants a pony these days so I had to give in a little.

  21. Love the new do!and your daughter is precious.


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