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You know you needed a break from your 2 year old when statistics class was actually fun! Yes, school is back and after reading my syllabus I see lots of my free time flying out the window.  I finished about half of the projects I wanted to this summer, I'm just waiting for cooler weather before tackling some of the furniture waiting for love out in my garage.

I am super addicted to Pinterest {follow my boards by clicking here} who ever came up with this idea is a genius! Before when I wanted to remember a link of something I liked I would have to send it in an email to myself and boy that was a pain! Now in 2 clicks it's all organized and has a picture and everything! A friend sent this to me on there and it's so my next project for Miss Madison's room.

I got a table {for free!} and I'm hoping to work on it this weekend.

I also have been pinning recipes, like this one....

Chicken and cheese lasagna roll ups, so yummy!  I've also started making a menu plan for the week, which has really helped lower my outrageous grocery bill {eating healthy ain't cheap!} Also it's great so my husband doesn't call at 5pm every. single. day. asking "what's for dinner?"  Now I just need a cute menu board....

Oh look at this cute one I just found on pintrest....totally adding to my to do list! {source}

Have you guys heard of Birchbox?

It's basically a cute box of 4-5 samples hand picked by veteran beauty editors, so you get to try new things that they loved! So excited to get my first box, it's only 10 bucks a month and who doesn't love to try new beauty things? {I'm a total product junkie...check out this post from forever ago}

Finally, speaking of new beauty items I'm totally loving Revlon JustBitten lip stain + balm!

This color is Passion {y'all know I heart my pink} , Madison had some on and then proceeded to throw up on my about 5 seconds before this picture was taken. I swear the more weight I lose the more wrinkles I get! How unfair is that!

Happy Hump Day!


I heart drama

I love drama!  I love drama in my decorating, like my bold stripes and chevron pattern in my living room, I love drama on TV, super heart love Jersey Shore, and I really love doing something dramatic to my hair :)  I never found time to get to the salon and get my hair done this summer, but it was looking pretty blah and school starts next week.  {Beware lots of self portraits are coming up}



I decided to be brave and do an asymmetrical cut, it's pretty drastic with being so short on the one side.  I was just so TIRED of the same old A-line cut I've been getting for awhile now and I'm so glad I'm brave because I feel SASSY! {shout out to my stylist Ashley, my girl rocked it!}

love love love having my hair off my neck in this 107 degree weather :)

Miss M needed a trim and after stopping by Sweet and Sassy and getting turned away I just took her to Cool Cuts.

I know, she looks thrilled.

She has barely any hair, it took like less than 5 minutes {all they did was even up the back and a tiny bit on the bangs} and it was 19 freaking dollars. Rip. Off.  Wont be going there again, I'd rather pay 15 at Sweet and Sassy and look at all the cute girly stuff in there!

Anyways, she's loving her new room.

She shut her door and gave herself and the dresser a nice lotion bath.

Off to watch last nights Jersey Shore, happy Friday everyone!


Guest Room

This is the closet in my guest room.

It's pretty much where out of season\out of room decor goes to die.  It's packed, so I'm sure you can imagine what the rest of the room looked like....picture a queen bed and desk with tons of crap everywhere.  School starts for me in a week and I've been dreading doing something with this room all summer, I just wasn't inspired and then I realized it was because we never used the room.   Rarely do we have guests spend the night, my parents live 15 minutes down the road so relatives usually stay at their house.  I made the decision to get rid of the queen bed and turn it into a bedroom for Madison {yes, for those of you keeping count, this is her 3rd room in 2 years!} I'm leaving her old room as is and making it the playroom...aka where you shove all the toys and shut the door.

I wanted to do vertical stripes, good thing Home Depot had a special deal on a 3 pack of Scotch painters tape!

Also, this blue restickable putty is fabulous for holding the laser lever on the wall while you are taping!

I used {Martha's} Cobblestone and Hocking Pink with Behr Pure White.

The room is still a little bare, but she did want the 'pwetty' birds in her room :)

The curtains are so cute, with chandy's on it {Target}

That's all for now, I'm happy to have a new room to 'fill' up again!


Gallery Wall

I know this will be shocking, but I actually painted a wall in my house white :)

That ugly builder beige became this....

Exciting right? What was exciting was how easy it was to paint an area white, no worrying about hitting the ceiling! {uhhhh which I NEVER do :) } Apparently my husband is starting to catch on and even commented on how boring it was, don't worry honey I have a plan! ha! I just really wanted to use white to brighten up that dark hallway.

I wandered out to the garage and looked through my pile of "stuff I bought that was cute but had no clue what to do with".  I knew that 2 dollar shelf and .50 cent frame would come in handy someday!

I picked some pretty colors from my large spray paint selection {All Rustoleum Lagoon, Berry Pink, and Sunshine} and went to town with some glaze....

Looks so pretty behind my chevron wall!

Adding the mirrors there really helps brighten up that hallway, super heart love. I added 2 shadow boxes and my metal heart winged thing, I'm digging the different dimensions.

Just one more :)

Happy Weekend!


3 Billy Bookcases

This is the Before of my living room wall.

This giant wall has been a pain in my booty since the day we moved in.  It's huge and the TV is huge and a 'regular' entertainment center would not fit on the wall.  The TV can't be centered and there is that doorway, sooooo what's a girl to do?  Live with it everyday for 6 years :)

I spent forever stenciling, but the grey on grey with all that black was hard on my color loving soul.  My chevron wall was a great start to brightening it up, but it needed more.  More height, more color, more organization.

So off to Ikea I go! {Love love love that place!} 3 Billy Bookcases and a trip to Home Depot for MDF screws, Gorillla Glue, and moldings.

I sent away the toddler for the night and plied my husband with beer and pizza :)

Lots of gluing and clamping.

No way did he do all the work :) We used L brackets to add 2 shelves across the middle for the equipment with wires.  I trimmed the corners and top with moldings, caulked and painted {Martha's Talc color is a very very close match}


So much brighter! {Uh don't look through the doorway, that ugly builder beige is the next to go!}

I super heart love the background color {Hummingbird Blue which I also used on my buffet and my Anthro mirror on steroids} Not bad for about 150 bucks and a little elbow grease!


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