Stain Stripes

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been lazy, it's too hot to work on much and I've been trying to get in as many naps as I can before school starts again :)

We had a wonderful time in the Outer Banks!

We hung out on the beach.

We went kayaking....and may have gotten a little lost, 3 hours is a long time to paddle with your arms!

Celebrated the 4th, sans fireworks thanks to a burn ban.  We did enjoy some Pop Rocks adult beverages so it wasn't a total loss :)

We fished on a deserted island, where the mini sharks captivated the kids.

We climbed a huge sand dune {more like 3 of them} of course Miss Madison wanted to walk up all of them and hitch a ride on my back the ENTIRE way down.

Look at that smile, she's a beach lover too!

So in order to actually work on a project, I had to pack it up and move it indoors.  Oh my husband LOVED that :) It's just too dang hot to be outside, unless it's in water.  So, remember that coffee table I found in the trash while I was out running?

I wanted to stain the top, but I also wanted stripes so I thought, why not do both!  To achieve this look you will need the Minwax Gel Stain, tape and a razor blade.  Unfortunately the gel stain only comes in the larger sizes and I needed two, so if anyone needs some stain I have plenty of extra :)

All you have to do is tape off your stripes and score along the inside edge with your razor blade, this will stop any bleeding.  I used the darker stain first then went over the entire top with the lighter one.  

 I painted the bottom with my chalk paint {when distressing please brave the heat because that chalk makes a mess!} and I finished the whole table off with Annie Sloan's Soft Wax, love love love that wax!  It's so easy to put on and the finish is nice and child proof....

I'm happy to have a coffee table again, the last one we had was sharp and metal so it got sold when Miss M started being mobile.   Now she's old enough to dance on tables {which is EXACTLY what she is doing right now}

Hey, whatever gives me a few minutes peace!

One more shot of my free table...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Very cool, chick! I love the wood with the white!

  2. Love the table!

    Loving you had a good time at the Outer Banks (so jealous btw)!

    Just loving this whole post ;)

    Oh and what is the paint color you have on the walls in the first post about the coffee table? I like it a lot.

  3. There you go away for a few weeks and you come back and Madison is a teenager now! :) Love the table, super cute! xox!

  4. megan that is soooo cool! there is still time to link to my party if you want to come join! :)

  5. 1. Love M's little 'kini!
    2. Frame the pic of everyone running up the sand dune. It's gorgeous!
    3. Love the table :).

  6. Very, Very cool!!! Love the stripes!!!

  7. Table looks great! Avery had that same skirt and shoes but her feet kept hanging out the front! Weirdest thing! Anyway, welcome back from vacay.

  8. OMG she's watching Barney and Baby Bob. No way! Love her little bikini on the beach.

    I too am trying to get in as many summer naps as possible. Love it!

  9. So you're raising a table dancer, LOL!! Love the table. What a great idea for a little one.

    We've been spending alot of time inside. It is way too hot in this Texas heat.

  10. This turned out AWESOME!! So neat! I love how it looks in your space - and that stenciled wall in AMAZING! What a great room!

  11. This turned out AWESOME!! So neat! I love how it looks in your space - and that stenciled wall in AMAZING! What a great room!

  12. Can believe what people throw away. That is such a nice table and you made it your own with a fun finish. Nice work! I did a similar striped finish using stain on my dining room table. Have a look: http://www.thediyspot.com/2010/05/a-dining-room-table-tale-take-two/
    Great minds think alike:)Also, my summer giveaway ends tomorrow.

  13. this is wonderful, love the contrast...looks great!

  14. love the two toned table and that adorable baby in her adorable bikini. too cute!

  15. Adorable refinishing job, but an even more adorable model :D Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!


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