I made something for a boy!

I'm blessed with amazing neighbors and when L next door found these 2 adorable rockers of course she thought of me :)

She has the cutest 4 year old, Lucas, so I wanted to do one for him and one for Miss M.  They were REALLY wobbly, but lucky for me the gentleman across the street from me is a genius woodworker!  Fixed them up no problem, see GREAT neighbors!

Madison was really grateful so we baked him a Paula Dean Buttercake to say thanks.  I've actually never made anything boyish so I was a little worried, y'all know I love my pink.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

I used Rustoleum's Navy Blue and distressed with white chalk paint, the stenciling is also done with chalk paint which I love!

I love how the blue comes through the white giving it an aged look.  When I went to Home Depot I came across Martha's new line of paint products and almost had a heart attack I was so freaking excited.  I {of course} grabbed the Pink Glitter Paint :)

I don't love it. The glitter doesn't really show and it globs up really easily. Sooo back to square one on her chair.  Martha does have a crackle paint out, so I may give her another chance :)

I have 4 weeks until school starts so no more messing around, time to get some crap done around here!
First up is this wall.

I've decided to try something new {to me} on the wall....

I haven't told my husband, I thought I'd let him be surprised when he comes home. ha! He did ask what the heck I was doing while he sat on the couch all day and I just pushed everything away from the wall and started painting over my stenciling, I said ohhhhh nothing :) I'm also going to build a entertainment center around that giant TV {which I really really hate}.  Wish me luck! I do LOVE using power tools.


  1. Aww sorry about the glitter paint but can't wait to see the outcome!!

    And good luck with the entertainment center. Thats way beyond my creativeness!!! If I tried to build a bird house... I'd be weary for the bird :(

  2. lowes has silver and gold glitter you can add to any paint. i just painted a friends kids rooms and used the glitter (1 bag per gallon) and its awesome! you can see it when the lights are on and when you walk past but its not glaring GLITTER either

  3. Your chair turned out great!

    I really like your stencil wall as well, though I think the chevron will look awesome! It looks just like the fabric that I made my dining room curtains out of. Good luck...paining a detailed wall isn't easy with a toddler around!

  4. Yay power tools Megan! And yay for the boy rocker! Super cute. xox!

  5. The chair turned out super cute! Can't wait to see what you do with Miss M's. I LOVE chevron! That is going to look so good! Your husband is too sweet, mine would be like: Ummmm you are NOT painting that again! haha! I have painted almost every room in my house at least two if not three times. oh well!!

  6. Thanks for posting our Mountain of Giveaway button on your sidebar!!! We are so addicted to this paint that we want EVERYONE to try it out. If you win perhaps you'll give the chalk paint a try on Madison's rocker. There are some great girly colors to be used or you can mix your own special version of pink. Once you've tried the chalk paint (not chalkboard paint) you'll NEVER look back. Your blog is great, your daughter is adorable and I am your newest follower!!!!


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