Let's Art Party

My Mom grabbed a coupon for Let's Art Party off Living Social, it's one of those classes where they teach you to paint a picture.  Honestly, I did not really want to go because 1. I suck at drawing and 2. I knew my Mom's would be better than mine :) {I tend to be really competitive} BUT she didn't want to go alone and I'm a good daughter.

You don't start with a blank slate, they draw in a sketch of the picture for you.

Mixing up your colors is fun, I wasn't paying attention when she told us white, yellow, and green and I used more blue.  Oops!

It's starting to look good, you could spend hours perfecting your brush strokes.

I love how mine turned out {better than my Mom's shhhhh!} I have to say this was SO. MUCH. FUN!  I will totally be going back and doing this again, if I can talk any of my friends in to going with me :) You really don't have to be artist, the teacher was awesome!

So, in other news Miss Madison is 28 months old now and it's time to get serious about potty training.  She's been using the potty off and on for a while now, but we need to get her using it all the time {and save me a pretty penny on diapers!}   I've had friends who used the 3 Day Potty training method with great success, the thing is you have to be stuck to your toddler for a full 72 hours.  No leaving the house, no surfing the internet, no hanging out at the pool. Sounds like fun huh? Notsomuch.  I have the best husband ever, he took off a day of work so he could do it! LOVE THAT MAN! He doesn't mind staying home all day and has 10x more patience than I do, so it's a win win for everyone :)

The baby potties are too small for her now, but we have to lift her on the regular one.  I really need one of these things my friend Jen talked about on her blog, plus it's so gross when she holds on to the sides! Ewwwww.

I bought her a crap load of panties....

Obviously you need one on your head too.

Happy Monday!


Chevron Wall {Tutorial}

 I am making progress on my living room, after 3 hours of taping and 4 hours of painting it's done! Actually, it really was not as hard to do as I thought it was :)

First, I divided my wall in to 8 sections and using a laser level {totally need one of these, no clue how you would get a straight line up a 10 ft wall without it!} put up vertical stripes.  I decided to use stripes down the middle of the chevron to avoid any 'Charlie Brown' looking zig-zags.

I had a few minutes of cussing trying to get the laser lever to stick to the wall, finally I busted out a 3m strip, saved the day!

Next I measured down 10 inches on each blue strip.  I *kinda* planed this out by dividing the height of my wall by the number of chevrons I wanted.   I was really unsure how many would look good, I didn't want it to be to much and make me dizzy every time I looked at it.

After marking it on the tape, I then just connected the dots starting in the upper left hand corner by the ceiling.  {Sorry the next pic is blurry, I took a pic on my phone, but apparently not on my camera!}

Don't worry no crazy climbing 2 year olds were hurt during this tutorial.

Next I used the same color grey that is already on the wall to paint along the tape where I wanted to place my second color, this stops any bleed through!

Next paint your second color in, mine was Martha Stewart Talc the grey is Pebblestone.

While the paint is still wet pull it all off, if you wait for it to dry it will peel off the paint too.....trust me :)

Gorgeous! I used the Scotch Blue Edge Lock tape and the result are fabulous, no touching up!

Now I just need to paint that hallway behind it and build a entertainment center :) All in a days work huh?

Happy Hump Day!


I made something for a boy!

I'm blessed with amazing neighbors and when L next door found these 2 adorable rockers of course she thought of me :)

She has the cutest 4 year old, Lucas, so I wanted to do one for him and one for Miss M.  They were REALLY wobbly, but lucky for me the gentleman across the street from me is a genius woodworker!  Fixed them up no problem, see GREAT neighbors!

Madison was really grateful so we baked him a Paula Dean Buttercake to say thanks.  I've actually never made anything boyish so I was a little worried, y'all know I love my pink.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

I used Rustoleum's Navy Blue and distressed with white chalk paint, the stenciling is also done with chalk paint which I love!

I love how the blue comes through the white giving it an aged look.  When I went to Home Depot I came across Martha's new line of paint products and almost had a heart attack I was so freaking excited.  I {of course} grabbed the Pink Glitter Paint :)

I don't love it. The glitter doesn't really show and it globs up really easily. Sooo back to square one on her chair.  Martha does have a crackle paint out, so I may give her another chance :)

I have 4 weeks until school starts so no more messing around, time to get some crap done around here!
First up is this wall.

I've decided to try something new {to me} on the wall....

I haven't told my husband, I thought I'd let him be surprised when he comes home. ha! He did ask what the heck I was doing while he sat on the couch all day and I just pushed everything away from the wall and started painting over my stenciling, I said ohhhhh nothing :) I'm also going to build a entertainment center around that giant TV {which I really really hate}.  Wish me luck! I do LOVE using power tools.


Stain Stripes

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been lazy, it's too hot to work on much and I've been trying to get in as many naps as I can before school starts again :)

We had a wonderful time in the Outer Banks!

We hung out on the beach.

We went kayaking....and may have gotten a little lost, 3 hours is a long time to paddle with your arms!

Celebrated the 4th, sans fireworks thanks to a burn ban.  We did enjoy some Pop Rocks adult beverages so it wasn't a total loss :)

We fished on a deserted island, where the mini sharks captivated the kids.

We climbed a huge sand dune {more like 3 of them} of course Miss Madison wanted to walk up all of them and hitch a ride on my back the ENTIRE way down.

Look at that smile, she's a beach lover too!

So in order to actually work on a project, I had to pack it up and move it indoors.  Oh my husband LOVED that :) It's just too dang hot to be outside, unless it's in water.  So, remember that coffee table I found in the trash while I was out running?

I wanted to stain the top, but I also wanted stripes so I thought, why not do both!  To achieve this look you will need the Minwax Gel Stain, tape and a razor blade.  Unfortunately the gel stain only comes in the larger sizes and I needed two, so if anyone needs some stain I have plenty of extra :)

All you have to do is tape off your stripes and score along the inside edge with your razor blade, this will stop any bleeding.  I used the darker stain first then went over the entire top with the lighter one.  

 I painted the bottom with my chalk paint {when distressing please brave the heat because that chalk makes a mess!} and I finished the whole table off with Annie Sloan's Soft Wax, love love love that wax!  It's so easy to put on and the finish is nice and child proof....

I'm happy to have a coffee table again, the last one we had was sharp and metal so it got sold when Miss M started being mobile.   Now she's old enough to dance on tables {which is EXACTLY what she is doing right now}

Hey, whatever gives me a few minutes peace!

One more shot of my free table...

Happy Thursday!


One hundred freaking pounds

That would be the amount I have lost to date!

It's taken me almost 2 years and lots and LOTS of sweat, blood, and tears.  You can read about some of my journey by clicking here.   Gaining so much weight during my pregnancy used to bum me out, but you know what?  If I hadn't gone through that I wouldn't have had the desire to change my life for the better, I found a new love of running and I ran a half marathon, I also made new friends and started playing soccer again.  I'm active. I'm happy. I'm a hottie.  :) Oh and I'm that much closer to Kelly Ripa arms....

I had to crop out my face, it's 530am and I traveled allllllllll day yesterday, it's not pretty.  Apparently lots of people travel on 4th of July and it took me 4 extra hours to sit in traffic! Oy!  I have to say the weather is just gorgeous and nothing beats a cup of coffee while watching the waves come in!

Madison was great on the plane considering we were traveling for over 12 hours, of course she wore a tiara for most of the day!

Alright, time for a workout!  No 5pd gain on this vacay!!


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