A little crappy desk

First I want to thank you guys SO much for all your advice! Obviously I KNOW that my child is not the only wild child, but sometimes it's nice to actually HEAR that you are not alone.  People need to bitch about their kids more, it makes others feel better :)  I did buy Happiest Toddler on the Block and even after just a little bit of reading I feel like maybe I just don't understand my toddler enough.  If you have read the book then you will understand when I say I think the metaphor of toddlers being like cavemen is pretty much dead on.  They are NOT little adults, which is how I was sorta looking at her.

Anyways!  I happened across this crappy little desk for 20 bucks.


Nothing special just a blah desk, but you can't pass up on solid wood!


I sand and stained her top dark walnut, the bottom was coated in creamy white with some ORB on the handles.

I'm actually not keeping her, I don't have any room!  My furniture obsession has filled up my house and I still have 4 more pieces in my garage waiting for some love.   Look at this lovely I found at Lula B...

30 freaking bucks! It's Bassett and has the original sales receipt inside, I looooooove all her details and was having the hardest time deciding on a color, but I think I figured it out and I've got her primed and ready to go!

By the way, I found a new shopping area in Dallas {I love this town! I've lived here for 16 years and I'm still finding new places to shop!} I went to check out a store I saw online and they were closed, but man it was antique heaven down there!

It's down off 35 and Oak Lawn {near downtown} and all those little dots are fabulous stores! {Some are pretty expensive, but wow do they make me want to marry for money in my next life!}


  1. OMG you were in my part of town!!I know that area well and know what you mean by expensive. I havne't been down ther in a long while. Might have to go back soon!!

  2. Very nice! You do such good work!

    Love that Basset piece too! What a steal.

  3. Great desk! Did you use your paint sprayer? How are you liking it?

  4. Love the desk even though you couldn't keep it. I would totally do the new chest in yellow to go in my bedroom but I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. What book is that?! I think I need it, for my sanity! HA!

    I LOVE this redo! It went from crap to expensive looking. GREAT job :) I bet that will sell fast. Where do you sell your furniture redos?

  6. Seriously chick, you and I need to go shopping one day! You find the best deals!

  7. you are so amazingly talented! You are welcome to donate any of your furniture to me :-)

  8. love how the desk turned out!

    I nominated you for a blog award :)

  9. I love how these turned out!

    I bought a dresser last week, that is hideous, in hopes of redecorating it. Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. the desk looks awesome! i love the wood top with the fresh white base! so pretty. you and your daughter are adorable, too, by the way! love the pic of you working out with her. ;)

  11. I just borrowed that book from a friend! Hoping it helps...2-year-olds are TOUGH.

  12. We should go shopping sometime and you can help me find new furniture because I am terrible at it!!!


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