Chest of Drawers

Sorry I've been MIA, again :) I've been doing a lot of this....

I actually read a real adult book!  I love love love to read, but now remember why I can't read for fun when I 'm in school.  I get so wrapped up I can't put the dang thing down!  Yesterday I was so engrossed in my book I didn't even realize Madison had taken off her diaper in the pool....and pooped in it.  Oops!  I just finished Emily Griffin's Heart of the Matter and now I'm on to one I stole from my Mom, Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews it's set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina {which is where I'm going SOON!} so far a great poolside read!  I'm going to need to stock up on some more books for the beach so leave me a comment with your suggestions, pretty please with sugar on top.

So remember my awesome find?

 Now it looks like this!

I'm sooooo freaking in love with this thing, I walk in my bedroom just so I can see it!  I used pure white with black glaze on the drawers and the grey is Schoolhouse Grey by Martha Stewart {I seem to really love her colors I always pick one of hers!}

The handles I sprayed with Metallic Silver and glazed those too so they would look aged.

Just one more of her beauty...

Not bad for 30 bucks!

Don't worry Miss Madison is around too...

Just the usual...wearing daddy's socks and using her baby potty.  She's in the repeat phase, you know where she repeats every word like 50 times.  Mama! Mama! all wet! all wet! Mama! Mama! all wet! all wet!  alllll day long :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Dang chick! Seriously, you are awesome when it comes to making over furniture. Might be a good side job for ya, I know I'd pay for something like that (if I wasn't able to do it myself, ya know)


  2. I love any books by Mary Kay Andrews and the one you are reading now is really good. Enjoy!

  3. 1. I can't WAIT to read Summer Rental. I'm waiting on it to be available on PaperBackSwap. If you're looking for other good books - all of hers are good. Especially Fixer-Upper and Deep Dish.
    2. That chest looks awesome! I can never find half-way decent fixer-uppers. They're always entirely too 80's or completely falling apart. I love yours!

  4. Fabulous job! Really like the finish on the hardware.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  5. Oh to read a "normal" adult book. My reading involves the babe ; )
    You'll have to share what books you've enjoyed reading.

    Love the chest of drawers. Madison is so cute in daddy's socks.

  6. This came out AMAZING!!! I love the deatils to this dresser and I'm glad that you used two different colors. I think it really makes it POP!!! Good Job!!!

  7. Cameron is a big repeater too. She will keep saying things until we repeat them back to her. I guess it's a good way to correct her pronunciation/grammar?

  8. You are looking GREAT girl! I absolutely LOVE what you're doing with your awesome furniture finds! AMAZING! :)

  9. I LOVE that!! its soo cute! I am so jealous of your skills!

  10. Megan, you are forgiven for sun tanning, reading, and potty training! But I do not forgive you for the drawaer makeover--that thin is amazing! I love it! I especially love the handles treatment! So pretty! Happy almost OBX~ the water is going to be sooo warm! xox!

  11. I loved Heart of the Matter! Great book!

  12. so pretty! i love the colors and the hardware!

  13. The chest turned out awesome!!! I love the color combo!!!

  14. Gorgeous makeover! And your daughter is adorable too! Thank you for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  15. that was sooo ugly, but not anymore. wow!!! what a transformation. this post would be so great at my weekly blog party. I'd love it if you joined me!

  16. That is a fabulous transformation! So beautiful!

  17. Ok, first your lil girl is adorable with her daddy socks! 2nd, I love the chest of drawers redo, I love those colors! and 3rd, I totally get what you mean about reading, it's so hard sometimes with a lil ( I have a 14 month old) but I love to read so much. Come visit me sometime?

  18. Looks wonderful. I can hardly wait to start back. I am soooo jealous of that rug!!

  19. great job on the chest of drawers!
    madison is adorable!
    ps thanks for linking up to catch as catch can.

  20. This looks fantastic!! Great job! I'm so glad you linked up to last weeks Tutorial Tuesday I hope to see you again next week!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  21. Totally understand your hiatus....you gotta have R&R. What a gorgeous restyle! Love the color combination and the way you updated the hardware SWEET!!

  22. Wow, that looks awesome. I never would have thought to try that. Good job.


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