Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

This chalk paint is everywhere in blogland, I've wanted to try some but having it shipped puts the price around 55 dollars a quart.  I was excited to find a stockiest near me,  Lady Butterbug lives in downtown McKinney, TX {and has the MOST gorgeous house} so I stopped by and picked up the Old White and Louis Blue.  You can read more about her paint here.

My Mom bought a little foyer table she wanted me to repaint.



The great thing about this paint is that you don't have to prime and it distresses really well.  You just take a brush and slap it on and it gives this great texture finish.

You can see the brush strokes, but the finish feels smooth to the touch.

I did buy some of the Soft Wax to use, but because it's oil based I need some paint thinner to clean my brush and I keep forgetting to pick some up at the store.

I found this really awesome coffee table when I was running the other day, I literally sprinted home grabbed the truck, threw it in and came home and finished my run!  Pays to run on trash day :) I hoping to use the Louis Blue on it, I tried to get to it this week but we are leaving for vacation soon and that takes about a week to get together with a toddler.  I can only manage to take her to 2 stores a day before my patience runs out and I turn into crazy mom!  She did get a nice treat....

Her first ice cream from the ice cream truck!  Usually she will not go anywhere near men {especially freaking looking ones!} she must have really wanted that ice cream!

That thing was loaded in sugar, she was a sticky nasty mess after!

We still are loving gymnastics!

One day it will be nice to just watch from the sidelines :)

I am soooo ready for a week of sand and water!   My Mom gussied up my beach hat for me....

Can I tell you guys who have been following my weight loss journey, I am very close to a VERY big loss and I went out and bought a BIKINI.   Yes, a real bikini, not a tankini, and hopefully I'll have the guts to wear it out somewhere other than my parent back yard.  We all know there are some things losing weight does not get rid of {coughstretchmarkscough} but having a little tan on your tummy helps....some :)


  1. that is adorable! i don't think i would have looked twice at it before but painted it looks awesome!

  2. You did a great job, the table looks wonderful! Maybe I'll have to "give in" and try chalk paint sometime soon- everyone who's written about it loves it!
    Oh, and great job on losing weight!!

  3. Great job on the foyer table!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    And I'M SO HAPPY for you getting a bikini!!!! WOW!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!

    Ashley and I have started walking around the block thanks to you! She even says " I love your blog buddies". Maybe one day I'll be posting about my bikini. Still havea a looooong way to go though!

    Keep up the good work!!

  4. Wow that chalk paint is soo classy! And of course, Madison as you mini me is precious! Happy bikini wearing lady! Woot woot! xox!

  5. Love the new project!!

    I was in my 20's when I got an ice cream from the ice cream truck. Mom thought the ice cream man was too scary and would always say, There's Blue Bell in the frig. haha!!

    Loving the hat. I think I'm in need of some beach time.

  6. Love how that chest turned out. I bet your mom loved it! I have been wanting to jump on the chalkboard paint band wagon too. I just may have to now :)

    Miss M looks super cute getting her first ice cream from the ice cream truck. So sweet. The truck never comes down our street :(. I'll have to chase it down sometime. I bet Ethan would get a kick out of it.

  7. lol i love that you went back and finished your run! that's dedication! i love the pic of you and miss madison doing gymnastics...so fun!!

  8. hi! i'm amber's friend aj=) have i been seeing your stuff on Better After?! it's all great!

  9. Your mom's table looks amazing, and WAY TO GO on the weight loss!


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