Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

This chalk paint is everywhere in blogland, I've wanted to try some but having it shipped puts the price around 55 dollars a quart.  I was excited to find a stockiest near me,  Lady Butterbug lives in downtown McKinney, TX {and has the MOST gorgeous house} so I stopped by and picked up the Old White and Louis Blue.  You can read more about her paint here.

My Mom bought a little foyer table she wanted me to repaint.



The great thing about this paint is that you don't have to prime and it distresses really well.  You just take a brush and slap it on and it gives this great texture finish.

You can see the brush strokes, but the finish feels smooth to the touch.

I did buy some of the Soft Wax to use, but because it's oil based I need some paint thinner to clean my brush and I keep forgetting to pick some up at the store.

I found this really awesome coffee table when I was running the other day, I literally sprinted home grabbed the truck, threw it in and came home and finished my run!  Pays to run on trash day :) I hoping to use the Louis Blue on it, I tried to get to it this week but we are leaving for vacation soon and that takes about a week to get together with a toddler.  I can only manage to take her to 2 stores a day before my patience runs out and I turn into crazy mom!  She did get a nice treat....

Her first ice cream from the ice cream truck!  Usually she will not go anywhere near men {especially freaking looking ones!} she must have really wanted that ice cream!

That thing was loaded in sugar, she was a sticky nasty mess after!

We still are loving gymnastics!

One day it will be nice to just watch from the sidelines :)

I am soooo ready for a week of sand and water!   My Mom gussied up my beach hat for me....

Can I tell you guys who have been following my weight loss journey, I am very close to a VERY big loss and I went out and bought a BIKINI.   Yes, a real bikini, not a tankini, and hopefully I'll have the guts to wear it out somewhere other than my parent back yard.  We all know there are some things losing weight does not get rid of {coughstretchmarkscough} but having a little tan on your tummy helps....some :)


Chest of Drawers

Sorry I've been MIA, again :) I've been doing a lot of this....

I actually read a real adult book!  I love love love to read, but now remember why I can't read for fun when I 'm in school.  I get so wrapped up I can't put the dang thing down!  Yesterday I was so engrossed in my book I didn't even realize Madison had taken off her diaper in the pool....and pooped in it.  Oops!  I just finished Emily Griffin's Heart of the Matter and now I'm on to one I stole from my Mom, Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews it's set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina {which is where I'm going SOON!} so far a great poolside read!  I'm going to need to stock up on some more books for the beach so leave me a comment with your suggestions, pretty please with sugar on top.

So remember my awesome find?

 Now it looks like this!

I'm sooooo freaking in love with this thing, I walk in my bedroom just so I can see it!  I used pure white with black glaze on the drawers and the grey is Schoolhouse Grey by Martha Stewart {I seem to really love her colors I always pick one of hers!}

The handles I sprayed with Metallic Silver and glazed those too so they would look aged.

Just one more of her beauty...

Not bad for 30 bucks!

Don't worry Miss Madison is around too...

Just the usual...wearing daddy's socks and using her baby potty.  She's in the repeat phase, you know where she repeats every word like 50 times.  Mama! Mama! all wet! all wet! Mama! Mama! all wet! all wet!  alllll day long :)

Happy Tuesday!


Oh Happy Day (Fingers Crossed!)

Paris is magical, I know since I've been there, and I'm hoping to visit again this year
(if I win that is!) You have a chance to win too here at Oh Happy Day


A little crappy desk

First I want to thank you guys SO much for all your advice! Obviously I KNOW that my child is not the only wild child, but sometimes it's nice to actually HEAR that you are not alone.  People need to bitch about their kids more, it makes others feel better :)  I did buy Happiest Toddler on the Block and even after just a little bit of reading I feel like maybe I just don't understand my toddler enough.  If you have read the book then you will understand when I say I think the metaphor of toddlers being like cavemen is pretty much dead on.  They are NOT little adults, which is how I was sorta looking at her.

Anyways!  I happened across this crappy little desk for 20 bucks.


Nothing special just a blah desk, but you can't pass up on solid wood!


I sand and stained her top dark walnut, the bottom was coated in creamy white with some ORB on the handles.

I'm actually not keeping her, I don't have any room!  My furniture obsession has filled up my house and I still have 4 more pieces in my garage waiting for some love.   Look at this lovely I found at Lula B...

30 freaking bucks! It's Bassett and has the original sales receipt inside, I looooooove all her details and was having the hardest time deciding on a color, but I think I figured it out and I've got her primed and ready to go!

By the way, I found a new shopping area in Dallas {I love this town! I've lived here for 16 years and I'm still finding new places to shop!} I went to check out a store I saw online and they were closed, but man it was antique heaven down there!

It's down off 35 and Oak Lawn {near downtown} and all those little dots are fabulous stores! {Some are pretty expensive, but wow do they make me want to marry for money in my next life!}


I have no clue what I'm doing.

I am treading in unfamiliar territory.  The land of the terrible, no make that THE FREAKING AWFUL, 2 year old.  I have absolutely no clue what I am doing and I really am not liking the feeling.

Yesterday I had to run a few errands and obviously I had to take the toddler, first stop Academy.  After digging around my trunk and realizing I forgot the baby leash I should have just gone home, but it's a 30 minute drive there and well, gas ain't cheap.  I only had to get 1 thing, how hard could it be? Right?
Wrong.  She acted like a crazy loon pulling everything off the shelves and screaming while running away from me.  She thinks it's a game and yes I can run faster than her, but I'm pretty sure I pulled something in my back after hauling her off the ground for the 100th time.

Apparently that wasn't enough for me and I stopped at Target.  After getting in and out of the cart 10 times {the harness needs to be better on those things, she can climb right out of it} I succeed in grabbing a few things and we headed to the check out.  Now here things take a turn for the worse, she is trying to open the candy by the register and I take it away from her and pick her up, she screams NO and SLAPS. ME. ACROSS. THE. FACE.

Now, I've never had patience and having a child has shown me just how little I actually have. I honestly wanted to slap her back. {of course I never would, that would only make ME feel better }  To make matters worse the old lady checking me out gave me the LOOK.  You know the one, I would NEVER let my kids do that to me.  I honestly do not know what to do with this child.  I tell her "We don't hit people" and of course as soon as I let her arms go she hits me again.

I know she is 2 and this is a hard age, but it can't be ignored or I will end up on Supernanny by the time she is 5! The girl is deaf to me, yelling has no effect on her.  Swatting her booty has no effect on her.  Timeout has no effect on her.  She will sit there and then say sorry, but 5 minutes later does the same thing all over again.

After talking with family, it's clear she only acts this bad with me.  Everyone say's 3 is even worse and I'm telling y'all right now, if it is she WILL be an only child.  I envy those calm Mom's who can handle a house full of children.  It's just not ME, I like a little space and free time and that may sound selfish, but I can't change my personality.  I thank God that I have a husband who doesn't care that I take a lot of 'me' time.  Happy wife, happy life. Right? 

Can anyone give me some advice? My Mom had 4 kids all VERY close in age and when asked what she did says "I don't know it's all a blur." Which I totally get now :)

She must know I'm venting about her because she came over and hugged me. Stinker.


Purple Chair

Sorry I've been MIA, kinda hard to blog with this around all day long....

Yes she is laying on the table and ON my new computer {sigh} she likes to pretend she's eating the apple.

She also had her first gymnastics class.

I was a little worried in the beginning because the coach was a guy and Miss M has A HUGE FEAR of men she doesn't know.  Literally she was climbing me like a monkey the first few minutes of class.  Finally when he started doing jumping to warm up, she was like heck yeah I'm IN! I was sweating my booty off for 45 minutes trying to get her to stay in our area of the gym and away from the 'big' girls on the beams :) All in all she did awesome, I have a tiny athlete on my hands.  I do work her out at home...

Anyways on to my super awesome chair.   I found a 10 dollar velvety chair at some random thrift store down the road.

It was pretty stained up, but for  10 bucks I thought I would try out a tutorial I saw online at Hypen Interiors.

Just let me say that I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a little nuts, painting the fabric on a chair on the front lawn.

I love it! Such a nice addition to my chair collection :) I will give some tips if you want to try this too...

1. you will need LOTS of acrylic paint, like 20 oz.  Buy it all at the same time so you don't have to run around looking for the same colors!
2. you will also need the same amount of fabric medium. Hobby Lobby only carries tiny 2 oz bottle, Michaels had a bigger size, but it's 14.99 so take a coupon! Maybe check Joann's they may have a better deal.
3. don't skip sanding, it softens it up!

All in all it was a fun easy project! Happy Hump Day!


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