Winning isn't everything...

....but sometimes it sure does feel good!  My women's soccer team won our tournament this past weekend!

We played 3 games on Saturday in 95 degree heat, I literally thought I was going to die of heat stroke.  Sunday we had to play 2 more and man was I cursing this awful Texas weather! Thank goodness we won and it 'kinda' made it all worth it :) My poor legs looks awful from all the bruising, I hate how easily I bruise.

I'm kinda aggressive when I play, that's where all the fun is :)

My Mom {MIMI} bought a plain swimsuit cover at Target and turned it fabulous for little Miss M.

She embroidered the back.

Cut it down the middle and added a zipper and trim.

I'm a little jealous, I want one too!

We had an awesome time at the splash park today.

Even when she acts like she can't hear me.

Or that life is sooooo hard.

Love those fat cheeks.

Then we came home and she puked apples and Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade all over my floor.  Motherhood is just awesome some days.

I'm finishing up 2 projects in between all the other fun I'm having, so stay tuned for some fabulousness!


  1. OMG lady, you bruise like I do! I'm always rocking a huge bruise, somewhere. Jake always asks me where I got it from, and I honestly have no idea.

    Miss M is so cute! Now I want an embroidery machine, damnit.

  2. OH MY GOSH< THAT BRUISE!!! Yikes! At least you guys won a few games! How cute is your kid?! Hope you get some ice ice baby on that shiner pronto! xox!

  3. YAY for winning the tournament!

    She is too cute for words!

    Looking forward to seeing your projects ;)

  4. Congrats on winning!!!
    That's awesome and LOVE what you did to Miss M's baby chic cover up!! That looks AWESOME!!

    you Rock~

  5. I can't help but laugh at you saying that Miss M puked on your floor. Isn't that the way it goes? Congrats on your soccer win!

  6. Congrats on the win but yuck on the bruises. I bruise like crazy too!!! I love the cover-up your mom did. She is so talented. I know where you get it. :) Hope you are having a great week!

  7. How cute is that swim cover! You're mom is one talented lady! Love Madison's cute faces :)

    Hope your bruises heal fast. ouch!

  8. Oh my word, those bruises. Glad you had fun though.

    Love Madison's coverup. Too cute.

  9. Congratulations on winning! Looks like you truly sacrificed your body to do it! That swimsuit coverup is about the cutest thing EVER--and the baby inside is adorable. Love the scrunched up face at the end.

  10. I kinda love getting bruises as a badge of honor for hard work. Congrats on the win. The phrase on that swimsuit cover-up cracks me up.

  11. i bruise easily.
    and im between the crying glitter and puking limeade im LOLing!

  12. I think the bruises make you look tough!!! Congrats to your team on the big win!

  13. she's so sweet!!!

    xoxo from rome

  14. you are invited to follow my blog

  15. Oh my goodness Megan! Where was your tournament! That complex looks so familiar! I played travel soccer FOREVER until I needed surgery!

    I bruise easily too. It makes for some good-fun, made up stories though!

    The bathing suit is adorable!

    By the way, I'm new on here! Nice to meet you! Haha!

    Elise Gabrielle, One Day I Will Be


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