Thursday Randoms

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Time just goes by so slowly when you're stuck home with a toddler all day, ha!  Today is official brain dump day so this will be pretty random.

I'm stick and tired of the rain, I planned on having a nice tan by now and so far I just have a lovely tank top tan from running.  It's only going to get better after my soccer tournament this weekend, 3 games on Saturday and it's going to be 91 out.  Got to love Dallas, you get a few nice days and then {BAM} it's hot and humid.  Running in 72% humidity sucks, like really really bad.  I was going to take the summer off from running, but I decided to do another half marathon in November and I've been told if you don't keep your cardio up you will lose it pretty quickly.

Speaking of running, I'm super heart loving my Bondi Band, I always cut my hear short in the summer and it keeps it out of my nasty sweaty face.

Do you know life's dirty little trick?  That your body becomes accustomed to your workouts and you have to keep doing more and more to lose weight.  I've been bouncing around the same weight forever now and I'm soooooo over it!  I already run 3 to 7 miles 5x a week, do bootcamp 2x a week and a smattering of soccer thrown in there too.  I switch it up from cardio to weight training and NOTHING. UGH.  It's so frustrating!! I'm sure it doesn't help that I've been on a sugar binge since like Easter :)  Finally threw it all out and around 8pm every night I'm literally dying for some.  Yes, I'm stocked up on fruit, but nothing beats a handful of warm M&M's!

My Mom won a giveaway for this cute Etsy shop, Lil Stein Styles and she order the cutest little maxi dress for Miss M.

Don't we make a cute pair in our dresses?? {Mine was a total steal at Macy's, original price $130 and it rang up $30 bucks! Score!!}

I was browsing some blogs the other day and saw someone recommend a carpet spot remover for cleaning old upholstery, I just happen to have bought an old chair to refinish so I decided to grab some and check it out.  

It's called Folex and it was 6 bucks at Home Depot.  I was in the cleaning mood yesterday so I thought I would give it a go on my bedroom carpet.  Carpet is never the same after having a kid they spill juice, drop food and run around with dirty shoes everyday.  THIS CLEANER IS A MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE.  OMG!! Literally the stains dissolved right in from of my eyes!! I couldn't believe it, I've tried all kinds of commercial brands of spot remover, even had them professionally cleaned and this stuff is sooooo much better. I know it's kinda weird to be this in love with a carpet cleaner, but I HATE dirty carpet with a passion :)

Baby girl is up....

Aren't we pretty in the morning?


  1. How do you look so pretty in the morning? Ugh. I'm jealous of all of your cardio and working out. I'm attempting Insanity, but only end up doing it about 2x's a week. I'd love to lose 5 lbs before July when we go up to St Louis, but it's so freaking hard.

  2. Yeah the weather in Texas stinks this time of year :( I never take the summer off running. I would just miss it too much. I do run early though, not that it helps much. It's still super humid!! At least we get to brag about the awesome weather we have in the fall and winter :)

  3. You look GREAT!!!
    I'm actualy gonna start trying to lose weight now because of you. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments so don't underestimate yourself now... I need you to keep me motivated!! I also love that you post pictures of yourself. Hell I don't even do that. I hate (loathe) my pictures.
    You might be in a plateau for now but you got yourself to a great point that lots of us have never been to and only hope to get that far. You're AWESOME!!

  4. Y'all look so cute in your maxi dresses!

    I totally envy your running. Maybe you can run for me?! (also, my cupcake headband is a bondi band too...)

  5. You two are SO adorable! I love your dresses! LOVE THEM!

  6. Your dress in that picture is SO cute. Macys has the best deals!


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