The day my Dell died...

My child walks around thinking she's a princess...

2 years old and she thinks she's in charge!  Some days are harder than others and I really think she may be an only child.  Like the day she dumped an entire bowl of cereal on my laptop...

My poor pink Dell stood no chance against a toddler, so in light of the disaster of May 2011 I had to suck it up and go buy a new laptop.  I  literally was almost in tears when she did it, while I'm in school we live on one income and this really cuts in to my 'crafting' budget :)  Now I know why they say kids are expensive!  While I liked my Dell, I decided to switch over to MAC because I'm the queen of getting viruses on my computers.

Thank God being a student has it's perks, I got a super awesome deal through my school!  I'm already missing Window's Live Writer for blogging though and getting used to a different operating system is going to take patience, which is not my strong point!

On a lighter note I happened to find something on clearance at Lowe's that changed my life! {only I would have a life changing experience at a home improvement store!}  I got one of these...

It's a paint sprayer and I'm in love with it and the only reason it was on clearance was because it was the store display.  Now I can use any color my little heart desires, plus no more spray paint dust all over my garage! Best. Thing. Ever.

I'm also pumped to go see this today!

Nothing better for mothers day than some girl time without the kids!!

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Ah I’m sorry about your computer! Silly Maddison! :o)

    Oh man I’m a little jealous of your paint sprayer. Those things are awesome! I have one on my birthday wish list. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I actually want one of those and a jigsaw. Kent thinks I’m crazy but I can see endless project possibilities!

    Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you have a fun day with your mom! Tell her I said Hi!

  2. I lOVED and used Dell computers for YEARS and my hard drive died about 4 years ago. When it did I made the switch to Mac and haven't looked back. The Mac was hard to get used to the first couple of months but now I love it so much more now! Good luck - it will be a learning curve but I think you will be glad you made the switch! :)

  3. You are going to LOVE your MAC!!! I switched over last December and I would never go back!

  4. LOVED the movie! I've read the book so it was fun to watch.
    Avery (age 3) is a princess too. Her teachers at Mother's Day Out call her Cinderella (at her request), she demands to wear a skirt or nightgown to sleep in and cries when I make her wear jeans when its 2 degrees outside. I think our girls would get along swimmingly!
    I'm anxious to hear how you are liking your sprayer! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. I haven't read the Emily Giffin books yet so I'm avoiding this movie until I do.

    That sucks about your computer but I am super jealous that you've got yourself a new Mac!! I've been wanting one for forever. Maybe I should get Ellie to break my laptop. LOL!!!

  6. Oh geez sorry about your computer! I know how hard it is going to school and raising a little one. It goes by fast though! She is just adorable! I'm kind of jealous of your spray painter!

  7. Soo excited to see all of your paint sprayer projects girlfriend! And I hope you love your MAC! xox!

  8. i'm catching up on my blog reading and just saw that you got a mac. you will love it. it takes some transition time but i am totally a snob now. we got a desktop, then and ipad, and finally and iphone. be cautious...you will become a mac snob before long!


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