Winning isn't everything...

....but sometimes it sure does feel good!  My women's soccer team won our tournament this past weekend!

We played 3 games on Saturday in 95 degree heat, I literally thought I was going to die of heat stroke.  Sunday we had to play 2 more and man was I cursing this awful Texas weather! Thank goodness we won and it 'kinda' made it all worth it :) My poor legs looks awful from all the bruising, I hate how easily I bruise.

I'm kinda aggressive when I play, that's where all the fun is :)

My Mom {MIMI} bought a plain swimsuit cover at Target and turned it fabulous for little Miss M.

She embroidered the back.

Cut it down the middle and added a zipper and trim.

I'm a little jealous, I want one too!

We had an awesome time at the splash park today.

Even when she acts like she can't hear me.

Or that life is sooooo hard.

Love those fat cheeks.

Then we came home and she puked apples and Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade all over my floor.  Motherhood is just awesome some days.

I'm finishing up 2 projects in between all the other fun I'm having, so stay tuned for some fabulousness!


Thursday Randoms

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Time just goes by so slowly when you're stuck home with a toddler all day, ha!  Today is official brain dump day so this will be pretty random.

I'm stick and tired of the rain, I planned on having a nice tan by now and so far I just have a lovely tank top tan from running.  It's only going to get better after my soccer tournament this weekend, 3 games on Saturday and it's going to be 91 out.  Got to love Dallas, you get a few nice days and then {BAM} it's hot and humid.  Running in 72% humidity sucks, like really really bad.  I was going to take the summer off from running, but I decided to do another half marathon in November and I've been told if you don't keep your cardio up you will lose it pretty quickly.

Speaking of running, I'm super heart loving my Bondi Band, I always cut my hear short in the summer and it keeps it out of my nasty sweaty face.

Do you know life's dirty little trick?  That your body becomes accustomed to your workouts and you have to keep doing more and more to lose weight.  I've been bouncing around the same weight forever now and I'm soooooo over it!  I already run 3 to 7 miles 5x a week, do bootcamp 2x a week and a smattering of soccer thrown in there too.  I switch it up from cardio to weight training and NOTHING. UGH.  It's so frustrating!! I'm sure it doesn't help that I've been on a sugar binge since like Easter :)  Finally threw it all out and around 8pm every night I'm literally dying for some.  Yes, I'm stocked up on fruit, but nothing beats a handful of warm M&M's!

My Mom won a giveaway for this cute Etsy shop, Lil Stein Styles and she order the cutest little maxi dress for Miss M.

Don't we make a cute pair in our dresses?? {Mine was a total steal at Macy's, original price $130 and it rang up $30 bucks! Score!!}

I was browsing some blogs the other day and saw someone recommend a carpet spot remover for cleaning old upholstery, I just happen to have bought an old chair to refinish so I decided to grab some and check it out.  

It's called Folex and it was 6 bucks at Home Depot.  I was in the cleaning mood yesterday so I thought I would give it a go on my bedroom carpet.  Carpet is never the same after having a kid they spill juice, drop food and run around with dirty shoes everyday.  THIS CLEANER IS A MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE.  OMG!! Literally the stains dissolved right in from of my eyes!! I couldn't believe it, I've tried all kinds of commercial brands of spot remover, even had them professionally cleaned and this stuff is sooooo much better. I know it's kinda weird to be this in love with a carpet cleaner, but I HATE dirty carpet with a passion :)

Baby girl is up....

Aren't we pretty in the morning?



Another trip to my favorite store, ReSell It!, turned up something I HAD to have, a buffet!  I just couldn't pass up her pretty scroll work :)  Apparently the before picture I had was on my Dell, before the toddler got  a hold of it.  It was your basic medium colored wood. Nothing special.

So, after a nice wash down with TSP and 2 coats of my favorite primer, Rustoleum {on a side note Home Depot dropped their prices on good ole Rusty, from 3.78 to 2.88!! I totally stocked up, my spray paint stash is out. of. control.} I used my paint sprayer {L.O.V.E} and gave her 2 coats of Humming Bird Blue, by good old Martha.

I wanted to try a new glaze, so I picked up some Valspars transcluent glaze.  Not really loving it so much.

It was REALLY watery and the color looked 'dirty' to me.  I think next time I will try the tintable glaze, I'm thinking the consistency is more like the Ralph Lauren I use. Sooooo I repainted over it and used the tried and true RL in black.

Much more my style.  The handles are Oil Rubbed Bronze, which is so dang pretty! I'm sure those of you who have followed me a while know I'm really obsessed with furniture and maybe you're wondering what the heck I put in this one, the round pink onemy foyer table, and my gorgeous hutch?
Toys.  Yes, this is where I store all the random toys and books she has laying around.  I even keep pull ups in one so I don't have to walk all the to her room after she uses the potty :) Lazy, I know.

We made it to the Dallas Arboretum this week, here's a cute pic for those of you who stalk my blog to see my cute kid.

I love putting a cute sun dress on her!

Happy Friday!


Jazzing up some thrift store finds

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Dallas, The Husband and I ran a 10k and I was pretty proud of myself for finishing in an hour and 23 seconds!  Afterwards my Mom, Miss M and I went to Ikea.  Shopping there on a Saturday is crazy, too many people!  I have one of the Ofelia throws on my bed, which I super heart love and I saw they carry it now in a deep teal blue, but of course they were all out!

I almost bought some of theses candle holders...

But I thought 14.99 was a little too much for them and I'm glad I waited because after Ikea we drove around town and came across a thrift store, Frisco Resale, and I found some heavy duty Fitz and Floyd ones!

 I love the detailing on them, but the color was less than desirable so I busted out Krylon's Sea Blue...

I liked the blue, but kept thinking I wanted to try a new color, so after a trip to Home Depot....

I put the kid to work with some Rustoleum Green Apple!  Oh and I made her water the flowers while too :)

Never too young to do some chores!  I'm really liking the green next to my mirror.

I also found a cute canvas Vogue picture at another consignment store.

I love the purples in it and decided to jazz it up a bit with some jewels.  I raided my mom's stash, you know she REALLY loves you if she shares her bling!

There wasn't enough vintage bling to do the letters, this is trim from the craft store. That stuff ain't cheap, take a coupon!

I love the bracelet I added to her wrist.

Bling makes everything just a little better, don't you think?

Happy Hump Day!


Anthro mirror on steriods

FINALLY blogger is up and running! My mornings are just off if I can't read blogs while I sip my coffee :)    Sooooo I stopped in a random thrift store and found the CUTEST frame with the UGLIEST picture in it.  This is the frame...

I forgot to take a pic before pulling out the ugly canvas, but it was something similar to this...

I took it to a glass and mirror place and for 40 bucks they cut out the canvas and put a mirror in for me!  So much cheaper than buying a mirror, the frame is freaking HUGE!  I love the other mirror I did for my bedroom so much I decided to do it again.  It's so easy to do and I already had paint stripper and muratic acid on hand, the fabric I got from Hobby Lobby.

The frame I painted with my super awesome paint sprayer, the color is Hummingbird Blue by Martha Stewart.  I glazed it with Ralph Lauren black glaze.

I really really love it!

I'm really loving the green and blue and glad I decided to not go with my normal pink :)

On a super happy note, I finished my 7th and final math class and I'm so freaking happy never to have to take another one!!! If I never see another matrix or integral again I will die happy.

Did I show you the beautiful headband my Mom made me for mother's day?

I wore it when I went and renewed my driver's license and was glad the lady let me keep it on,  I'll be staring at that flower for the next several years!

Totally random, but you need to record all the episodes of New Adventures of the Old Christine, this show is so hilarious!!

Seriously, like Will and Grace, laugh out loud funny!

The husband asked me if I was happy to be done with school for the summer and I'm actually dreading finding ways to entertain a 2 year old everyday.  Does that sound bad? Everything fun involves driving at least 30 minutes and spending 50 bucks a day by the time you get gas, eat lunch and do whatever it is your going to do.  Staying home all day sucks for me, which is why I'm a terrible 'stay at home mom'.  As I type this my child is stripping in the living room while watching Barney. Great. I can't keep clothes on this child.
We are planning to take a gymnastics class, she's already taught herself to do a forward roll, which is awesome.

Just a cute photo of her wanting to hold Daddy's hand while he mowed.

We are running a 10k tomorrow at Cooper Fitness Center in McKinney and the weather couldn't be more perfect!  Nothing beats a great run with the hubs and chowing down on Ihop after :)

Happy Friday!


The day my Dell died...

My child walks around thinking she's a princess...

2 years old and she thinks she's in charge!  Some days are harder than others and I really think she may be an only child.  Like the day she dumped an entire bowl of cereal on my laptop...

My poor pink Dell stood no chance against a toddler, so in light of the disaster of May 2011 I had to suck it up and go buy a new laptop.  I  literally was almost in tears when she did it, while I'm in school we live on one income and this really cuts in to my 'crafting' budget :)  Now I know why they say kids are expensive!  While I liked my Dell, I decided to switch over to MAC because I'm the queen of getting viruses on my computers.

Thank God being a student has it's perks, I got a super awesome deal through my school!  I'm already missing Window's Live Writer for blogging though and getting used to a different operating system is going to take patience, which is not my strong point!

On a lighter note I happened to find something on clearance at Lowe's that changed my life! {only I would have a life changing experience at a home improvement store!}  I got one of these...

It's a paint sprayer and I'm in love with it and the only reason it was on clearance was because it was the store display.  Now I can use any color my little heart desires, plus no more spray paint dust all over my garage! Best. Thing. Ever.

I'm also pumped to go see this today!

Nothing better for mothers day than some girl time without the kids!!

Happy Mother's Day!!


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Glam {10 dollar} desk

A few weeks ago someone told me about Antique Alley, 25 miles of yard sales and small flea markets. Ummm, yes please!  In a trailer full of junk a little desk lay dirty and alone, but all I saw were her pretty curved lines Smile  I asked the guy how much, he said 10 bucks, I ran over and paid him before he changed him mind.  She was pretty nasty and need 3 baths in TSP and a good vacuum to get rid of spiders, eek!



She’s Candy Pink by Rustoleum and the knobs are from Hobby Lobby {they were white and I used metallic silver to glam them up}.  On the edges I used this…


Sorry for the bad pic, it was raining and dark so I had to use my flash.   The top one is pearly white, I used the silver first and put the white on top.  I also wanted to try to make a knock off Anthro mirror with this…


I followed directions from Mandi at Vintage Revivals and it was soooo easy!! { I’ll admit when using the acid I was SCARED, it was smoking from the bottle!} I had a hard time getting a good pic because of the sun coming in those windows next to it, but here it is.


I painted and glazed the frame and put hot pink zebra underneath. Love. Like a lot.  I’m totally doing another one of these stat! Smile


Oh and can we pretend that frame has a pretty pic of Miss M and I in the bluebonnets??  I had one printed out yesterday and for the life of me can’t find it anywhere! I hate when I do that, I’m sure as soon as I print out another one it will turn up Smile

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