Who is REALLY in charge.

Do you want to know a terrifying way to wake up at 3am?  Hearing your child scream from right outside your bedroom door when she should be sleeping in her crib!  I was sure someone had broken in to the house and let her out because there is NO WAY she climbed out of this….


See the baby gate up vertically? The high part of the crib in front? That this is over her head and I have no clue how she got out!! I guess she wants a toddler bed even though I’m not ready for that, how do you keep her from getting out of bed and playing with her toys at night??

I’m also not ready for this.

This may sound bad, but diapers are just easier! She loves her potty and is always taking off her diaper and peeing in the pot over and over again.  I just don’t know how to get her to hold it in between, guess I should really go buy a book about it.

I’m going into survival mode at school, finals finals finals.  Stress, stress, stress.  Why can’t she wait to grow up when I’m free for the summer? I guess we know who is REALLY in charge!

I have managed to get in a little crafting, it helps me destress Smile

{before} a little table my nice neighbors gave me!

{after} A little metallic spray paint, black glaze and some swirl remover to make it shine {the stuff you use on cars!} gives it a mirrored finish!



Heppy Hump Day! Oh man, I'm so tired I can't even spell happy right.


  1. Use a ceib tent for her. It's not the most pleasing to the eye but it works and will keep her safe and you sane

  2. I've got no advice for you with the climbing out of the crib. Luckily my daughter has yet to figure that out and she's almost 3. We are hoping to keep her in her crib until about 8. :) I will say potty training is worth the hard work! Sure diapers are easier but once potty trained, no need to buy diapers! Sweet! Plus they look so cute in their little panties. We did the 3 day potty training (I call it Potty Training boot camp). It worked for the most part. Good luck on both accounts!

  3. Crib tent! Ethan doesnt get out of his bed unless he wakes up in the morning or hes done with his nap..thank God but I was going to buy one. See if they have on on craigs list . I know Ebay has them for like 70 bucks. Good Luck !

  4. Oh my mercy - I could have written this post two months ago.

    Good luck with the potty. Diapers are somewhat easier but seriously you're all about cuteness, she'll look adorable in frilly panties.

    And good luck with the toddler bed, Ashley's done very well not staying up but we've gated her door. She might surprise you in a good way!

  5. Wait, so I know I shouldn't be laughing so hard, but Megan, you are hilarious! And so is Madison! The way she posed in this pics for you--but she looks so innocent when she broke out of jail in the first pic, and in the 2nd pic its like she's praying that mommy will let her run around naked for the rest of the day. I love kids! Hope it all works out for you super mom! you got it! xox!

  6. I have a book I can email you for potty training. Worked for us. Adam has only had 1 accident in 1 month!

  7. I was just gonna tell you to get a crib tent, too! My sister got one and it saved her life :) Her little guy kept crawling out of his crib and now he totally stays in. She doesn't even have to zip it up anymore. Google it and make the purchase! Save yourself! Us mothers need some kind of sanity, right?

  8. First off. Her potty training picture is too stinking cute!!! We used the Skittles and Starburst plan for Ellie. If she went potty in the pot she got a Skittle. If she stayed dry between potty breaks she got a Starburst. Ellie was very reward driven so it worked wonders for her.

    When Ellie started crawling out of her crib I changed her over to the toddler bed and put door knob covers on the inside of her doors so she couldn't get out. Then she just played if she didn't want to sleep. Most of the time she fell back to sleep on the floor. :)


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