{pretty} tulle

It’s been a rough week for me.  I’m a Business major at University of Texas and while I {mostly} love being in school right now math is NOT my strong subject.  For some reason I thought taking 2 at the same time would be awesome and I had a hard Calculus II test yesterday.  For me that equals DAYS of studying and dreaming of derivatives and integrals Smile  Pretty sure it paid off though! 

Now I have to focus on cleaning my entire house before the big party for Miss M tomorrow, not sure why I feel the urge to scrub the showers, I mean who comes to a party and asks to see your shower? Open-mouthed smile  Which also meant I should maybe take down my V-day wreath and I can’t just have a naked door!  So off to Hobby Lobby we go!

{totally super cute video of me teaching Miss M a VERY important word!}

I knew I wanted to use tulle, so I picked yellow and blue {I’m having a craving for some yellow lately} and just chopped them up in to random pieces.  {Literally just gathered it in random places and cut it!} 
edit: I used around 2 yards total.


Then gathered it like so.


And stuck it to a foam wreath covered with ribbon. edit again:  I used those silver tiny pins you buy in the fabric section to stick it on.


Then I added some pretty pink flowers because, well, I just love some pink Smile


I super heart love it because it was soooo easy and fast to do!


Happy Friday!


  1. I loathe Calculus LOL...I remember my college days of dreaming about it blech! Hope you did great on your test I am sure you rocked it!

    I just lol at you teaching Maddie a very important word and the cuteness of her saying it then saying yay made me smile sooo big, for sure her and Kelcee would be besties...

    Girl you are so stinkin' creative! You should make those wreaths and sell them! They are cute! I love the colors and of course I love the pink flowers LOL

    Can't wait to see pics of her party


  2. Check out www.purplemath.com for help with math!
    I love that wreath! So creative!

  3. Ugh, math...does anyone really like that subject??!!

    Love, Love, Love the wreath. Absolutely the cutest and just makes me miss HobLob that much more. Haven't been there since the little one was born.

    Can't wait to see party pictures.

  4. I love it!! (And have to admit that I miss calculus :-()

  5. I know what you mean about the whole shower thing...i mean seriously.
    Love the wreath! So cute and easy and perfect for Spring!

  6. I would give my right arm to be half as crafty as you!!

  7. Good job - teaching your child the important words first! Smart lady :)

    And super cute wreath! LOVE the colors. Perfect for spring! Your wreath just makes me happy :)

  8. PS - I shared a link to your wreath on my FB page. Don't worry, I only have 23 followers there, but I wanted to share :)

  9. so cute! love the colors! saw you on the glitter linky!

  10. Your tulle wreath is so much fun.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD


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