{pretty} little chairs

I think I may be addicted to this little chairs Smile I have 3 of them now, just sitting around my house making me happy with their cute fabric and bright colors!  

The fabric I got at Hob Lob and while I was there I just happened to wander past  the spray paint aisle….where I just HAD to have Krylon’s Gum Drop {the purple one}….shhhh don’t tell my boyfriend Rustoleum Smile  The green is Eden from good old rusty himself. 

{if you would like to see the yellow one click here} I’m super heart loving that purple color though…hmmmm wonder what else I could do with it???

So yesterday at Wally World I picked up the most delish strawberries….huge and SO SWEET!! Yummmmmm. I was a good mom and shared with Miss Madison, but this is what happens when she’s done and you don’t take her plate away fast enough…
She’s taking a whip cream bath.


look at that cute mustache!  I guess she watched me put them away and now apparently she can open the fridge by herself.
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on keeping her from climbing out of her crib!  I thought about getting a crib tent, but decided to just go ahead and put her in a big girl bed.  I just took the front off her crib, I don’t understand why I need to pay 200 bucks for the conversion kit? She hasn’t rolled off the bed once, good to know because it saved me money Smile  She’s done really well, which totally shocked me!  Of course she’s found new uses for it…

Which led to this…


So I spent some time rearranging, which she was not happy about.  Never a dull day!


  1. Perhaps you should build an army of those chairs! They are so bright and charming and happy! I love the fabrics you chose! And little miss madison, quite the climber is she! I hope you both enjoy her new big girl bed! Good luck and rest easy! xox!

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE these chairs! Oh and those last two pictures made me laugh :).

  3. Bawhahahaha..love that girl :) She looked like she enjoyed those strawberries and whiped cream....sounds yummy to me too!

  4. Love these! They are so pretty. I meant o do this one day soon with this old chair I have.


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