Happy Easter!


Don’t you just want to eat her guts?? I love that she will actually WEAR hats, but no bows Sad smile





We took her to her first egg hunt, but by the time it was time to hunt eggs she was pooped and ready to go take a nap!




I can always use a nap Smile  While going through the pics I came across one I thought was pretty funny.




My husband was totally checking out my a**! Nice to know I still got it!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!  My plan is to steal Madi’s candy from her Easter basket {apparently I’m no longer awesome enough to get my own basket!! ugh.} and do a crap ton of homework.  2 more weeks and then I’m free for the summer!!!! woo hoo!! I have a ton of projects I can’t wait to do!!


  1. She is so cute in her hat!!!

    And I love the pic of the hubbs checking out your booty! :) too funny!

  2. She is just too stinkin cute in that hat. I could just eat her up! Wish my son would wear hats. There was this super cute straw hat at Old Navy and I begged him to wear it. He said "NO MOM"! Darn :(

  3. Madi's Easter dress is SOOO cute!! What a doll.

  4. She is adorable in her Easter bonnet/dress!! Love it!

  5. Happy Easter! Your girl looks so stinkin' cute.

  6. Don't you just love having a little girl that you can dress up so cutely? Love the frilly dress and huge hat. She is a sweet face. Nice jeans, by the way!! And why shouldn't hubby be checking out your butt? You rock!

  7. OHhhh-- she is a real life jelly bean! LOVE it! I always begged my mom for a hat and never actually wore it...oops! xox!

  8. That little hat is adorable. What a cutie!

  9. The lady walking the pony like it's a dog cracks me up!

  10. Yes, I would love you eat her guts and he face lol. Shes always so stylish ..love the hat!

  11. She is so cute!!! And I am always up for a nap too!!!!


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