Fun and games= sweaty babies


Although I was pretty sad my baby was going to be 2, parties are MUCH more fun because kids this age are so active!  I decided our big yard needed a big bounce house Smile




This was my first experience renting one and I have to say it was worth every. single. penny.  Madison jumped, climbed and slid until 9pm that night!  Her cute little cheeks were so flushed!




Another big hit with the toddlers was her present from Oma and Opa.




My First Trampoline from Sam’s club,  I only wish I could get in and jump too!  Unfortunately no one over 100 pds can use it Smile




The big bubble wands and the punch balloons were a big hit too.  {Bubble wands from Michael’s and punch balloon from the dollar store!}




She was so busy we only got one good shot together, I imagine one day she won’t even want to take ANY pictures with me!


{2 years ago today}



Awwww cute baby butt Smile My little 5 pd 11 0z Sweet Pea has outgrown all her friends….


{2 years later}



I decided to go ahead and get her haircut and I’m soooo glad I did, evening it up makes her toddler ‘crazy’ hair look normal! {As of today she weigh’s 30.5 pounds which makes carrying her dead sleeping weight at wal-mart EXTREMELY  difficult!}




And just for the record I totally went and grabbed a stroller from the baby section and used it while we were there Smile Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!


  1. ADam is bigger than her! haha..he's 33lbs!!!!
    And to think he fell off the growth chart at one point he was so small!! hahaha!!! I love reading your posts Megan! They make me smile!

  2. Aww Megan you're such a good mom!

  3. O to the M to the G! I want a bounce house too! Woah. I just imagined what her 3rd birthday might be like! Go Megan!! xox!

  4. Cute party. You did a wonderful job!! Love the owl idea, very cute.

  5. I wish I lived in a warmer state where my little guy could have a fun jump house for his birthday:( Oh well I guess he will have to come vist Madison next year :) BTW you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! seriously. Also I forgot to mention that I copied your striped from your blog, you were my inspiration!


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