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I’m feeling the need to spread some  love of my favorite things, so I’m linking up over at Cleared For Takeoff  for the My Favorite Things~ March edition!


I’m super heart loving the Tiara Tees from My Tiara Fits, they are soft and ‘worn’ looking and just so cute!




I even look cute from behind Smile





Maybe because Spring has finally sprung, but I’m obsessed with decorating my head with flowers!




{Excuse the windblown hair, we’ve had 90 mph winds like everyday for the last week!}




This headband  is from Junkie Headbands and I really want to get another in brown tones Smile 


Some of you know that I love playing soccer, but it comes with a downfall…..soccer tan.




So not pretty and I just refuse to wear shorts with that tan line!  So break out the 20% off {your ENTIRE purchase!} coupon and run out to Ulta and grab the best self tanner ever.




It’s kinda pricey at 21 bucks, but so worth it! The towels are easy to use, the color looks awesome and NO STREAKS! 


Happy Hump Day!


  1. Cute shirt! And I saw those tan towels on QVC & wondered if they were any good!

  2. Cute shirt!

    Thanks for the tan towel tip. I'll be needing a tan for an upcoming wedding and don't really want to fake bake! Can't wait to try these!

  3. I am going now to check out the Tiara tees. Too cute.


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